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Poldark, Season 1: 6 Things You Need to Know About Aidan Turner | Season 1 | Poldark | Programs
Once you meet Ross Poldark, you're going to want to know anything and everything about Aidan Turner, the Irish actor who plays him. Start with these six things! Poldark premieres on Sunday, June 21 at 9pm ET on MASTERPIECE on PBS. #PoldarkPBS

Irish actor Aidan Turner may not yet be a household name stateside, but when Poldark rides onto your screens, you will definitely want to know anything and everything about the star that took the UK by storm. Start with these six things you need to know about Aidan Turner.

1. Dancing With the Star
Long before dancing in the fictitious assembly rooms of Cornwall, Turner was nimbly leading partners across the dance floors throughout the UK as a competitive dancer, having trained for a decade in Latin American and Ballroom dancing! Tango, anyone?

2. No Account
Unlike his castmates @RubyBentalland @ReedHeida, Turner doesn’t have a social presence. “I don’t do social media—maybe people should know that, because there’s probably a bunch of fake Twitter things out there, Instagrams and all that, and Facebooks. I don’t do any of it.”

3. Shorn Free
Turner’s mass of dark, windswept, romantic curls are so swoon-worthy, they’ve even inspired their own Twitter presence! But are they real? “We had hair extensions for a little while until it grew, and then we took them out. Yeah, it really is my hair, as wild as it is!”

4. A Short List of One
Poldark’s executive producer, Debbie Horsfield, wanted Aidan and only Aidan for the lead role. Turner described being offered the part, without so much as a screen test, to the New York Post: “There was a knock on the door and the FedEx guy was there with the first two Poldark books and all eight scripts for the series. I thought, ‘What on earth is this?’ Then my agent calls and says there’s an offer for me to play the part of Ross Poldark. That had never happened to me before. It was surreal.”

5. Mini-Me
Aidan Turner has his very own fierce little Kili Lego minifigure from his work on The Hobbit films. Perhaps he’ll soon get a Playmobil Poldark, lovingly created by Cornwall native and Poldark super-fan Leon Hickmott, to display alongside it!

6. Body Art
For his role in Poldark, Turner had more than muscles under his billowing white shirt. Poldark’s hair and makeup stylist Jacqueline Fowler told RadioTimes, “I only had to cover up his tattoos—he’s got two on his upper arm, one of them is Chinese writing, the other I can’t remember—if he was shirtless or in bed.” Another Turner/tattoo connection: he’s set to hit the big screen alongside Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara (and Theo James, Downton Abbey’s Kemal Pamuk!) in the upcoming feature film The Secret Scripture.

Don’t miss a single episode of Poldark, Sundays, June 21-August 2 at 9pm ET on MASTERPIECE on PBS! #PoldarkPBS
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NEWSHOUR ART BEAT: The Accidental History of Pride Anthems

The best pride anthems make people feel welcome and affirmed, Alex Douglas-Barrerra, who works as DJ Alex DB, said.

“People have their individual tastes, but I know for Pride I love a rallying cry. I think it’s important people feel wanted in the space when at a party, that their presence and their identity matter,” he said.

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“But after we reconcile… why don’t I own any of the land?”

This past Tuesday, Tavis Smiley spoke with Michael Render, better known as Killer Mike, currently one half of the rap duo Run the Jewels. In the aftermath of the Charleston shootings, Mike discusses historical contexts of injustice and forgiveness.

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Jenny Odell first had an epiphany about the artistic possibilities of everyday web-based tools when she left Berkeley, California, and moved to San Francisco.

“I was getting lost a lot and spending a lot of time on Google Maps trying to figure out my environment,” Odell said. “Pretty soon, I realized that Google Maps could be used for artistic purposes as well as practical ones.”

Pictured above: 77 Salt and Waste Ponds (Jenny Odell)