2:50 AM - jet fuel cant melt steel beams: http://i.imgur.com/S1k19g5.png
2:52 AM - jet fuel cant melt steel beams: :3c
2:53 AM - Lil Hooty: pachengo what the fuck is this
2:53 AM - jet fuel cant melt steel beams: it u
2:53 AM - jet fuel cant melt steel beams: yes
2:53 AM - Lil Hooty: WHY THIS
2:53 AM - jet fuel cant melt steel beams: because ur being a duel fiend

im an artist

She had paced in the flat, feeling sick, for what felt like hours. What if, what if… She was shaking, and went back and forth, over and over.

I have to tell him. If he finds out and I hadn’t told him, he’ll be furious…

Or maybe he won’t care, maybe it won’t matter, maybe I shouldn’t say anything.

I can’t go there, I can’t..

Eventually, she had to pull herself together, and took a deep breath, shutting her eyes, and focusing. She imagined herself, appearing in his office, her stomach fluttering, breathing shaky, and, in a second, felt the floor change under her feet. 

She didn’t dare open her eyes, regretting it instantaneously. But it was too late to do anything now. She was there.

Wolfie hadn’t left her bed all day. She had even considered calling a doctor, if just to get a prescription for some stronger painkillers, but there would be questions asked that she did not want to answer. So she’d stayed on the over-the-counter drugs and tried her best to sleep it off.

Harri wasn’t happy. She’d paced, curled up with the eggs, fed the squids, cleaned the flat, which hadn’t been done since Jake left, checked on Wolfie, who hadn’t responded, and gone back to pacing. 

This wasn’t right.


Thorn uncurled himself from Allie, carefully, so he didn’t disturb her. She was burning hotter than usual, and he pulled the blanket off, replacing it with a sheet. He pressed a kiss to her temple, wincing as his stomach contracted painfully, growling.

Opening his wings, he was at the Tower in seconds, but Kori, and Kai were nowhere to be seen. The angel called for them, searching, but didn’t find them, and JARVIS was silent. 

His head started to spin with hunger, and he shut his eyes, focusing on his destination. Cheryl’s. Maybe Kairo would be there-

He stopped as he arrived, wings unfurled, the marks from the chains still visible in the lines of darkened feathers, as he heard a heartbeat. Smelled someone living. He stayed perfectly still.

“Look, we’ve been overrun all day, so we’re relaxing the no-touch rules. You don't have to do anything but you will be paid triple if you do allow it.” The briefing had been rushed as they’d changed, and he hadn’t been wrong. Wolfie had been practically running, and the club was full of men who couldn’t necessarily see everything they wanted to.

She gave a small yelp as she was slapped on the behind, and turned to wink at the offender, who whistled. She wiggled her tail, and grinned. 

“Can I get you anything?" 

"Whatever we just had - and you on a plate..” She laughed, and headed off to the bar. Luckily, she didn’t have to keep track of rounds ordered - she pointed out the men, and Kurt nodded. 

She took a breather, adjusting her shirt collar and corset. 

“Might wanna touch up the makeup too.” Anna muttered, coming to pick up the a tray.

“Got it.” She sighed. “It’s gonna be a long day.”