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In December of 2013, Reuters reported that then-Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman had previously stated (as revealed through Wikileaks) that Hamas receives roughly $25 Million from Iran every month.

That’s $25 Million every single month – or $300 Million annually.

In Canadian currency, that’s enough money to cover the entire yearly budgets of the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian AIDS Society, and the World Wildlife Fund of Canada combined.

That’s a lot of money for an internationally banned terrorist organization. It goes a long way in covering the costs of advanced weaponry imports and the salaries of missile-launching crews.

The people of Gaza deserve leaders that will make productive investments in a prosperous and peaceful future – and not more bombs, bullets, and bunkers.

What could $25 Million per month buy? See the infographic above to find out.

PhillyNORML leading march for marijuana reform September 6th | PhillyNORML

Event: Marijuana reform march

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/889440337751335/

Who: PhillyNORML, Philadelphia Green Party and several other groups

When: 1:00PM Saturday September 6, 2014

Where: From 5th and Market to Love Park

Why: To show support for reducing penalties for marijuana possession and ultimately legalizing cannabis

PhillyNORML leading march for marijuana reform September 6th

PhillyNORML, along with several local groups, will march up Market Street on Saturday September 6, 2014. The demonstration is to support the passage of a bill by City Council to reduce penalties for adults caught with small amounts of cannabis. Participants will also raise awareness for medical marijuana and full legalization.

The march will begin at 5th and Market Streets in front of Independence Hall and proceed past City Hall arriving at Love Park for speeches by local activists. The event has a permit and will take place in the center of Market Street.

There is active legislation in Harrisburg for decriminalization, medicinal access as well as a taxed and regulated recreational system for Pennsylvania.

“Tremendous momentum to change prohibition laws is surging among the public” said PhillyNORML co-chair Chris Goldstein, “This is an opportunity for citizens to voice their support for some much needed reform to these outdated policies.”

A bill sponsored by Councilman James Kenney passed the full Philadelphia City Council in June that downgrades cannabis possession of 30 grams or less to a civil offense, making the fine $25. Mayor Michael Nutter is expected to take action on the measure before September 10th.

Philadelphia currently arrests about 4,000 people each year for small amounts of marijuana. City policy currently requires every offender to be put into handcuffs and a holding cell; a practice that is not replicated anywhere else in Pennsylvania. The new procedure should save the city more than $4million dollars each year in the Public Safety Budget.

PhillyNORML’s analysis of city arrest data has shown a consistent and disturbing racial disparity in prohibition enforcement with black residents arrested five times more often than those who are white.

“Mayor Nutter told the local press that people are not stopping him on the street to talk about marijuana reform,” said Goldstein, “We hope the Mayor is walking on Market Street this weekend to hear from us.”

PhillyNORML organized an email campaign to contact Mayor Nutter and his Chief of Staff Everett Gillison. The effort saw more than 1,100 letters sent to their offices.

Polls by Franklin & Marshall College and Quinnipiac University have shown that PA voters support medical cannabis at an astounding 85 percent and simply ending cannabis prohibition at 48 percent.

The Philadelphia march is part of a statewide weekend of action. The Keystone Cannabis Coalition is holding a rally in York, PA on Saturday and Pittsburgh NORML is holding an event on Sunday.

All of the groups will converge on Harrisburg on September 15th for a rally to support Senator Mike Folmer and Senator Daylin Leach in their effort to pass medical marijuana legislation this year.


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