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5.4.18 12:33 PM // Happy Star Wars Day! Back at Crematology but doing A2 Chemistry this time. also I have an eye strain bc of focusing on one direction for too long (at least that’s what i read) so I decided to listen to podcasts and look around during my breaks. Went on an electronics break yesterday which definitely helped, but the strain’s still there.

Anyway, hope y’all are doing great, and good luck to anyone taking A Levels!


“You know, so the thing is is that I would never have a bad thing to say about any of the young women artists because I want them to just keep on going and do what they do. Um, and you know, we are a little - I’m the grandmother. So we are a little cult and I tend to want to love all of them because of that. Um, I know her (Lady Gaga), I’ve met her and she’s a big fan of mine, you know. And she said to me, she flat out says, “Well, sometimes when I just don’t know what to do, I say: ‘What would Stevie do?’” And I have to love her for that, you know.”

Stevie Nicks,  Jim Ladd on 95.5 KLOS, aired on August 1, 2011.


 I wanted to launch my own #drawthisinyourstyle on Instagram (@vicky_pandora) to celebrate my recent 2.5k followers there! So I’m sharing it here to in case some of you would like to participate! ♥

Thank you for being always more and more to follow my work everyday, it makes me so happy ♥ 

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Ok but i need more headcanons about gavin and his fat cat fuckwhad that RK900 gave him.

in this house we love fuckwhad the cat.

  • first of all RK hates fuckwhads name and regrets his purchase.
  • fuckwhads fat but he’s actually healthy. he’s like garfield.
  • his favourite lounge spot is on gavin’s left pillow and gavin lets him cause he’s soft and doesn’t care about cat hair
  • gavins all about man pride and caring about ppls opinions and shit but he doesn’t care when it comes to fuckwhad. he’ll baby talk fuckwhad in front of everybody and yell at ‘em “haven’t you ever seen a man be affectionate with his cat before huh!!?” if they even give him a look
  • gavin…. has a terrible habit,,, of just carrying fuckwhad everywhere. which is probs why he’s fat
  • fuckwhad has a naturally grumpy face which contradicts the white heart shaped pattern on his forehead and the fact that he just purrs looking at gavin
  • gavin turns into mush whenever fuckwhad purrs at him and near cries
  • fuckwhad once broke into the upstairs neighbours apartment through the fire escape and got their female cat pregnant. gavin denies it till this day despite all the kittens coming out ginger and chubby
  • he still got him neutered after the accusation tho.
  • gavin likes to cuddle up with fuckwhad on the couch while watching tv
  • fuckwhad isn’t as affectionate with RK and RK likes to remind him that he’s at least the damn co-owner of him.
  • gavin once watched a documentary about an android cat getting free will and taking control of a household and gavin spent a week being wary of fuckwhad before RK had to remind him that fuckwhad was natural-born.
  • gavin spoils fuckwhad and once a week buys an expensive steak for his favourite boy.
  • pet names: big boy, my main man, fucky-wucky, fuckwhaddle, baby, my favourite and only son, our son, light of my life
  • gavin once got in a weird pet contest with hank about who’s pet was best
  • when RK was still new to feeling emotions one time he got jealous of fuckwhad. it was a weird moment for him
  • gavin never let it go.
  • fuckwhad was actually the reason gavin first said the L word. RK made a joke about how gavin loved that cat too much and gavin offhandly said “yh yh i love u too.”
  • RK gave fuckwhad twenty treats the next day.

In July 2017, four young men went missing over a 2 day period in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. All turned up dead within days, much to the community’s utter disbelief. The disappearances began on July 5th, with Jimi Patrick, a promising business student, being the first of the men to vanish. Two days later, Meo, Finocchiaro, and Sturgis were also reported missing by their worried families. The police now had to work quickly to prevent any more of these horrific disappearances from happening. Further investigations proved that each victim had been murdered on the same day he went missing. Who was responsible for such crimes, and what was the motive?

On July 12th, local drug dealer Cosmo DiNardo was arrested and charged for stealing and attempting to sell a car that belonged to Thomas Meo for $500. The car contained Meo’s insulin, something his family said would never be without. After his arrest, DiNardo unexpectedly confessed to the murder of the four men. Prosecutors made a deal with him; In exchange for a full confession, he would almost certainly avoid the death penalty. The troubled 20-year-old then explained that his cousin Sean Kratz was also involved in the murders. The pair had lured the men to vacant buildings or quiet areas to do a drug deal, then shot them and buried them. DiNardo claimed that they both felt threatened or cheated during the drug deals, but this poor excuse didn’t wash with many involved in the case. One victim, Thomas Meo, was still alive when DiNardo ran over his body with a Backhoe Digger. Such brutality would be unusual in a crime that was anything but personal.

Both men got lengthy sentences that matched the severity of their crimes. The day after his confession, DiNardo was charged with four counts of criminal homicide, conspiracy to commit criminal homicide, abuse of corpse, and 12 other charges. His cousin had a history of burglary and was also charged with three counts of criminal homicide, conspiracy to commit criminal homicide, abuse of corpse, and two other charges. On May 16, 2018, DiNardo received four consecutive life sentences and will never be released for the atrocious slayings.