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I have to ask - top 5 Bokuto moments!! :D

top 5 bokuto moments bc hes my son and i love your account 💕💕

THE TIME HAS COME. I’m overwhelmed because doing a top 5 for my favorite character is possibly the most difficult thing ever. There are so many things, so many moments, everything he does it’s so important to me…but somehow I have to choose. In this case too, I decided to NOT use scenes from the manga that would spoil the non-readers…but we’ll have to update this as soon as Cats vs Owls airs! 

1. His speech to Tsukishima. Probably the most famous speech in the whole Haikyuu series, for sure it’s my favorite. This is the essence of who Bokuto is as a person, of how self aware he is, how hard he works, how he sees the world. Bokuto with this single speech changed EVERYTHING for Tsukishima, he gave away a life changing lesson, just for the sake of helping a kid who’s not even his kouhai. He just has the biggest heart of gold ever. 

2. When he taught Hinata the feint. Or the moment Bokuto chose Hinata to be his son disciple. This is another example of how Bokuto goes out of his way to make other people improve, no matter that this very person managed to turn this attack against his own team. When it comes to Hinata, Bokuto is always immensely proud, their relationship is honestly one of the purest thing ever happened in Haikyuu history 

3. When he recovered from the dejected mode. This spike is frankly breathtaking. This was such a delicate moment from Bokuto, and everything from the set up, to the support of all the Fukurodani members, to the ear-splitting sound it made, to Bokuto’s scream and his expression right after, to Akaashi’s petty smirk…is just…ICONIC. 

4. Every time he hits a cross spike my soul just leaves my body and ascends. He’s just so majestic. *cough* chapter 195 of the manga *cough* 

5. HEY HEY HEY™ (yes every single one of them)

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There are so many things I want to say about him, but I’ll just state the obvious once more: BOKUTO KOUTAROU, I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK 

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Night Owls - Bucky Barnes p.1

Hello internet! I’m sorry if this sucks, it’s the first time I publish something mine so please, be gentle :) If there are some errors, tell me because english isn’t my mothertongue. Sorry if it’s too long but it’s worth it, trust me.

                                    BUCKY BARNES X READER

Summary: lately you’ve been having trouble sleeping, but you’re not the only one. Maybe someone can help you with your problem.

Warnings: nothing really, just the start of something extremely fluffy

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I was neither a light nor heavy sleeper. My nights would always be the same: a long straight sleep and maybe if I were lucky, I’d dream something. Obviously the dreams would change with time and I’d never dream the same in months. In the morning was always difficult to get out of bed but I felt awake in a good way. No more bags under my eyes and a bright smile every day to make everyone happier.
Lately all this changed. I would go to bed late, as usual, but the straight sleep was long gone. It happened gradually. The first time I woke just once, stirred and then fell back to sleep. Unfortunately that wasn’t my only experience. The awakenings would happen more than once, separated by one or two hours each, so I felt like I had slept for a couple of minutes and then had fallen back asleep. The mornings were getting rough, getting out of bed was even more tiring and the dark circles under my eyes had appeared again. My back started to hurt and my head to ache; I was getting stressed more and more every day and everyone around me too, but there was an exception: Bucky Barnes.
Usually the halls in the tower would be silently empty unless he was around. Bucky didn’t sleep (I had asked more than once the reason but he would shrug his shoulders and tell me ironically that ‘he had enough sleep in cryo’; after a while I stopped asking, not wanting to annoy), he’d stay wide awake all night pacing around, in the kitchen drinking tea or in his room, where I had never set foot in all my life.

One of these tremendous nights, I decided that maybe a hot drink would help me get back on track. So, I got out of bed and went straight into the kitchen. As I turned the light on, I nearly jumped as a figure appeared from the dark sitting quietly by the table. I sighed and dropped the hand that was covering my mouth to muffle the bloody scream that would have eventually escaped if I didn’t recognize the person.
“Damn, you scared the shit out of me” I told him off, his eyes looking at me vaguely before a small smile formed on his lips. I put some water to boil and asked if he wanted some but he declined, still staring at his coffee cup. I frowned, but let the worry go away easily, he was probably just as tired as me. I sat at the table scoffing and covered my face with my hands. “Ugh. I’m sooo tired”
Me and Bucky had kind of a really good friendship going on and we often talked. I was one of the few people that tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible when he first started living with us and I had definitely succeeded. Well, he was still a very quite person but I had helped him break the ice. Knowing this, I was a little concerned that he didn’t talk to me or at least answered me with just 'yes’ or 'no’.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, after looking between my fingers and noticing that he didn’t even smile or gaze in my direction after my comment. Bucky shrugged his shoulders and still stared at his coffee cup.
“Can’t sleep.”
“Other than that.” I reached for his hand across the table and covered it with mine, squeezing gently  when his eyes met mine “You know you can tell me” Bucky sighed.
“I tried to sleep, didn’t work.” his gaze returned to its previous position. I was going to take both of his hands in mine when I remembered my tea and had to get up to pour it in my cup. As I sat back down and took a sip of my hot drink, I spoke again.
“And why is that?” he stayed silent for a while, judging if it was a good idea to tell me the truth or just change the subject of the conversation when he still had the chance.
“I had a nightmare” he explained quickly, not wanting to deepen the argument.
“Don’t you wanna try to sleep again? You might not dream anything.” I really wanted to help him but his answers were so short that I had to annoy him for a while longer to give him an advice. At the same time, I didn’t want to end the conversation there by being annoying so, I tried to soften my tone the best way possible and continue my 'interrogation’.

Bucky straighten in his seat before looking at me and whispering “Whenever I.. when I close my eyes I keep seeing them.” he explained after leaning on the table with his elbows. By the confused look on my face he spoke again. “The victims. The people I killed..I remember all of them and the memories.. they are haunting me.”
My mouth fell open slightly. I was so shocked by how broken he was and how I couldn’t help him in any way. I decided not to speak and just take his hands in mine, maybe he needed a little love. He smiled softly, squeezing my hand in a gentle manner. My eyes darted to the clock on the wall.

2:39 am.

I got up from my seat and Bucky’s head moved to keep looking at me. I sighed before speaking “I’m gonna go try and sleep.” he nodded and dropped his head before giving me one last look.
“Well, good luck.” I smiled nodding my head and got out of the kitchen, hoping he would call me to  convince me to stay a while longer “The light.” I heard his deep voice but was a little disappointed by the context. I did as I was told, leaving Bucky in the dark, but half way through my walk back to my room I realised I have had enough. I had problem sleeping, he did too. Why shouldn’t I benefit from it?
I immediately turned around and went straight into the kitchen, blinding Bucky in the process for the sudden light in the room. “Look, I know this may sound weird but, do you perhaps want to try falling asleep with me? It may work.”
My awkward smile at the end probably convinced him as he nodded his head with a lopsided smile. “I would be honoured.” I chuckled. Courage was definitely one of my perks.

imo ronan should work as a bartender for a while at some point once he stops drinking because

1. night owl

2. i think he would be a good bartender. like he doesn’t give a shit about your problems but like in a deeply reassuring way

3. he can bring chainsaw to the bar if she doesn’t shit everywhere and stays quiet and mysterious on the top shelf

4. he really likes it when he gets to break up fights

5. fancy juggling alcohol tricks with fire. burns his eyebrows off like four times in a row. spends a month bald and eyebrowless.

6. a recovering alcoholic working at a bar is deeply and intensely catholic


Accio Marketplace: Wizarding E-Commerce Platform

Two years ago, Malfoy Corp. unveiled the Accio web browser in a move that turned the wizarding world upside down. CEO Draco Malfoy said at the launch that ‘bringing muggle tech and magic together opens up very exciting possibilities’; it would not be an exaggeration to call that speech a prophetic one. It is clear today that Accio marks a turning point for wizardkind, the equivalent of the Industrial Revolution in the muggle world.

When the web browser first launched, it came with five major applications built into its interface. Marketplace, the all-purpose wizarding store, has been the most popular by far, spurring the company to create a separate platform for it.

Accio Marketplace hosts a wide variety of vendors, ranging from books and wizarding equipment to cosmetics and groceries. Witches and wizards can purchase what they need from the comfort of their own homes; the platform also spotlights magical vendors from around the globe, offering wizardkind easy access to products from other cultures.

Shipping costs are usually determined by the vendor. However, there are currently two subscription services available, the Quik-Owl Delivery Service (11 sickles/mth), as well as Owl Prime (1 galleon/mth). 

‘We have branded Accio Marketplace as the platform for 21st century witches and wizards,’ said Malfoy, ‘but it’s really for everyone. I mean, even my father uses it.’

The Daily Prophet was unable to confirm this claim.

More 21st century wizarding here

This is for @chickendoodlesandpandas and @ytoz, who requested a 21st century owl delivery service! Linked it to the development of Accio because a few people were asking for that as well.

Have a good weekend everyone!

  • Mukuro: Since I'm in charge of this mission, we’ll be using codenames. You can address me as "Owl 1."
  • Mukuro: Hibari Kyoya, codename is "Been There, Done That."
  • Mukuro: Sawada Tsunayoshi is "Currently Doing That."
  • Mukuro: Gokudera Hayato is "It Happened Once In An Illusion."
  • Mukuro: Yamamoto Takeshi is "If I Had To Pick A Jock."
  • Mukuro: And Chrome, you’re "Owl 2."
  • Chrome: Oh, thank God.

Season 1 Jim: hopeful rookie, Rigidly follows the rules to help Gotham

Season 3 Jim: literal murderer and member of the court of owls

Season 1 Harvey: Stereotypical jaded cop, comic relief

Season 3 Harvey: captain of the GCPD because all of his superior officers are either dead or in Arkham

Season 1 Barbara: naive love interest, wants to be a part of Jim’s life even when it puts them both in danger

Season 3 Barbara: power crazed leader of the criminal underworld

Season 1 Oswald: Fish Mooney’s umbrella holder and criminal genius. Rises to power in criminal underworld by working with rival mob bosses and turning them against each other

Season 3 Oswald: mayor of Gotham city. Briefly dead

Season 1 Ed: awkward but brilliant forensic scientist for the GCPD

Season 3 Ed: cartoony criminal mastermind. Wears flamboyant suit and terrorizes Gotham city with elaborate riddles

Season 1 Bruce: traumatized child looking for closure on parents’ death

Season 3 Bruce: wants to save all of Gotham City from the Court of Owls. Three time (at least) kidnapping victim.

Season 1 Selina: young thief, just trying to survive on the streets of Gotham

Season 3 Selina: dead.

Where are all the litter boxes?

All students can have an Owl, Cat or Toad.

Assuming 1/3 of students or less chose cats, that’s still a lot of litter boxes, food bowls and cat toys required.

Is there a room in each dorm?

Are certain house elves assigned to each House as animal caretakers, while the kids are at class?

Who stops them clawing up tapestries and furniture?

Who gives them a nice bath every so often, because the showers are a no-no zone?

What are they fed? When? Where? By whom?

How much responsibility for animal care are overwhelmed teenagers even given?

Do the house elves form strong bonds with the little guys or is there a war on between different animal factions?

How does this model function?



ask from @ilex616 @sansy-owl @lightsofganymede @p-aurisan 

1.Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?

traditional drawing! i love hand-making. but i always do digital, because i can fix it more easierXD

5.What’s your favorite thing to draw?


7.How often do you use references?

when drawing background. i’m terrible on it.  

10.Are you confident about your art?

totally no.

14.Do you ever collaborate with others?

yes. but it always go to bad results tho

15.How long does an average piece take you to complete?

30 minutes ~ 3 hours

16.Do you draw more today than you did in the past, or do you draw less?

less than the past. i miss the past me.

20.What is the easiest thing for you to draw?


25.Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

whit music, or it’s hard to me to be concentrated. my brain just can’t stop to torture me XD

26.For digital artists: what program(s) do you use?

sai,photoshop CS

27.For digital artists: how many layers does a typical piece require?



thank you^^


Days 1-6 of Hayle Shiftform’s Looks™. I’m running out of ideas faster than expected whoops, feel free to drop something random in my inbox as a suggestion for a future Look™!
Yea I realize I wrote his name wrong twice but like,, don’t blame me pls I’m just doing my best here okay