How about another big ol’ crochet blanket?

I made this blanket for my best bud Britt for her birthday. She is the designated horror games player when we all get together to play through games. She is also just a straight up horror nut, so when I started conceptulizing I started with movie properties but quickly realized that no horror blanket would be complete without Pyramid Head and I could easily fill a blanket with games we’ve played over the many years we’ve known eachother.

Some characters are not from ‘horror’ properties, however ones like Dead Hand from LoZ made the list cause when you’re a little kid playing that game and you fall down a well and encounter that? Well… he had a lasting impact on our horror perceptions.

The list who made the crochet cut:

Amnesia - Gatherer Monster

Bloodborne - Micolash

Dark Souls - Gravelord Nito

The Last of Us - Bloater

Haunting Ground - Debilitas + Daniella

Resident Evil - Dr. Salvador

Playable Trailer - Lisa

Silent Hill - Nurse + Pyramid Head

Clock Tower - Scissorman

Fatal Frame - Kusabi

Ao Oni - Blue Demon

Outlast - Eddie

Condemned - Oro Dark Primary

Rule of Rose - Mermaid Princess

BioShock - Big Daddy

Siren - Maggot Shibito

Legend of Zelda - Dead Hand

Deadly Premonition - Raincoat Killer

Some honorable mentions (some even made it to pixel art but got replaced): Slenderman, BioShock Splicer , SCP 106, System Shock 2 - Shodan, Res Evil - Regenerator, LoZ - ReDead, Deadly Premonition - Forest Kersen, Outlast - Dr. Tragger, Super Mario 64 - Giant Moray Eel + a ton from Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Took about 2 months and a whole lot of yarn. This blanket is HEEEAVY