• Saihara: *Listening to Fall Out Boy*, *Sees Ouma dancing*
  • Saihara: She wants to dance to OUMA Thurman, Bury me till I confess.
  • Ouma: ...
  • No but seriously Saihara seems like the sort of person who would listen to the Emo Trinity.
Just something to think about (an Emo Trinty bassist post):

Bands (and ideas ???) - Bassists

My Chemical Romance: Mikey Way 

Fall Out Boy: Pete Wentz

Panic! at the Disco (in order): Brent Wilson, Jon Walker, Dallon Weekes

Okay, so this may just look like me naming all of them, but try look again.

Notice yet?

My Chemical Romance: Mikey Way

Fall Out Boy: Pete Wentz

Panic! at the Disco (in order): Brent Wilson, Jon Walker, Dallon Weekes

All of their last names start with “W”

You may be asking:

And the answer is: 

You tell me

But what I do know is that:

If this doesn’t keep you up at night, I don’t know what else will

Rules: ur supposed to tag 20 people you wanna know better??? i may have done this before but idk so here it goes! I was tagged by @mizumaeko

- Nicknames: Em and metal mouthed princess (people irl have actually called me that now thanks anon for the nice nickname!)
- Star Sign: Libra!
- Height: 5′1 (Im short my younger sister is taller than me TT_TT) 
- Last thing I googled: Persona Q manga P3 side
- Favourite Music Artist: Currently The neighborhood or P!atd
- Song Stuck in my head: Go Go Shost Ship
- Last tv show I watched: Miss Kobeyashi’s Dragon Maid
- What are you wearing right now: A fullmetal Alchemist shirt and shorts 
- When did you create your blog: Last june i think??? or may idk i didnt use it much back then
- What kind of stuff do you post: Trash (Like everything i like tbh)
- Do you have any side blogs: yep
- Do you get asks regularly: no?? Only that nice anon 
- Why did you choose your URL: my current one because thar nice Anon gave ME THIS BEAUTIFUL NICKNAME
- Gender: female
- Hogwarts house: Slytherin
- Pokemon team: (Im gonna assume this is about pokemon go) Instinct
- Favourite colour: seafoam/mint green
- Average hours of sleep I get: like 5
- Lucky number: idk??
- Favourite characters: Edgar allan poe, Toujou Kirumi, Weiss Winterprison, Mami tomoe, Aigis, Juuzuo Suzuya and a ton more but i leave it at this
- How many blankets do you sleep with: 2
- Dream job: I want to be an animator or author!
- Following: 279

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Name: Athina

Nickname: skybubble, noulis :p

Gender: female

Star sign: cancer

Height: 1,62 meters

Sexual orientation: bi

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff

Favorite color: black, gray, blue and purple

Favorite animal: polar bears and penguins

Average hours of sleep: 8-9

Time right now: 3:27 pm

Cat or dog: dog

Favorite fictional character: Chandler Bing, Gunther, Abby Sciuto, Howard Wolowitz, Yato and Rin…

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 or 2

Favorite band/ singer: mcr, fob, p!atd, top, waterparks, bmth and many others…

Dream trip: England and Japan

Dream job: literally idk :’(

When was this blog created: 2 years ago

Current number of followers: 115

When did your account peak: it hopefully hasn’t yet

What made you decide to make a Tumblr: My sister has an account and I liked it and i decided to do one too

Why did you pick your url: from the song victorious from p!atd and killjoys from mcr

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