Missing Milo

So 2 things I noticed:

Brick has no lips and really Savannah probably wouldn’t have enjoyed kissing him;

The moment when the car won’t start and Dakota says Cavendish is flooding the engine was the perfect callback to a similar Phineas and Ferb moment

This is really a fun show and more people should watch it! Can’t wait for the upcoming crossover with P&F!

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Hey what's ur opinion of Phineas and Ferb and by extension Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh?

I think P&F came out at a very important time and I daresay paved the way for a finer quality in Disney television animation. The mid 2000s were a very dark time for a lot of new animated programming on the big 3 with 2005-2008 generally considered to be a dry period of consistent quality content. There was always a handful of good shows but nowhere near to the degree that we got circa 2010 and on. At the time of P&F’s premiere Disney Channel didn’t really have a hit that struck a chord with both audiences and critics since Kim Possible a few years back. The current stage of Disney Channel were shows starring the teeny-bopper singers like Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers or wackyYYYYYY scenario shows like Suite Life or Cory in the House while animation was just kind of “there” like The Buzz on Maggie or The Replacements. When P&F premiered it was HUGE. Like I didn’t have cable at the time and was a freshman in high school but I knew people were talking about this show so I caught it online and it definitely stood out in terms of its pacing, layered visual gags, smart dialogue, and a general sense of fun that didn’t rely on toilet humor. If you look at most Disney animated shows online you’ll see they last a good 2-3 years before getting the can but P&F had episodes going all the way into 2015 which is a marvel for just how big of an audience this show had. I personally loved it in its early years and it’s off the wall jokes and meta gags were definitely in-line for what I loved as a long-haired teen who cared about toons more than most my age. I think the show got a little long in the tooth after a while since it’s very linear based in its plot but it’s first few seasons are very consistent and fun to re-visit. I’d say at least 78% of the songs are bangers in the entirety of its run which is impressive considering Disney demanded a SONG FOR EACH EPISODE. I think the various specials wore it a bit thin, like did we really need a LOST episode in 2014? But it treated its young audiences with respect and intelligence while having plenty for older crowds which is what animation should always be about in bridging the gap between demographics to just be fun and tell good stories. And a few years down the road we got the likes of Gravity Falls and Star Vs, which all credit for those lies to their wonderful creators but I think P&F may have paved the way for Disney keeping its door a little bit more open to more well-written animated series with a huge creator-driven influence behind them. As for Povenmire and Marsh I think they’re great. I know they did some work for Rocko’s Modern Life which is a huge skill already and I actually got to see Povenmire speak at the Disney college program when I was in California a few years ago for it. Some very down to earth guys with a big love for what they do. I’ve only seen a little bit of Milo Murphy’s law and I think it has potential but it’s still figuring itself out. Leaning on the self-referential gags a bit too much from what I’ve seen and we don’t really have the same love for the characters as we did in P&F but it’s hard to be too picky about anything that has Weird Al as the star. That’s all I’ve got for that because I’m on mobile and my thumbs are getting tired

A-Z of Me

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a - adjective(s) your best friend would use to describe you: short
d - drink you last had: i’m in starbucks right now drinking coffee 
e - every day starts with: whatsapp/tumblr/checking the d&p ao3 tag
f - favourite song: you picked me – a fine frenzy/holding onto you - twenty one pilots
g - ghosts, are they real: logically no, but try telling my brain that at night
h - hometown: nottingham/london
i - in love with: avocado
j - jealous of: anyone with full PhD funding
k - killed someone: no?
l - last time you cried: yesterday, some nasty reddit thread I should have noped out of
m - middle name: Katherine Katie…yes they are the same name, my parents really thought this one through.
n - number of siblings: 1 younger sister
o - one wish: that everyone in the world would just be kind to each other (ooh leaving this in too as A+ answer.)
p - person you last called/texted: Julia
q - question(s) you’re always asked: are they real (in reference to my chest tattoos)
r - reasons to smile: having the best summer ever <3
s - song last sang: you picked me as I started singing to myself after writing it above
t - time you woke up: 7am
u - underwear colour: black
v - vacation destination: Japan
w - worst habit(s): picking up items and when I don’t need it anymore/realise I never needed it placing it on nearest surface/dropping it on the floor instead of placing it back in its home. Why do I do this. It means I lose EVERYTHING
x - x-rays you’ve had: none.
y - your favorite food: avocado sushi.
z - zodiac sign: Pisces

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gladys & fp jones .

His footsteps echoed loudly on the wooden steps, as hollow as he felt. It had been months since he’d been here like this, both parents on the other side of the door, the only thing separating him from his family. His hand lingered on the door handle – uncertainty and apprehension seizing him – and he had to physically force himself to move forward.

Jughead was scared, scared of what they had to say to him after all this time. Was this supposed to be some intervention, or some unveiling of a hidden truth? Why both of them? It had been so long since he’d had much hope of their rift closing, putting more faith in his own ties to both of them than theirs to one another. Could he dare to dream that things would finally turn around?

“Hey mom, dad,” Jughead said quietly as he stepped inside, eyes darting between them as if searching for clues, searching for immediate answers. 

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Hi ^^ can I request a selca ship with Monsta X, NCT, EXO, B.A.P & f(x), please?? Thank you so much 😙 I wish you a lovely day/night 💕

Hai Cutie ~ Awhh u guys are so precious, and ur rocking the lipstick girl. Thanks for requesting. Ps, I’m sorry if it comes messy. From Monsta X, I ship u with…Shownu~ (His fine self…ugh) From nct, I ship u with…Taeil~ (His vocals are so angelic😍) From Exo, I ship u with… Lay~ (Baby come back…😭) From B.A.P., I ship u with…Jongup~ From f(x), I ship u with…Luna~ I hope u like ur ships @veroshi0704 & hope u have a good day too.