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Any recommendations for someone trying to get into a more colorful/"blendy" style like yours? I'm still in the style of hard lineart and my coloring always feels somewhat flat to me, depending on what I'm working on. I've actually been aiming for something similar to how your art comes out, but I'm having a hard time of it... My art blog is actually "betapon," if you wanna see it, where my art and styles are literally all over the place. xD (I'm proud of the blue swordsman dude on Page 2 :P)

So the trick about art styles is to literally not try or worry about it. Just draw what feels right and your style will developed on it’s own. :>

As far as blending techniques and making things look less flat. So, a common misunderstanding a lot of people have with shading, and making something look 3D, is thats shading works hand in hand with making things look 3D.  When you make shadows you not only place them in the direction opposite to the light (or where the light can’t touch, thus casting a shadow) is that the shading is places in a way to bring out the form of the object, person, etc, making it look 3D. you’re trying to, in a sense, mold the 3D object out by using shading and lighting when placing your shadows. And being as light and shadows bend with an object, it brings out those 3D objects, such as for a sphere  the shadow is going to kind of wrap around the object making it look round, and same with the reflection of the light at the direction of the light source. 

If you look at the image above, the lighting is comign from different directions, but if you look, the shadows and lighting both wrap around the object bringing it out and making it look 3D. So when placing your shadows and highlights, try to bring out the form of the object/character/thing you are drawing. :> 

Another thing is that when you shade, you don’t use black and white. To make something look lighter and darker to make a shadow, you make shadows and add lighting with color, and when you blend with color, rather than lighter or darker shades of the color you’re adding shading and lighting on, that is how I maintain the vibrant colors in my art making them look really colorful. How you can do that is by building colors up, it’s hard to explain over text, but my blending tutorials  talks about how to blend, and how to build colors with blending to build those colors up to keep the vibrance of you work. I also show what it looks like when you blend and shade without building colors vs with blending with building colors at 7:41

I don’t know if you’re seen my really old tutorial, but it talks about how I blend, and it also talks about how to blend with colors, which so happens to be both of your questions. XD so if you haven’t watched it,  you may be interested :>


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Metal and Feathers P.2

Warning: cussing, mentions of torture, some angst, fluff, Peter being Peter, heavy make out session, if I missed something let me know

Pairing: Warren Worthington III/Angel x reader

A/n: I’m glad so many of you like this, here’s part 2 and part 3 is still being hand written. Any complaints send them in, any questions send them in. As usual, comments are greatly appreciated.

italics: mentally talking


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Part 1 Part 2

               It had been a month since the incident in the shower. No one knew about the soft spot on your wings and now Warren knew about it. You just met the guy that day and he managed to find the one spot on your wings that felt really good. You were currently wishing Jean had found it but she tends to be a bit harsh on your wings when she helps you clean them.

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1) blow me (one last kiss) - p!nk
2) anklebiters - paramore
3) sarah smiles - panic! at the disco
4) get out the way - mother mother
5) blue - marina and the diamonds
6) celebrity status - marianas trench
7) ojos color sol - calle 13
8) lillian - flatsound
9) per te - miguel bosé
10) la silla azul - los wálters

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MR. KNOW-IT-ALL: songs about the donut dude.

INTRO. once upon a time…

porter robinson – FRESH STATIC SNOW.

ACT I. the pop culture whiz.

john williams – STAR WARS MAIN THEME // kōji kondō – LOST WOODS // larry kusik – THE GODFATHER MAIN THEME // howard shore – LORD OF THE RINGS MAIN THEME // daft punk – DREZZED.

ACT II. the vulnerable man.

the neighbourhood – R.I.P. 2 MY YOUTH // the strokes – OBLIVIUS // justin bieber – I’LL SHOW YOU // troye sivan – FOOLS // twenty one pilots – HEATHENS // the 1975 – IF I BELIEVE YOU // x ambassadors – UNSTEADY // of mice & men – WHEN YOU CAN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT.

FINAL ACT. the ultimate mastermind.

the pixies – WHERE IS MY MIND (nimino remix) // foo fighters – SOMETHING FROM NOTHING // stromae – PEACE OR VIOLENCE // gorillaz – FEEL GOOD INC. // cage the elephant – TROUBLE // pulp – MIS-SHAPES // the 1975 – LOVING SOMEONE // x ambassadors – RENEGADES.