“…there must have been something we did in the series that provokes all these questions…In terms of your questions–what you saw was what we did. That’s the best answer I can give you.” Leonard Nimoy on slash fiction

Did Kirk have any relationships with aliens during TOS? “Only one, but it was continuous.” William Shatner at FedCon

“Certainly we all thought the affection was sufficient for that, if that were the particular style of the 23rd century.” Gene Roddenberry on whether Kirk and Spock could have been lovers

“T’hy’la–brother, friend or lover.” The infamous footnote about how Spock sees Kirk, on p. 22 of Roddenberry’s movie novelization.

my eyes burn from crying,
and my skin feels like ice.
i feel fire in my lungs,
as i struggle to catch my breath.
my body is frigid and frozen,
my hands are numb.
too often does my body fight itself,
contrasting feelings that combine,
to create one toxic emotion.
i am tired of being a freezing fire,
something so impossible to understand that nobody tries.
—  Freezing Fire // a.p // 05.22.17
And grant me a light with which I can walk among people, and through which I can be guided in a manifold darkness, and with which I can enlighten myself from doubts and uncertainties.
—  Imam ZainulAbideen (as), Al- Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya, p. 95 supplication 22
Regret - Jughead X Reader

[A/N: Just a short angsty drabble, inspired by 1x10 and not much more to say about it other than it ain’t happy. I also actually prefer using a name rather than Y/N but please self-insert if you want to! ]

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(22:04) Amy: Hey, where are you?? Xxxx

(22:10) Juggie: are you drunk?

(22:11) Amy: are you??? :P xxx

(22:16) Juggie: no

(22:18) Amy: everything okay? :( x

(22:19) Juggie: yes

(22:21) Amy: im coming finding you, read or nnot! Xx

Amy stumbled into the dimly lit garage-turned-studio, the red solo cup that she held in her hand tipped and poured its contents onto the floor, from the corner of the room came a grumble of annoyance. Spinning her head too quickly her eyes fell onto the person she was looking for.

‘Juggie!’ She slurred.

‘So you are drunk.’ His voice was lathered with disappointment.

‘It’s a party Jug!’ She bemoaned teasingly. ‘You’re party if I’m not wrong!’

Jughead sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

‘No you aren’t wrong,’ he confirmed, ‘but it’s not like I asked for this.’

Amy made shaky steps towards the beanie-headed boy. She had decided on wearing her sneakers to the party rather than high-heels as was Veronica’s suggestion; the alcohol that coursed through her veins however made her just as unstable than if she had taken Ronnie’s advice.

‘Woah there, Bambi.’ Jughead reached an arm out to steady the girl, unceremoniously she pushed him back into his chair and perched herself onto the armrest.

For a moment they sat in silence, Amy’s heavy eyes closed and she swayed lightly whilst sitting – even with her eyes closed the room still span. The sound of Jughead’s voice jolted her from her partial slumber.

‘Hmm?’ She questioned.

‘I said, are you okay?’ He whispered.

She gasped in surprise, remembering why she was in the garage in the first place, she pointed a wavering finger into Jughead’s chest with a strength that was unexpected. Silently he flinched.

‘That’s-’ she slurred, ‘what I came to ask you!’

She smiled lazily in his direction, her eyes drooping.

Jughead sighed in response.

‘I think we should get you home.’

‘Jug.’ Amy mumbled, her head falling onto his shoulder as she slipped more comfortably to his side.

‘Yeah?’ He croaked back to her, he took her small soft hand into his larger calloused one and rubbed his fingers along her palm.

‘Jug.’ She whispered again, her glassy eyes looked up into concerned blue ones, she wet her lips and slowly brought her face towards his. 

The ringing in her ears began to subside as she was consumed by the sounds of his quiet breath; time almost seemed to slow down and her faltering senses were flooding back to her. 

‘Amy.’ His voice was sharp as he pulled his face back. ‘Amy, stop.’

Her eyes gently fluttering open were faced with knitted brows and a stony expression, her pouted lips parted and took in a sharp breath. Her tired eyes twitched and she quickly withdrew herself from the boy’s side, stumbling over her feet as she reached the centre of the room.

‘You’re right I should go home.’ She muttered.

Her eyes focused in on the door and she made hasty and unsteady steps until fresh air hit her face. The sensation made her ill and she leant her back against the door, but before Jughead could consider following her however she ran off into the night.

(00:12) Ronnie: Hey sweetie, where did you go? x

(00:19) Betts: Amy, where are you? I thought you were staying at my house tonight? X

(00:29) Ronnie: Babe, Betty’s worried about you, all of us r, can you text us and let us know ur okay? X

(2 Missed Calls – Betts)

(00:35) Archie: Amz, wer ar u? Partyz stil goin xx

(00:36) Betts: Amy???? X

(3 Missed Calls – Betts, Ronnie, Kevin, 1 Voicemail - Betts)

(00:45) Ronnie: Okay, enough now, if you’re ghosting us can you let us know plz? We are worried sick.

An incessant beeping emerged from the leafy terrain, a blue hue flashed every few minutes and illuminated the damp earth, five slender pale fingers curled themselves around the flashing device – fingers that would be beautiful if not for the dirt that lay under the nails and the blood dotted upon the almost blue skin.

(01:30) Juggie: I didn’t want you to do something drunk that you might regret tomorrow.

(01:35) Juggie: Can we maybe go to Pop’s tomorrow and talk about it?

(01:37) Juggie: My treat x

EnviNet Master Post


EnviNet” ( nv023.tumblr.com ) takes place in an unnamed dystopian city, centering around a paranoid shut-in going by “NV” whose only contact/friends are from an online forum, blogs about their interactions, anxieties and more. As their story unfolds in personal posts and private chat logs, more and more about  becomes revealed about both NV and their small circle of friends, slowly peeling away at something sinister.

WARNING: Due to the interactive and “real time” nature of EnviNet, sometimes posts will be edited, retracted, deleted, or otherwise modified by NV or outside factors. This is a part of the plot/story. If you missed an “original version” post you will be fine without it, but seeing a post in its format before any changes occur does offer additional perspective and clues to the overarching plot. Original versions of edited posts will eventually become available as a part of the story at an undisclosed point in time.  Keep an eye out though, you may have to work to find them…

Click ‘keep reading’ to view a table of contents.

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01. Excision & The Frim - X Up ft. Messinian
02. Zomboy - Skulll n Bones
03. The Frim - Wha Chu Gon Do
04. Collie Buddz - Come Around (Barely Alive Remix)
05. Getter - Stomp
06. iBenji - Hellraiser
07. xKore ft Messinian - End of the Line
08. Zomboy & Must Die - Survivors
09. Matrix & Futurebound - All I Know (DeadExit Remix)
10. Must Die & Crnkn - The Palmtop Tiger
11. Barely Alive - Cyber Bully (The Frim Remix)
12. Barely Alive - Spitball
13. Excision & Bassnectar - Destroid 6 Put It Down (Crizzly Remix)
14. Foxsky - Rattlesnake
15. Dodge, Fuski, Nick Thayer - Playboy (Barely Alive Remix)
16. Excision, Downlink, Space Laces - Destroid 3 Crusaders VIP
17. Excision & Space Laces - Destroid 7 Bounce (Antiserum & Mayhem Remix)
18. Yugen - Mean Machine (The Frim Remix)
19. Trampa - Get Wicked
20. Linz Prag - Destiny
21. Dillon Francis - Without You (Doctor P & Flux Pavilion Remix)
22. Aweminus - IJDGAF VIP
23. Skism - Experts (Prototypes Remix)
24. Excision, Downlink, Space Laces - Destroid 2 Wasteland
25. Doctor P & Adam F - The Pit ft. Method Man
26. Excision & Dion Timmer - Out Of Time ft Splitbreed
27. The Prototypes - Suffocate VIP
28. Killafoe - Creation Bomb (edit)
29. Excision & Pegboard Nerds - Bring The Madness ft Mayor Apeshit
30. Doctor P - Going Gorillas
31. Knife Party - Bonfire (Lets Be Friends Remix)
32. Breeze & Modulate, Angie Brown - So Good
33. Barely Alive - Dead Link
34. Fedde Le Grand - Where We Belong (Zomboy Remix)
35. Axonic - Toasty
36. Lets Be Friends - The Bigger Bang
37. I Am Legion - Choosing For You (Nightwatch Remix)
38. MVTH - Good Power
39. Downlink - Destroid 5 Activation (Getter Remix)
40. Foreign Beggars & Knife Party - Apex
41. Kalm Kaoz - White Rabbit (Lets Be Friends Remix)
42. Excision & Space Laces - Destroid 10 Funk Hole VIP
43. Space Laces - Digital Gangsta
44. Excision - X-Rated ft Messinian
45. Borgore - Kiss My Lips
46. Barely Alive - Welcome To The Real World feat Diamond Eyes (Ray Volpe Remix)
47. Excision & The Frim - Night Shine
48. Skrillex & Kill The Noise - Recess (Flux Pavilion Remix)
49. RL Grime - Tell Me (Rudebrat Remix)
50. Twine - Feel
51. Gent & Jawns - Let Em Know
52. Yellow Claw, Grx, Cesqeaux - Psycho
53. Excision & Downlink - Rock You
54. Kill The Noise - Rockers (Bro Safari & UFO Remix)
55. Valentino Khan - Make Some Noise
56. Must Die - Feline
57. Excision, Downlink, Space Laces - Destroid 3 Crusaders (Funtcase Remix)
58. Karetus - Rave On!
59. Neoteric & Wax Motif - Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix)
60. The Frim - Bassline Skanka 2014
61. AFK - On The Floor ft Messinian (Dion Timmer Remix)
62. Skrillex - Ragga Bomb
63. Apashe - Black Gold
64. Apashe - Black Gold (Phase One & Hydraulix Remix)
65. Mayhem, Downlink, Face Of Def - Carcosa
66. Audio - Heads Up
67. The Frim - What’s Happening
68. Sub Focus - Special Place
69. Qemists - No More
70. T-Phonic - All Night Long ft Katie’s Ambition
71. Twine - Inner Taiga
72. Midnight Tyrannosaurus - The Demon (Dack Janiels Remix)
73. Excision & Downlink - Robo Kitty
74. Minesweepa - Body Language
75. Excision, Downlink, Mark the Beast - Go Low
76. Boombox Cartel - Hardcut (Grabbitz X Handles Remix)
77. Jay Z - Paris (Danny Byrd Remix)
78. Figure - Cowabunga
79. 501 - Emotive
80. Excision & Space Laces - Bounce VIP
81. Excision & Space Laces - Destroid 11 Get Stupid

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Sgt. Joshua P. Rodgers, 22, and Sgt. Cameron H. Thomas, 23, were killed by small arms fire during an operation targeting Abdul Hasid, emir of ISIS in Nangarhar province.