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I didn't start shipping Levi and Hanji till I saw your fan-art, and now I am absolutely in love with them! Curse your good art for melting my icy heart!

welcome to the abnormal hustle, we have nice art and an impending sense of dread at the inevitable disappointment of our ship blowing up in the middle of the Never Canon sea


Not for the first time, Maggie found herself exceptionally grateful for her friends. Even while she was rummaging through outfits with them, trying to find costumes that worked together, Maggie hadn’t been entirely sure she could muster up the courage to even leave the dorms. She’d been absolutely terrified to go back into reality, to face her fellow students and teachers knowing what she’d done. If it weren’t for Lola and Reagan constantly trying to make her laugh and push her forward, she knew she would still be face down on her bed, wallowing in her own confusion while Halloween night passed her right by. 

Instead, she was now out having a great time jumping, dancing, and belting awful pop songs at the top of her lungs with her two best friends, wearing awesome matching makeshift Alice in Wonderland costumes and laughing harder than she could remember laughing in weeks. And that was very, very good. 

Tomorrow, Maggie knew she would have to face the problem she had caused for herself. She would have to figure out what she was going to do about dance class on Monday, and on every other weekday that year. She would have to decide where her priorities truly laid. But for tonight, Maggie would forget about all that. Tonight, she just wanted to dance the moon to sleep.

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Fluff Starter meme - “You are my new pillow.” (shenko) :)

Shepard leaned back against the sea of pillows on the bed. Kaidan nearly had an aneurysm when she’d asked him to take her home to sleep in their own bed for the night. It wasn’t really their bed, but it was their temporary apartment in London, which was quaint and homey enough for the few months they’d be here. 

She’d tried to explain time and time again that it was absolutely going to be more comfortable than the terrible hospital bed she was confined to constantly. The doctors had let her take some machines home so they could monitor her, but she knew it was just to give Kaidan some peace of mind.

“Okay, is that enough?”

Shepard raised an eyebrow. “Kaidan, if I fall into these pillows you’re going to have to dig and get me out.”

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Morehouse Professor Marc Lamont Hill On Being Homeless, His Love For Trap Music And More

Morehouse Professor Marc Lamont Hill On Being Homeless, His Love For Trap Music And More

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Morehouse Professor Marc Lamont Hill recently spoke with Global Grind on all things he manages to do in a single day—he is basically a modern day Renaissance man, you know. The activist, political contributor, professor, author and now host of his own late night talk show on VH1 called VH1 Live! confessed that he is lover of trap music and reality TV. But who is not these days. When asked if…

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Officers Placed on Leave after Shooting Navajo Man

Officers Placed on Leave after Shooting Navajo Man

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Published July 27, 2016 GALLUP, NEW MEXICO – Gallup Police issued a statement Monday saying that the six officers involved in the shooting early Sunday of a Navajo man have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. That investigation is now being conducted by the New Mexico State Police which released their own release Monday night stating that the names…

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One Year of Owning The Night - Photo #365

One year ago today Lady Antebellum released their third studio album, Own The Night, and began the adventure of a lifetime, as well as this blog. New music, new fans, seeing old fans, and a world tour. And what a journey it has been! The past year has been filled with some amazing professional bucket list checks like being the musical guest on SNL and opening for and meeting The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. But personally has been pretty wonderful as well. Engagements, weddings, and growing closer as friends has only made Lady A stronger and closer. And all of that together has given them even more inspiration and determination to make their next projects, and the next year, filled with just as many spectacular things.

This blog has chronicled the last year in captured moments of photos and videos, so look back and relive the Own The Night ride because Lady A couldn’t have done this without out YOU. And get ready for yet another incredible year ahead. Sky’s the limit for Lady A and they are shooting for the stars!

Thank you to all the fans and Lady A'ers for following this blog! It will now become a special place for fan reblogs and fan submitted content. So keep blogging with Lady Antebellum tags, or send in your creative creations to Lady A via Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to always Own The Night!