“For some people death is paralizing. For some it’s a motivator to keep living. Regarding the leader, she’s clearly one of the latest.”

“You can accept death as a friend and yet still love living, making your destination a safe place doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the journey.”

“After that accident, instead of wailling in sorrow, she used her anger and pain to push herself forward. And as she did, she did not loathe life, but instead, she learned to love it even more. She’s one of those people some call ‘Strong Hearted’, while some others would call her a “fool”.”

Just wanted to post my original pile of sad kids drawing by itself. You can buy it as a beautiful double sided prism bookmark with gold ink accents HERE. 

 Also just a heads up that I fixed the international shipping prices for bookmarks and stickers on my shop bc I realized today that I had never adjusted them after getting used to the whole online store thing oops.

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