Jimin: Confession

Word Count: 1202
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Summary: The seventh (and last!) of a mini series I’ve started, creating small scenarios for each member, revolving around their love confessions for you! I hope you enjoy it, send feedback or requests my way here!

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Pillows were flying in the air, your legs tangled in the duvet as laughter filled the room.

“Wait, wait, I can’t breathe!” you laughed, withdrawing the pillow.

Jimin was hovering over you on the big couch, the pillow that had previously been on its way to your face now resting on the floor. He smiled at you and laughed as you caught your breath and the second it steadied out; he grabbed you and rolled you around on the couch. You landed on the floor, intertwined and laughing.

“I win this one.” he smiled cockily, “Don’t you think?”

Your eyes squinted teasingly as you considered if you should take up the fight. You sighed, a suggestive grin widening across your face.

“Okay, Park Jimin.” you raised your eyebrows, “But then you have to carry me for the next 10 minutes.”

He laughed, his plump lips unusually near yours. He picked himself up swiftly and grabbed you in his arms as he put you on his back.

“Where would you like to go, my lady?”

“Down the street to some take out.”

“Y/N, what the…” he stopped in confusion, “I’m not going to walk outside carrying you! That’s far away!”

“You promised!” you whined, squirming on his back.

He sighed as he walked you to the entrance, putting you down whilst you put on your outerwear and then swiftly picked you up again. You giggled all the way to the restaurant and even he couldn’t hold it back when he entered with a girl on his back.

“You’re such a little squirrel.” he muttered across his shoulder, smiling at you.

You bought food for the entire house and eventually returned to the dorm.

“Welcome back, love doves.” Jin smiled teasingly.

The two of you rolled your eyes as he put you down, dismissing Jin entirely. You had been used to it, everybody teasing you about your relationship with Jimin. Nobody trusted that the two of you were merely friends, other than the two of you. You thought. Right?
The two of you would do everything together, and there wasn’t a day that he wasn’t with you in some shape or another. He’d facetime you when he was brushing his teeth, forcing you to brush them with him so that you could at least get ready for bed together. You had gotten used to the way things worked with Jimin. It was familiar, it was comfortable. It was everything you’d dream of.

The eight of you sat down around the table, unpacking the food with excitement. When the first bites had finally been taken and the relieved, mutual sigh had diffused in the air, the dinner talk could finally begin.

“So, are the two of you dating yet?” Jungkook asked, lifting his eyebrows. Jimin threw a piece of his food at him, a sign for him to shut up. Neither of you replied and Jungkook ended up settling as he smiled to himself, knowing that the two of you would never last as friends.

The evening progressed casually, watching movies and playing games. Somehow, Jimin seemed affected by Jungkook’s questions at dinner. He had turned a little shy, his timid side showing rather than his loud one.

“I want pancakes…” you whined silently into his ear as the two of you cuddled on the couch, surrounded by the rest of the members as you watched whichever movie Taehyung had chosen.

“Let’s make pancakes then!” he smiled brightly, pushing you up before walking you to the kitchen.

“I don’t even really know how to make pancakes…” you muttered shyly.

He smirked, shrugging his shoulders as his puppy eyes warmed the room.

“Me neither! We’ll work it out.”

The two of you grabbed the ingredients you felt necessary as you ventured out on your pancake journey. It didn’t take many minutes before Jimin grabbed the flour, throwing a handful of it towards you, laughing as it covered you in white. You gasped, studying yourself before smirking as you got a hold of the oil, spilling it all over his chest.

“If you wanted me to get all oiled up, you could’ve just asked, baby.” he joked teasingly, a suggestive look peeking through his eyes.

You laughed and shook your head shyly as his shirt clung to his chest now, each corner of his body looking more defined than the other.

“Now…” he said slowly, spreading his arms, “Give me a hug.”

Your eyes widened in panic as you began backing up, your small, flour coated hands in front of you for protection.

“No, Jimin… Stay away!” you laughed as he began chasing you.

He grabbed your arm as he pulled you close, rubbing his chest on your back as you screamed out laughing. However, like a switch, you forgot about the oil. Instead, you noticed how his body curved on yours, each muscle massaging your body. He turned you around, now facing him. He smiled widely as your bodies rolled in the mixture of oil and flour. His face was inches from yours when you decided to grab an egg and crack it on his forehead.

“Ah!” he yelled out, pretending it hurt. He rubbed his forehead on your cheek to get it off, your hands wrapped around his. It was then that you felt his lips on your collarbone, unsure if it was an accidental touch.

However, they stayed there. His lips brought a warmth to your body as they kissed your collarbone, his tongue now licking the delicate of your skin. Your eyes widened in shock at the sensation and you stood speechless.

His lips travelled from your collarbone to your neck, planting kisses in trails. He ended up right beneath your ear, carefully kissing the spot. You heard him breathe now, each exhale sending shivers down your spine. It was the most quiet you had ever been with Jimin. He began tracing your jawline, planting pecks along it before he reached your mouth. He paused briefly, biting into his lip as he studied yours. He looked at your eyes for approval and then kissed you. The kiss was curious and innocent, a need inside him to simply discover the surface of your lips. His hands had travelled to your neck where he lightly massaged you as he breathed into you. You loved the way his full lips crashed into yours and how your bodies stuck together. At least you thought you loved how your bodies stuck together, until the unsettling sound of slick oil ruined the mood.

He smiled into your lips before looking down, studying the mess the two of you had made. He sighed as he smiled, his hands still cupping your face.

“Maybe…” you finally muttered, “we’re not just friends.”

He looked up at you, his eyes drawn with hopefulness. He smiled widely before interlocking his fingers with yours.

“I don’t think you’ll believe me when I tell you how long I’ve been wanting this…” he mumbled smilingly, a shyness painting his words.

You smiled at the realization that Jimin had always felt more. You cupped his face and embraced him again, a happiness rushing through you that your best friend could be so much more than a best friend.

BTS Reaction to You Being Too Nervous to Confess to Them

None of the gifs belong to me~ <3

Note: This is after they find out that you wanted to confess to them.


*be prepared ‘cause he’s about to man up and confess first–*

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*smoothly mentions this as a hint (hoping that you might feel less nervous)*


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Rap Monster:

*becomes super shy around you because he’s now aware of your feelings for him and his feelings for you*

but can you imagine him not being able to maintain normal eye contact?? this cutie would be so shy!!!!!!

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*looks at you like this ‘cause he loves to tease you when you’re nervous*

*those eyes tell secrets*

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“I know I’m irresistible Y/N, but why are you too nervous to confess your feelings for me? I’m handsome, yes. I’m cool, yes. But I won’t be the one to admit my feelings for you.”


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“She’s talking about how she wants extra sauce for her food. This is it. This is how she’s going to confess to me.”

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  • Jungkook:Park Jimin??? Nah what a dork, what a loser what-*trips and thousands of photos of Jimin spill out of his pockets*
  • Jungkook:...SHIT! I...th-these aren't mine!!I-I'm just *starts gathering them up frantically sweating*
  • Jungkook:listen I, just listen fuck *more pictures of Jimin scatter across the floor*
  • Jungkook:shit,bro I'm holding t-these for a friend,fuck so J-JUST LISTEN!! *tries hiding the pictures by stuffing them back to his pockets but fails*
  • Taehyung:...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Jungkook:*sweats nervously*