Ox Tales


Wołogór, Mountain Spirit’s helper

Wołogór is a character from local tales and legends near Wołowa Góra (transl.: Ox Mountain) located in the Karkonosze mountain range, region of Lower Silesia in south-western Poland. 

He was a good spirit, believed to be one of helpers of the Mountain Spirit of the Karkonosze. Legends about the Mountain Spirit of Karkonosze is shared in Polish, Czech and German folk legends, where he is usually called Liczyrzepa, Krakonoš or Rübezahl respectively. In the Polish legends apart from the popular name of Liczyrzepa, also names of Duch Gór (Mountain Spirit), Karkonosz, Rzepiór or Rzepolicz are used in various Silesian regions.

Wołogór has a task of guarding the small region near Wołowa Góra (which according to local tales was named after him), and reporting the situation to the Mountain Spirit. 

Wołogór is depicted with an ox head, and carries a decorative staff that gives him magical powers. He makes sure that everything works in order and the people living nearby stay safe and respect the local nature. Sometimes he can help the locals or show a way to lost tourists. Local stories tell about occasions where he helped the inhabitants to hide from bandits raiding the villages by covering an entrance to a cave with his magic, or when he used his staff to melt snow and make safe passages through the woods during harsh winters. He was appearing only in the locals’ dreams to let them know who gave them a helping hand.

One of local legends say that Wołogór fell in love with a girl named Maria and started seducing her in her dreams. However, she already had a man she loved and was always rejecting Wołogór’s advances in the dreams. He didn’t want to give her up and one night decided to appear in her home in person. He came burning so much with love, that a spark fell out of his heart and it set Maria’s house on fire. Everyone thankfully survived, and Wołogór understood his great mistake. He helped to rebuild the house and decided not to intervene human lives. Maria got married to her beloved man and had lots of kids. 

Years were passing by and the surroundings of the mountain were changing. The village Wołogór was always protecting started declining when people began moving to bigger cities for a better lifestyle, and Wołogór’s staff was slowly loosing its powers. Eventually, he understood it’s time for him to go and there’s no one left for him to take care of. He went up a spring called Malina towards waterfalls, and there he pushed his staff and his right foot against a huge boulder leaving the shapes in the stone. He was never seen in the dreams again, but locals believe he might return when they will be in need.

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Oh Toribio tu eres un gran héroe
por favor, vuelveme a hacer reir
con las cosas graciosas que haces siempre tu
me sorprende tu gran ingenuidad (8)


My #TrumpBookReport contributions so far:

What’s with this Beowulf dude? They say he was a hero. I don’t know. I prefer heroes who weren’t killed by dragons. #TrumpBookReport

They found Narnia in a wardrobe. What kinda house has only one magic wardrobe? Listen. All my wardrobes are magic. #TrumpBookReport

Cinderella’s prince. What a loser. Let her run away. I’m a winner–no princess would run from me. I’d buy her better shoes. #TrumpBookReport

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I wanna see the Wizard’s longform birth certificate. Not Oz native, people are saying. Letting murdering immigrants in! #trumpbookreport

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30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 1 - Very First Anime

 Oh god, when I was going to start this challenge, I knew this first one was going to be difficult, because I fully can’t remember what my first one is! No really! Before DBZ & Pokémon, there were alot of shows I watched that I didn’t know were anime, so since I can’t say what my first really is, I’ll just put down some that I did see:

Wowser, dubbed by Saban Entertainment (and not the only one) I remember seeing this on ITV in the early 90s. I know it’s origin’s are from another Belgium called Cubitus, however; Wowser was originally aired in Japan on TV Tokyo so I include it as one.

Ox Tales, dubbed by Saban Entertainment. Just like Wowser, I saw this on ITV in the early 90s and again like Wowser, it’s based from another country (Netherlands to be pacific called Boes) but it was originally aired in Japan on TV Tokyo. And does anyone remember this show, or is my old age showing?

Well if you don’t really consider those two “true” animes because of the European comic roots, then maybe this one you can consider this a “true” anime.

Samurai Pizza Cats, dubbed by Saban Entertainment. Again, I saw this on ITV in the early 90s. I think we all know this purely anime (made by TV Tokyo) and how weird it was (and Saban made it even weirder, but I think it was for the best).



Boes (Ox Tales)

“Hij laat zich niet koeieneren” lol