Glitchtale Update!

So I got 23 minutes of animation DONE, with backgrounds and all that.

However I JUST entered the battle sequence for this episode which will be particularly long. I don’t think I can get it all done in less than a month cus I’m talking about at least 10-12 minutes of raw battle scenes which are time consuming and I  really want it to be PERFECT.

NOW, as soon as I get some battle scenes done I’ll make a trailer! since it’s gonna be a specially long episode a trailer for it will be neato, so look forward to that!

All I can say is that I haven’t really tried to hit you in the feels on purpose the entire season, but in this episode I will. 

Everything has been a build up to this moment

And these last minutes will keep you at the edge of your seat

You have no clue how hard I try not to text you, or call you, or look at your pictures. You were once part of my routine but now that you’re gone, it feels like a part of me is gone now, too.


[ what is this mess lol ]

I’m sure we’d be okay. She’s got that giant heart that’s part-compass and part-flashlight. And she’s just the greatest person I have ever met.
—  Nick Miller (New Girl Season 6, Episode 21: San Diego)