Ifa-Orisa-Vodun Temple of Atlanta & Egbe Orisha Aiye jams to Oyin (Honey) song after Elegba ebo.

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shea moisture’s been trash for years. now y'all are seeing the shit dark skin and women with type 4 hair have been saying for years. they reformulated their products to cater to straight and wavy hair while rarely having someone who’s not light, white, mixed, or with a curl pattern tighter than 3b or c. they been alienated black women for years.

i’ve been sticking to tgin, alikay, oyin, and camille rose for a minute. good luck to that company. mitt romney and bain capital sure as hell aren’t getting my coins.

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Do you know any black owned skincare companies

Ashley’s Naturals - The pumpkin mask looks divine! 

Goddess Body - The skin toning balm looks really good!

Eu2Be - There’s an awesome post about her products here.

Natural Clean Soaps - Soaps, scrubs and BATH BOMBS!

Alikay Naturals - Dying to try their Jamaican fruit scented body oils. 

Oyin Handmade  - LOVE IT!

IxoraBB - They swear by the peppermint scrub on The Read so you should most definitely try it.

Beijaflores - Natural organic skin products.

BrownButterBeauty - Everything in this store looks amazing.

These are just a few, but there are many more in the NEW Skincare tag. There are literally so many that you probably won’t ever need to buy skincare products from a drug store again. Though there are a few you can buy there like Shea Moisture. 

How dy every one !!! It see ms that e veryone’s been doin g these la tely, and sin ce its the en d of the  year, i thou ght i might as well do one al so :0! 

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(als o!!!!!!!!!! if i for get you i dee ply apo log ize om g ( i wil l hone stly fee l awful ) so um ple as e tell me i for got you and i will quick ly add you !!!! an d!! if you wa nt to be re moved, ple ase tell me as well !!) 

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             How To Recycle Natural Hair Products You Hate 

  Us (natural) girls have them hiding in our bathroom cabinet, thrown underneath the sink and hanging around our counters. You know what I’m talking about – products we hate, but refuse to let go of. If you are anything like me, you will keep re-tweaking your routine to see if a blah product will respond better the next time around. but it usually doesn’t. So you stuff it somewhere thinking you are actually going to do something with it, or hope the Natural Hair fairy gawdesses will bless it. If a product doesn’t work, sometimes it just doesn’t work. However, there are a couple things you can do to save a few of those products:

  • Add oil(s) or butter(s). Don’t ever mix two completely different products that don’t work for you into one product. What’s worse than two products not working for you? TWO products that don’t work for you at the same. damn. time. You should never force anything on your hair that it doesn’t like; even if that bottle was $20 (I know the pain - *cringe*). However, some products can be saved by adding a few oils or butter to it to make it better and/or more moisturizing and smoother. 
  • Alternative uses. Some of your favorite natural hair products actually double as body moisturizers, like Oyin Handmade’s Whipped Butter. Although they are touted as natural hair products first, many butters contain ingredients that you can use all over your body. The product will usually tell you. If it doesn’t work great on your hair, see if you can use it on your body.
  • Use Them as Vacation Products Vacations are a great way to use up products you don’t necessarily like. I don’t ever use or bring along my “good stuff” on vacation. Not only do I do a lot of outdoorsy stuff, but when I am not being outdoorsy I am relaxing. So I never feel like my hair has to be on 10. And if your bottles spill out into your suitcase or you have to throw some away because you come back with too much stuff, you won’t feel too crushed. 
  • Use them on “sweatpants” days Use the products that don’t give you as much oompf on days when you don’t need too much oompf. Study days, beach days, Netflix days are all great non-productive days where you don’t need your hair on fleek.
  • Give them away. One Girls trash is another Girls’ treasure.


  • Leave them in the shower.  This isn’t related to hair, but I thought I’d throw you a bone. I do this with my face washes. Instead of using my “good stuff” and having to transport my favorite face wash back and forth between the sink and the tub, I just keep my subpar face washes in the shower and my good stuff on my sink.

Last night I put my hair in dry bantu knots using Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding (I’ve had it for a month and I’ve never used it) on the ends. This morning I had to mess with it for a while and redo a few small areas but overall, I am pleased with the results.

My face looks weird in this but this was the best of like 20 pictures. Cell phone cameras are bullshit.

Now to go to class. Blah :/