• Sailboats
  • Seagull Orchestra
  • The Floating Observatory

Sailboats || Seagull Orchestra

Probably the lyrics from the song “Sailboats” because it was the first song I’d ever written for, and I wanted to kind of “say it all” in one fell swoop. It’s pretty sentimental to me, like any artist’s first song probably is, and it says a lot about who I was at the time it was written and recorded. — Adam Young


Chills run down my spine as our fingers intwine and your sighs harmonize with mine.

FINALLY I finished this. This is actually an illustrated scene of a story by @voltisubito called Check Plus One! GO READ IT it’s adorable. Also I not only chose that song because it’s got perfect lyrics, but also because it’s in ¾ time and Adrien is teaching Mari how to waltz. She’s supposed to be staring at her feet/the floor but idk she looks like she is staring at their hands, which also works xD

UGH these two are just too much. Excuse me, I’m gonna go scream into the void and fling myself into the sun.

//EDIT// lol I’m so slow.. I forgot to add in their miraculouses :P Silly me.