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There's a paramore cover of long distance call by Phoenix that I love. I love covers in general, but like you, esp when it's a girl covering a guys song. When they don't change the pronouns. Life. Glad your day is going well and not too emotional. I've been on conference calls all day. I like legit don't want to have to speak out loud any more today haha. Vanilla Coke is my fave. We have access to all the products at headquarters and it was my go to if I was drinking a Coke instead of water.

I am definitely zen. I don’t tend to get super emotional. Like sometimes I think there is something wrong with me Bc my friends will be crying and I’m like fine. I’m not good with comforting though if I’m honest. I actually tore my sleeve off my shirt once when this girl was crying in my car cause I was handkerchiefless that day. I suck a bit at it. But look I’d be zen for you and you’d help me feel. I like it. Oh funny story. On a conference call with a contact in Ohio. She’s telling me her weekend will consist of helping her parents redo their condo they just bought in Oh. They moved from buffalo. She was like they get crazy amounts of snow up there. I was like oh yeah…90 inches or something right? She was like whoa did you live there? I said no just someone wonderful I know does and they speak of The Snow. I guess that could seem creepy. But I thought it was cool. Universe and coincidences.

update: the not too emotional part completely fell apart. i cried like, 6 times. kids gave me cards, i got counselor of the week, all my kids like rushed me and hugged me and some of them even got emotional about saying goodbye too which made me even more emotional. i just cried so much. i love my job and those kids and my coworkers it’s just so great i love it.

and that cover is really great i love it! i love hayley williams’ voice.

ew conference calls i would hate those. i hate phone calls as it is. conversing with multiple people at once would probably just terrify me.

YAAS VANILLA COKE. im so glad u love it too that makes me so happy. im jelly u can get it whenever u want i can never find it anywhere. i got so excited when i found it at a convenience store in canada on the way home from halsey.

dang there’s nothing wrong with that. some people aren’t as like, intensely emotional and that’s okay. you’re allowed to feel in whatever capacity.

and comforting people can be hard. sometimes all people want is just to be held/heard. half the time that’s all i want. held, heard, and validated. i just want to know that my feelings are okay to be felt and i just need a shoulder to snot all over. im p easy to comfort i think. i just want someone to be like ‘yeah it’s totally valid and okay that you feel that’. just agree w/ me and ur in the clear.

aw it’s the perfect balance! i’m a libra, we like balance ;)

omg!!! that’s awesome. definitely not creepy, pretty funny actually. how fateful. just after i tell u that, it comes in handy. i love it. i think the universe is tellin us something here ;)

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