Illustrations by Owen Gent

Owen Gent is an award winning Illustrator and Designer based in Bristol in the South West of England, who graduated with a first class honours degree from Falmouth University in 2013

Owen continues to work as a freelance artist across a range of areas including publishing, editorial, advertising and personally driven projects.

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Tumblr Artist

Owen Gent | on Tumblr (UK) - Anatomy of Smiling / Neurology Editorial

Owen Gent is a 24 year old illustrator currently studying at university college Falmouth, in Cornwall, England. Though Owen works in various areas of the discipline, from editorial and promotional to children’s book illustration, a strong sense of narrative runs through all of his work. Using traditional painting and drawing techniques Owen weaves a sense of story into all of his illustrations, intriguing the viewer into considering the story beyond the edge of the page (cf. artist’s bio)  Please visit his website or follow his Tumblr for more work.

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Bristol, UK-based artist and illustrator Owen Gent creates whimsical yet melancholy works that feature characters navigating a surreal world with a folkloric aesthetic. With water as a recurring motif, the protagonists of his paintings often find solitude in desolate lagoons and pools. Being around water is often therapeutic, and Gent’s characters remind us of its calming powers. His protagonists seem to submerge themselves to wash away their sorrows. Gent’s work is flat and stylized yet filled with prismatic colors, and his distinct approach stands out whether he is working on personal or client work.

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Plop plop

Me and the super talented man, with a face of his own, Owen Gent, have been drawing away to create the new instalment of ‘People we know really well' 

In Owens words

“People we Know Really Well’ comes from sending each other the names of people that one of us knows but the other has only heard of, if that! The portraits are based on very little knowledge, and sometimes just a name, but somehow always seem to make a good bit of sense!’

Mostly we do them because they make us both giggle, and he’s one of my favourite people to giggle with.

If you haven’t seen his work, you have been missing out