Contacted Sig about the rough ramp/chamber and they said it’ll smooth itself out as it is normal for most of their guns.

Asked if it should be polished and they said no, none of their feed ramps are polished and it should not need it. I pointed out that my P238 came with a polished feed ramp from the factory and apparently that is odd. “It must have needed extra attention to get up to spec”.

Can’t tell if bullshit or fact but if Sig says it’s fine then I’ll take their word for it.

Gives me yet another excuse to shoot it a ton.

Tumblr Handgun Carry Survey (2015) Results:

And we have a near repeat of last year. The top platforms in order are:


1911 Variant


CZ75 Variant


(Platform - Score)

  1. Glock - 65
  2. 1911  - 34
  3. M&P - 24
  4. CZ75 - 11

Most common Revolver:

Ruger LCR

Calibers +3 or better:

  1. 9x19mm - 123
  2. .45acp - 63
  3. .380 - 26
  4. .40 S&W - 24
  5. .357mag - 19
  6. .38sp - 16
  7. 10mm - 3
  8. 9x18 - 3
  9. .22lr - 3


  • 180 participants, and quite a lot of you are terrible at following directions.
  • Just like last time, Glocks and 1911s dominate the field with a majority caliber bias towards 9mm 
  • Sig was the second most popular brand ( 42 ), but there was a lot of variety in the individual models. There were P226s, P220s, P250s, P238s, P938s, P320s, and 1911s.
  • 20 people carry revolvers with a majority carrying .357 magnum
  • Just as many people carry the Glock 19 as people carry 1911s.
  • This is all informal and very unscientiffic, but its neat to see how things weigh up to one another.

    THANK YOU for the participation!

    Carry on, tumblr. Stay safe, smart, and alert.