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“Brett! BRETT? This just keeps on getting better and better doesn’t it (Y/N)?” He laughed rather cruelly in my face. This is exactly what I was afraid of. This is why I didn’t tell Lydia. This- this is a disaster. I can’t do this. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do but it can’t be this. I started crying.

“Hey. Hey what’s- (Y/N) I’m sorry. Don’t… Please don’t cry.” He stopped his angry rant to wrap his arms around me and comfort me. Try to repair the damage that was caused by him. “I’m not thinking I’m sorry (Y/N). It’s must be really hard on you and I’m-” Liam’s apology was interrupted by a hesitant knock on my door, and he forgot to close it properly when he came bounding in, it slowly creaked open.

And revealed Brett standing in my doorway. Liam suddenly reeked of hatred and Brett looked even more nervous.

His timing was horrible, but I didn’t care. He was holding something behind his back that smelled suspiciously like a flower and I smiled, using my shirt to dry my face. Brett looked between me and Liam and Liam’s arms around me. He used his free hand to rub the back of his neck.

“The um- the door was opened and- never mind. I’m just gonna go.” Liam shot up and took a step towards him. I winced, expected the worse.

“You should stay, actually. I have a paper due tomorrow and should probably get started on it…” And just like that my best friend was out the door, not a bad word against Brett said.


“You- um… Well you weren’t at practice, and you’re always at practice. Like, you haven’t missed one. So..” He shrugged and placed a closed red rose on my desk next to the door. He looked up at me and made some pretty intense eye contact. All we did was breath. We were frozen everywhere except for our eyes. His were swirling with emotion.

“I wanted to make sure that you were ok.” I liked his voice. I liked it very much.

The room was filled with the most addicting smell there is and ever will be. Lust. It was coming from me and coming from him and only getting stronger. I had to tell him. I couldn’t let anything more happen until I told him. I’m going to tell him now.

I stood up to tell him, but instead of words coming out, his tongue went in. His hands were on the sides of my face. My hands reached up and brushed his shoulders before finding their place gripping his bulging biceps.

“Brett…” I needed to tell him, but the way he was holding me… We were so close. The aroma crashed into me like waves, almost knocking me down. But he kept me afloat.

“Brett.” All I wanted to do was make out. To have him kiss me the special way in foes in all of those special places. That’s all I wanted.


“I’m pregnant.” I squeezed my eyes shut. Everything just changed. I want to take it back. I wish I hadn’t told him. I wish a lot of things.

“Hey… Look at me.” His voice was soft and gentle, so I did. “I want to be with you. So whatever you want, whatever it takes, I’ll be there. I’m staying.” He pulled me close to him and we just stood there. Together. In love.

And then it occurred to me.

There’s no way Liam can get any of his homework done considering that all of his school supplies are scattered across my bed.


HeadCanon: (Read at your own risk. Painful Stilinski family feels ahead.)

Claudia Stilinski was once a loving mother and devoted wife who developed frontotemporal dementia, a little-known, poorly understood and frequently misdiagnosed terminal brain disease that slowly eats away at personality and language before becoming fatal. Often, apathy sets in, and people once devoted to their families lose interest in everyone, even their own children. Over the years as her condition worsened she became a stranger to her loved ones doing such things as hugging strangers but refusing to hug her young son and her husband anymore and eventually the disease stole her ability to remember that she once loved them. The person they knew was slowly disappearing before their eyes and there was nothing that could change it. Early on in her dementia before anybody knew what was going on with her she was mostly normal but to the two people who loved her something just seemed a little off at times to them, like the fact that she stopped laughing at her son’s jokes when she used to find them the funniest thing in the world.and she became increasingly cold and distant to Stiles and her husband too. As the months turned into years Claudia seemed to find people irritating and sometimes yelled at them or made inappropriate comments to Stiles’ teachers or at the PTA when previously she’d been an exemplary PTA mother once. Sometimes the once attentive mother forgot things she used to think were important like picking up Stiles from school when she’d promised she would earlier that day or making him meals, and worse things that Stiles’ would rather forget. These instances of instability were a rare occurance at first but over time it just got worse for she began to frequently have terrifyingly realistic hallucinations and irrational delusional thoughts that people were out to get her, sometimes she thought it was her co-workers or people at the bank, sometimes her husband, even her young son too, and later on when she was hospitalized she believed it was the health care professionals. These paranoid delusions often resulted in screaming matches and other times outbursts of rage and violence. When Stiles and his dad would come for visits that last year before she died they both would all too often find the once vibrant, funny, and once engaging woman sitting there nothing more than a shell of her former self passing her days in silence by cutting up newspapers or watching television. But on occasion Claudia would fly into terrifying rages without warning as she now completely  lacked impulse control because the disease had alreay ravished that part of her brain away. Patients are easily taken in by financial scams that can cost families thousands of dollars which of course Stiles’ father was well aware of several years into dealing with her then undiagnosed deteriorating condition as he almost had to file for bankruptcy twice by the time Claudia was finally correctly diagnosed and hospitalized. This is the reason Stiles’ father became a workaholic which unfortunately resulted in Stiles being there without his dad when his mother passed away.


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1. colton is so cute what a babe

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5. i’m lucky sprayberry is not frowning in this cos he is a lil mark sheppard in his photos i stg


Intense Stuff

the-spark-and-the-wolf Prompted: Brason, what happened after Brett heard what mason said about him at the game please
Anonymous Prompted: Brett brings up to Mason that he knows that Mason likes him and Brett confesses to liking him too

Pairing: Mason Hewitt x Brett Talbot
Word Count: 287
Summary: Brett confronts Mason.
Author’s Note: Takes place during/after 5x04

After managing to heal from the attack in Sinema, Brett was stood outside with Mason, Liam Scott and Kira had rushed off to take the deceased creature to Melissa. Mason stood awkwardly looking up at the tall boy, Brett returned the glance and rolled his eyes.
“You’re one of the most obvious people, you know that?” He spoke confidently as he looked out in front of him.
Brett laughed as he crossed his arms, scanning the area, “since you now know I’m a werewolf, you are aware I have great hearing abilities, right?”
“You don’t remember maybe… saying something before a game?”
“I heard what you said to Liam, that he could take me…”
“Oh right, and then give you to me,” Mason nodded with a hum, “yeah, yeah I remember that now.”
“Well, there’s that and then there’s also chemosignals.”
“Has Liam not told you about that?”
“No, no he has not.”
“Well to put it simply, I can basically smell your emotions, you emit certain scents, stuff like that.”
“Oh,” Mason went wide eyed, “uh… well-”
“And your chemosignals when you’re around me… Well they’re pretty specific.”
“What does that mean?” Mason stuttered, avoiding eye contact with the werewolf.
Mason let out a small noise, Brett knew how he felt, “Well… I…”
“If you were a werewolf you’d sense the same ones coming from me.”
“You heard me,” Brett grinned as they finally made eye contact again.
“Are you saying that you-”
“Shut up,” Brett gave an annoying laugh before pulling Mason in and kissing him.
As the kiss ended Mason looked straight in front of him, shocked at the revelation, he looked up at Brett and nodded, “intense.”

Sterek is the secret ingredient

Don’t get me wrong, I love, Love, LOVE Teen Wolf, and this season is super creepy and cool and nail-biting and suspenseful, and I love all the characters, but……

Without Derek there, there isn’t the additional tension of:

When is he going to interact with Stiles?

What are they going to say to each other?

What subtext will we be able to glean for our own nefarious purposes?

Teen Wolf is a great show, and I love it, obviously, but Sterek was the secret ingredient that just gave it that extra special something, you know?