“Wow, man… a hundred and two degree fever. It’s official. You’re sick.”

Watching as the digital numbers on that tiny screen of the thermometer flashed ‘102.3* F’, Alice felt a frown tug at the corner of her lips. She had just come over to see how (P2)Al was doing, considering that Christmas was nearing, but stumbled a poor, sick Englishman. What a sucky time to get sick, too.

Looking up at him, it was clear to her that he was not at all happy about the news, an irritated groan emitting from his chest. She really felt bad for him, despite all of the inappropriate and uncomfortable advances that he has made on her in the past. Now that she thought about it, Alice believed that he even made a pass at her since she’s been in the house. Wow. It was just in his nature, she supposed. Still, he appeared to be subdued in that department for the moment and all she really cared about was his well-being.

“Have you taken any medicine for it, yet?” Alice asked, only to get a shake of his head in response, “Well, then, that’s a place to start. Why don’t I get something for that flu of yours and you get under the blankets, okay?”

In response, Al just stared at her for a moment before deciding to give her a sly smile,
“I didn’t know you liked playing nurse.” He commented in a weak, yet teasing tone, “Maybe I should get sick more often so you can take care of me~”

“Dude, just get under the covers.”

Brushing off the ridiculous pass he just tried to pull, Alice stood up from the bed and took the thermometer with her, walking right out so she could fetch the medicine. When she returned with medicine and a glass of water in hand, Al ended up doing just as she asked and was now under the covers of his bed with the extra blanket that he had earlier under there with him. Well, at least she didn’t have to wrestle him into the bed.

Alice walked over and sat at his side once more, pouring the appropriate amount of medicine into the little plastic measuring cup the bottle came with,
“Sit up and drink this. It’ll help.” She instructed, holding the tiny cup to him.

Al took the medicine as instructed and immediately went for the water since it was so bitter. Alice almost giggled at this, but kept it in, not wanting to blow her 'Eric’ cover.

“There. With some rest, you should be better in no time.” She encouraged with a slight smile.

Al just shook his head with a half smile, “Thanks, Nurse Cutie. I appreciate it.” He answered, still poking fun at her.

Alice shifted from a slight smile to a pout, lightly punching him in the arm,
“Quit that, you. All that energy you use to tease me could be used to getting yourself better. Just lay down and rest, okay?”

“Okay okay. Doctor’s orders, right?” Al continued, holding his hands up defensively for a moment before lowering them back down and getting back under the covers, “Oh, but nurse, I have another sickness that I don’t think any medicine can cure. I think you should take a look. It’s under the sheets~”

“I-Idiot.” Alice stuttered as her cheeks flush a pale shade of red, “Just.. rest for now, okay?”

Al just chuckled at this, “Fine… goodnight, nurse~”

Alice sighed in answer, “Goodnight, Al. I hope you feel better.”

Just as she was about to leave, though, she paused and just looked at him, taking a moment before leaning over and pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek,
“If… you need anything, just call, okay? I’ll be downstairs if you need me.” She informed before pulling away and walking out of the room, leaving the Englishman baffled and confused.

Wh… What?


5. Your muse has caught a cold, and mine has to tend yours back to full health.

((Honestly, I don’t know P2!Al enough to write him properly, so sorry if this is a horrible rendition of him 8D;; Haha.. ehhh..))