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150523 KBS Immortal Song 2 | P.O & Taeil - I Don’t Know Why


From Aramki Yoshihiko’s blog post 05.24.2015

[Picture 1]: “With Renren who cried at today’s curtain call. Waaaah ( p_q)”

[Picture 2]: “Hide-san, Renren, and Aramaki.”

[Picture 3]: “Everyone. Kondou-san is there too (ノ´▽`)ノ”

[Picture 4]: “After today’s performance I went and had dinner with Kimeru-san, Jouji-san, Teruma and a producer.”


So I missed the fearless tour and always said Id never miss another tour of my little sis/bestie taylorswift and I haven’t,well I thought this year i most deff would have to miss it.things worked out and I just bought tickets!!!! I’ll be seeing U in Atlanta along with my mom and cousin!taylorswift im crying tears of joy cant wait to be around all the Swifties in one room again!(((((yes im in" P FLOOR,SEATS 1,2,3,ROW 21 !!!)))))))Im just Ive been wishing to make it and I told you taylor I wouldn’t let you down.i love you girl and I hope to finally meet you in Atlanta and get to talk with you,cause I hugged you at the B stage on the Speak now tour 11/11.this year has just had its downs with me and I just need to see you and all.you have no idea how this year Ive leaned on you more then ever.with leaving a relationship of 5 years wasted on someone who couldn’t make up his mind and told nothing but lies,I lost myself and then met another guy who was a player and was kinda like the old one.now I’m focussed on me getting my life together since June I’ll be 26, im just doing me.and this tour is taking my mind off of it all and just getting ready thinking about to wear and how it will be.just wish I could have a girls day with you!im most deff going to dance on my own at your concert!im finding im more me then I have been in a while and i really love that>>>>>>>>>> im almost finally —>CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<—-ive had your back since 07 and forever!!i love you so much and really hope I get to finally meet you little sis!!!in ATLANTA OCT 24th!!!! And Im so happy your happy and found a nice guy!if he doesn’t treat you right I’ll go all Meredith on him be bringing out my claws!!! tree-paine