Reaper Texting Headcanons

  • Sends you short ass replies
  • What did you expect?
  • Well he will send you semi long texts
  • But only when it’s something important
  • Sometimes leaves you on seen which is rude smh
  • He’ll call you cariño when texting
  • And talking in person but that’s only when you guys are alone together
  • But yeah mostly when you text he’ll call you cariño
  • When you already left for a missio he texts you
  • “I love you.”
  • Or sometimes in Spanish
  • “Te Amo.”
  • It’s sweet tbh
  • Once in a blue moon he’ll send you heart emojis
  • But yeah that’s hella rare of him to do.
  • His questions seem more like commands bc he words them weird and doesn’t add a question mark.
  • Reaper: Send me that picture you took.
  • Y/n: commanding much?
  • Y/n sent a picture.
  • Reaper: Sorry.
  • It’s the same when you two talk in person sometimes
  • Lowkey looks back through your conversations when he misses you
  • Won’t admit though
  • If you’re part of Overwatch he’ll ask command you when you have time off to meet up somewhere
  • You being part of Overwatch makes it hard and he doesn’t know why he didn’t kill you when he was ordered to but he always texts you in private plus he’s always on mission so it makes the situation worse
  • Sombra knows about his love for you and helps you guys meet up
  • Also rarely sends you texts abt how much he loves you
  • He’s not very vocally expressive or even physically but he does love you
  • You know this
  • Now before he became reaper
  • Boy will say he loves you 24/7
  • Be it texting each other
  • Or Talking to each other
  • He’ll even say it in front of others
  • Boy has no shame for his love for you
  • He wakes up before you do so you always get sweet good morning texts from him reminding you of anything you have to do or if he made you breakfast
  • He’s just sweet to you
  • Just a lot of friendly and loving reminders throughout the day to take care of yourself
  • Big ass sweetheart y’all don’t bELIEVE
  • Calls you Cariño more in text and verbal conversation
  • Will be a little shit sometimes tho
  • He acts so intimidating to Overwatch or blackwatch agents but he’s a teddy bear with u bye
  • Tbh these are turning into general headcanons and not texting headcanons but ITS OKAY LMAO

Hell yeah you can!!!!


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  • -Is disappointed but pretends to be cool with it
  • -Less of a forceful yandere and more manipulative and controlling without realizing it.
  • -He gets the baby fever from seeing how the media reacts to celebrity babies. He wants that. He’s a revolutionary leader, but he’s still a media hungry celebrity.
  • -If he could use your baby to get the media to focus on him, and by extension his cause, then hell yeah. It’s worth it.
  • -So when you say hell no, it kinda hurts him. That’s when the guilt tripping starts.
  • -“What do you mean? You don’t think I’d make a good Dad? Are you saying you don’t love me anymore? Are you crazy, why WOULDN’T you want a baby with me?”
  • -So he’ll beg thinking he can wear you down. Show you news articles about famous couples and their kids
  • -When you still refuse, he pretends to be okay with it. He’s not.
  • -While he’s thrown tantrums at you before, he gets quiet. Really quiet. Like he’s planning something.
  • But he continues to fuck you every night.
  • -And everyday he’ll ask, “Are you sure you don’t want a kid?” And every time you say no his grin gets a little wider. And you can only shiver as you wonder why he does so.


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  • -Honestly? Same. For now.
  • -Kids are annoying and take a lot of work.
  • -He has an organization to run, and dealing with your delinquency is enough stress on top of that.
  • -So he’ll do everything to avoid it, much to your begrudging thanks.
  • -You’re on the pill, the shot. Fuck, Might as well throw an IUD and hippie drippy pseudo science in for good measure.
  • -Not gonna use condoms
  • - “Why would I sacrifice my pleasure for your comfort? Besides, I’m making sure it won’t happen anyways.”
  • -Won’t do surgery, though. Talon could settle down in the future, and maybe by then you’ll learn your place and he’ll change his mind.
  • -And then? Yeah you’re fucked.
  • -This man doesn’t quit, especially when on a mission
  • -So expect to be face down with your ass in the air for a solid week if he changes his mind.

Gabriel Reyes (Pre and Post Fall)

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  • -Gabriel Reyes is the definition of what I consider a “soft” yandere. And a delusional one.
  • -He isn’t forcing you into sex, oh no, he’s “making love to you”
  • -Genuinely thinks you love him and just have a hard time showing it.
  • -So when he asks you if you want a baby and you say no, yeah he didn’t hear that.
  • -“Oh querida, we’re going to be so happy. You just don’t know it yet.”
  • -Because despite your kicking and screaming, your begging and scratching, at the end of the day he’ll always bury himself to the hilt and empty into your womb, terms of endearment in your ear despite your sobs.
  • -If you have the implant or an IUD, you better keep your mouth shut.
  • -If he’s been trying for a while and suspects you’re infertile, it crushes him.
  • -So if he takes you to the doctor and learns about you “lying to him”, Dark Gabe is coming out.

And speaking of dark Gabe, there’s Reaper.

  • -If you think this man gives a damn about what you want then you’ve got a big storm coming.
  • -Much to your (and everyone else’s) surprise, this undead wraith from hell actually wants a traditional family, from that little piece of Gabe still in him.
  • -Is it possible? Maybe, who knows.
  • -But if it isn’t, that won’t stop him.
  • -He may be dead, but Moira works wonders (even if he despises her, he can’t deny the outcome of her work).
  • -But it’s going to be YOU that’s changed.
  • -So be prepared to be strapped to an operating table while Moira pokes and prods and rewrites your genetics.
  • -And he’ll be there the whole time, stroking your hair as you scream in pain and hiding his pleased smile behind the mask.
  • -Unlike pre-fall Gabe, he doesn’t have the blinders on. He knows you don’t want this and that fuels him.

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Can i req. Headcanon for how our OW men would react to their s/o calling them 'daddy'? Lmao thanks maybe?? It's alright if no 💖

(( I personally am not too big on the Daddy kink but I find this amusing lol. <3 ))


-” What the fuck??”

-Confused at first, but actually likes it.

-”Call me Papi, it sounds better.”


-”Babe…? Did you mean to do that?”

-Had no idea you are into that kind of thing, but doesn’t mind.

-You’ll get no kinkshaming from Lucio. In fact he embraces it wholeheartedly.


-” How many times do I have to tell everyone that ‘I’m not your father’? Now you are doing this shit too??” Doesn’t realize what context it’s in at first.

-Once he finds out… Oh shit, that’s pretty hot. He’ll be your daddy, agent.

-Also loves it if you call him Commander. Major praise and roleplaying kink here.


-”….” At a loss for words, surely you didn’t just do that?

-You truly were full of surprises, weren’t you?

-” Keep calling me that, and I’ll make you squeal. “ In a good way, of course!


-” …. I am not ready to be a dad! Shit, I gotta go tell Roadi-…. Oh. OH.”

-Big ass smirk, who knew his sheila was so kinky?

-A bit bad at the whole thing first but really gets into it and does his best.


-”Didn’t expect this from you. Won’t hear no complaints from me, though.” Pretty smug about it.

-”Let Daddy have a good look at your pretty face, darlin.” Rolls with the whole thing, best Daddy tbh.

-Never bring him home to your parents, is the kind to respond to his new role even when you’re around your actual father. Awkwardness ensures.


-Doesn’t bat an eye or miss a beat. “What’s wrong, baby-girl/boy/preferred pronouns?”

-It’s so hard catching him off guard with kinks. He’s really been around and actually has a bit of Daddy kink himself.

-”What? Are you surprised?”


- “ I… need a moment.” Bright red, congratulations Hanzo machine broke.

-Takes him a while to warm up to the idea.

-But if if made you happy and horny then he had no problem adjusting.


-Is literally the most confused out of everyone. Goes to Genji for help and advice.

-”They do know I’m not their father, right?” Poor Zen, but he soon gets the whole gist of it from Genji.

-”You’ve been so wonderful for Daddy today. I think you deserve a reward.” Trying his best for you.


-Before you can finish your sentence you’re on your knees.

-”Say that again.”  What a fun way to find a new kink.

-” Beg for Daddy, little one.” A common line from him.


-Chuckles wholeheartedly. “ I’m your boyfriend. Are you feeling homesick?” Too innocent for his own good.

-It’s embarrassing but you had to explain the whole thing to him.

-” Do you think I would make a good Daddy, liebe?” Is willing to try it!

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How would mccree, hanzo, and reaper react to their crush falling asleep while sitting on their lap?

Jesse McCree 

  • He’s by all means flattered and giddy to have you snuggling up to him while dozed off.
  • McCree unravels his poncho to wrap and cover the both of you. Making sure your both bundled up nice and warm.
  • His hands join in front of your abdomen with his arms cradling around your body so you wont fall off his lap.
  • He looks at the calm of your face enamored with how gorgeous you are to him. Grateful, you’re asleep so you can’t catch him staring. 
  • In all honesty, he’d fall asleep with you. His head on top of yours, with his hat shifting over to cover his face and poke at your forehead. 
  • McCree makes it a point to playfully tease you when you wake up. Saying how he stopped feeling his legs about 10 minutes into your nap on him.
  • You apologize feeling bad about it but he stops you.
  • “S’alright.” He gives you a lopsided grin. “You look cute when your tuckered out. I wouldn’t mind doing it again.” He adds with a wink.

Hanzo Shimada

  • Hanzo is a bit embarrassed but enjoys having you leaning on him. 
  • When you start to nod off is when he adjusts himself for you to rest more comfortably. 
  • Hanzo keeps his hands at a modest level on your thighs. A small precaution so you wont tip forward but still careful on what he feels might be inappropriate.
  • He chuckles to himself when he sees your mouth go agape. A small string of saliva threatening to drip out as you remain unaware.
  • He still finds you to be rather adorable.
  • You apologize profusely when you wake up. Hanzo, who expertly hides his blush, accepts it while muttering how it is not necessary.
  • “However, I would prefer you don’t drool on me next time.” He states casually. Your face lights up in obvious embarrassment but you cant help but look forward to this “next time” he mentions. 


  • Reaper is surprised. 
  • For one, that you somehow ended up on his lap and the other that you actually fell asleep on his lap.
  • He doesn’t exactly understand how you found it comfortable. The belts and extra ammunition poking out at you paired with the chill of the mist that leaves his body. But yet here you were, head tucked into his chest oblivious to the predicament.
  • He pretends not to give much thought to it, wanting to wake you up but the warmth of your back on his chest compels him otherwise. 
  • Reaper shuffles as best as he can with you. His arms wrapped around you holding you steady while he finds a position suitable to support your weight. Deciding he’s in for the long ride at this point.
  • He snorts at how awkward you look while studying the details of your face while your out cold. Though, the wraith can’t help but love how calm you look snuggled into him.
  • When you wake up and look to who you fell asleep on you’re mortified. You begin apologizing immediately only to be met with silence.
  • “I’m so sorry, Reaper! It wont happen again!” A chill runs through your spine while his mask stares back at you motionless. “Reaper?” His head bobs slightly and you realize he’s fallen asleep as well, arms still wrapped around you.

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Could we please have some crush headcanons? For McCree, Genji and Reaper please ^^ Thank you!!!


  • He is a complete dorky mess whenever he’s around you and talking to you
  • Stumbling over his feet, dropping his Peacemaker and stuttering cheesy pick up lines
  • He tries to impress you by listening to your music or watching your favourite movies so that you’d have something to talk about
  • Jesse will always choose you over any other hero to train with, he claims it’s because you have different skill sets
  • You can tell he likes you because of the way his face lights up and the little blush across his cheeks whenever you enter the room and the way he stares at you in your tight uniform


  • He’s a little more relaxed than McCree, however that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his moments.
  • He’ll bring you small presents like a tiny cactus if ever you’re feeling a little sad
  • Genji will always stick up for you or defend you in battle, even if it puts him at risk
  • Made the mistake of going to McCree for advice, and he returned with a bunch of pick up lines to try on you. You of course, thought he was joking.
  • You could never hug him for too long because his suit would heat up to an uncomfortable level and when you asked why it did that, he just laughed and shrugged it off.


  • It’s so difficult to tell if he liked you or not, he’s not normally prone to show such a strong emotion, besides anger
  • When he laughs quietly when you tell a joke, you don’t know if he’d making fun of you or if it’s actually funny
  • However he tends to go easier on you during training, this leads you and other heroes to be suspicious
  • He sends anonymous flowers and gifts to your door every now and again with cute little messages. You kept them in your pocket to keep you motivated.
  • You were always tempted to go to Sombra and see if she could find your secret admirer but eventually you caught Reaper muttering something about how your skills were distracting him in battle

late nights

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Late nights with some of the boys of overwatch! Warnings: vaguely mentioned nsfw, mentions of pregnancy

Jack Morrison / Soldier: 76


It wasn’t unusual for Jack to be held up after hours. Maybe it was paperwork, maybe it was restlessness after a particularly tough mission; whatever the case, he never seemed to fall asleep until the early hours of the morning.

He looked more tired than usual today, and you felt your heart ache at the bags that had grown underneath his eyes. He was always too hard on himself.

His brows furrowed as he took you in; the blanket wrapped around your form, the fatigue that you wiped from your eyes.

“______? Sweetheart, it’s almost 3AM,” he spoke quietly, setting his pen down. You nodded tiredly, before clambering into his welcoming arms and settling your face into the crook of his neck.

“I know,” you mumbled against him, pressing a small kiss to his jaw, “But I couldn’t find my soldier.”

His heart swelled and tightened simultaneously. You, too, suffered from your fair share of nightmares; he knew that he was one of the only people — if not the only person — who could tame them. “I’m sorry, baby, but this paperwork…”

“We can do it together,” you say groggily, picking up a page from his desk. “And then we can sleep. Sound good?”

He looked down at you as you read through the page you held, and a small smile grew almost unconsciously on his face. “Sounds good.”

Gabriel Reyes / Reaper

It’s exactly 00:01 when the lock on the front door clicks and shudders through the house — 6 hours later than expected. Like a bullet, you fly from the couch and out to the hallway, where your man was tiredly dropping his bags to the floor.

“Gabe!” You cry out, feeling tears burn in your eyes. You throw your arms around him and pull him close, throat clogged with tears. “You didn’t call — I — I thought—”

Gabriel holds you tightly, his arms wound around your back and clutching you like he needed you to live. He knew you well enough to know that you had most likely been waiting on the couch since he was expected to arrive — waiting for a phone call that would never come.

“Shhh, mi alma,” he coos gently into your ear, beginning to rock back and forth with you. “There’s no need to worry.”

“When you didn’t call,” you began, bottom lip trembling, “I thought the worst…”

Gabriel pulled back, placing a gentle hand on your cheek and the other down to the soft bump that grew within your stomach. Your hand ghosted over the bruises on his jaw and the scars along his cheek. “I will always come back to you both, mi amor. Never doubt that.”

Jesse McCree

It was nearing 11PM and he still hadn’t stopped. You stood outside the door to the nursery, leaning against the doorframe. A smile of tired amusement painted your face as you took in your husband, covered mostly in paint and masking tape, as he continued to paint the walls a light yellow.

“Maybe it’s time for a break?” You suggested, breaking the silence. Jesse turned to you, his eyes widening.

“Now darlin’,” he began, ushering you out of the room, “You know the paint’s not good for the baby!”

“Neither is his momma being stressed because his daddy won’t rest!” You argued, tugging at Jesse’s sleeve. You pouted at him, nuzzling against the side of his neck. “C'mon, Jesse, I’ll sleep better if you’re beside me.”

He glanced back at the unfinished nursery behind him.

“Your very pregnant and very tired wife is asking you to get some rest,” you pressed, raising an eyebrow.

Jesse sighed, and kissed your forehead. “Gimme ten minutes, baby. Ten minutes.”

Your eyes narrowed. “I’ll give you seven — and then you better be back, you hear?”

“Loud and clear, ma'am.” Jesse grinned, planting one last kiss against your lips before he disappeared back into the nursery. You sighed, rolling your eyes. He’d be at least 15 minutes — but you’d wait. You really did sleep better when it was him you fell asleep with.

Hanzo Shimada

You find him on the roof, gazing up at the sky. His bow sits beside him, and an arrow is perched in his hands. It’s much too late to tell the time, but the streets have cleared and left the world silent. You had fallen asleep hours earlier, after the few rounds of love-making had tired you out, and only possessed a dressing gown with which to keep you warm.

For a while, he says nothing. He lets you sit down beside him and rest your head on his shoulder, but still he gazes out into nothingness. Then, he speaks.

“I was raised to be without emotion,” he murmurs. You see his fingers tighten around the arrow in his hand. “I was raised to be dangerous and uncaring. I suppose I succeeded in doing so.”

“That’s not true,” you whisper back, kissing his shoulder. “That’s not true at all, Hanzo. You care more than anyone I’ve ever known. In your own way.”

This was a reoccurring conversation that Hanzo never seemed to understand. He believed deep down that you deserved better than him; somebody less dangerous, more emotional. Someone able to care for you both externally and internally.

“I wouldn’t want anybody else to care for me,” you confess, trailing your hand towards his. You took hold of the arrow gently, and set it down between you. “I’ve never loved someone as much as I do you.”

Hanzo looked down. He didn’t say anything — but he didn’t need to. You had learned to read him, and the tightening of his hand around yours and the narrowing of his eyes spoke volumes.

I love you too.

Genji Shimada

There were times where Genji couldn’t fall asleep until the next morning. Sometimes the whirring of his robotic parts drove him from dreamland or his mind refused to cooperate with his demand for sleep.

Sometimes, on more… sombre nights he would be plagued with bad memories and self-doubting thoughts. This was one of those nights.

“What is the matter, my love?” You say sleepily, rising into a sitting position. He had pulled himself from the covers and sat on the edge of the bed, head hung low. You wind your arms around his shoulder, kissing the nape of his neck. “Can’t sleep?”

He gives a small, empty laugh, shaking his head. “It’s just one of those days, beloved. You should go back to sleep.”

“And leave you alone?” You say incredulously. “I don’t think so. Nobody deserves to be alone at—” You risk a glance at the digital clock on the bedside table— “1AM on a Wednesday.”

“Awfully specific.”

You shrug. “You don’t deserve to be alone either way, Genji. We’ll meditate — or I can make some tea, if you’d like.”

The love that he feels for you feels like it’s been multiplied by thousands. Very few have truly cared for him like this.

“I think,” Genji begins, taking you fully into his arms, “That being with you will calm me just fine, beloved.”

And what do you know? He falls asleep easier than he ever has.

Sombra Texting Headcanons

  • Y’all better belive you always get that gOOD AS CHISME (Chisme means Gossip in Spanish)
  • She knows everything abt everyone and anything
  • You get that Good Tea™️ from her everyday
  • She finds out something while hacking???
  • She’ll go to you first
  • You know it’s gonna be good
  • Y’all talk shit abt everything that moves via text
  • Everyone is afraid of you too bc they know y’all have dirt about everyone
  • Everyone but Lucio but that’s not important
  • Your contact name on her phone is My Tea Drinker 🍵💕
  • Nd her contact name on ur phone is My Tea Spiller 🍵💕
  • She taught you Spanish swear words via text if you didn’t know them already
  • She also teaches you Spanish from time to time
  • Bc she slips into Spanish
  • Talking or texting doesn’t matter she always ends up talking Spanish and u get confused so she teaches u
  • Only to talk shit abt people right in front of them
  • Y’all have a good laugh later on
  • Calls u cariño a lot
  • Chatrooms with you two always end up with u two black mailing someone in the chat
  • For what???
  • Who knows
  • The ultimate power couple
  • You guys are feared by Overwatch
  • Nd some Talon agents
  • Most of your messages are just either gossip
  • Or
  • Y’all having pick up line fights
  • Sombra teaches and searches some up and spams your phone by the second
  • Your phone froze one time
  • In the end Sombra bought you a new phone
  • Messages between u too are both cute and friendly
  • Even though y’all are dating you guys are still best friends.
  • Really great relationship that involves lots of gossip from sombra lmao
  • But yeah you two basically text each other even when you’re standing next to each other
  • Which is never a good sign some people say
  • (It’s not)
Blackwatch boys (First kiss)

Blackwatch boys first kiss headcannons

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Gabriel Reyes

  • “Your first kiss? Carino I would be honored”
  • He has the biggest smirk on his face when he nuzzles up to you
  • Pressing you against a wall and moving his lips across your cheek before teasing at your lips
  • “Mi amour. Are you ready?”
  • When you tell him you are he lifts you up and kisses you deeply making you blush like a mess
  • When the kiss is over he is smiling the rest of the day.
  • Knowing that he was your first kiss will have him in the best mood for a while

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Genji Shimada

  • “Your first kiss? Oh my im sorry it had to be me”
  • After reassuring him that you don’t want any other man to have your first kiss with he gets a little more confident about it.
  • He wants you to take his mask off for him
  • When you do you put your hands on his handsome cheeks
  • you run your fingers along his scars making him smirk a little bit
  • unexpectedly he presses his lips against yours making you gasp but smile gripping his hand as he kisses you
  • “So…was that good?” he asks blushing
  • You nod telling him it was perfect

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Jesse McCree

  • “Your first kiss? Darlin I would be more than happy ta oblige” 
  • He smiles and puts out his cigar putting a hand on your cheek making you blush
  • You giggle as he nuzzles against your neck. His beard tickling you
  • You blush looking at his handsome face as it approaches yours
  • “Ready darlin?” he asks
  • When you nod he lifts you up and smiles before pressing his lips against yours
  • when he is done and your a blushing mess he laughs
  • “Dwah. Look at that cute lil face” 

cold-hearted-rage  asked:

Hanzo/Genji/McCree (separately) receive a shy kiss from their crush. How would they react?


  • Honestly, Hanzo is infatuated with you
  • Was bold enough to ask to court you
  • It stunned him when you accepted
  • Except Hanzo…is not experienced in this field
  • How do relationships grow?
  • At some point, Hanzo knows he wants to do more then just hold hands
  • But his biggest fear is you won’t be ready for kissing
  • And then you’ll feel awkward around him
  • Or he’ll have magically offended you
  • So… at some point despite your obvious shyness
  • You decide to be the bold one
  • It takes three hours of convincing yourself to get even three minutes of courage
  • But you walk up…and you kiss him on the lips
  • Both of you are stunned
  • Its so cute because immediately your face goes red and you apologize repeatedly
  • At first, you can’t tell what he’s thinking as he stares at you
  • Then he pulls your hands down and gently presses another kiss to your lips
  • Your so flustered the rest of the day, and Hanzo just can’t stop smiling…. (it kind of scares everyone else)


  • Now, Genji was a bit shy at first
  • Except you were extremely difficult to resist
  • Of course, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t worried most of the time
  • What if the idea of dating a cyborg was too unappealing?
  • What if he couldn’t make you happy?
  • The good news is, he still had to try
  • You were worth it
  • He LOVES how shy you are
  • Your almost always flustered
  • Whether it be walking out in public holding hands
  • Or when he comes up behind you to hug you
  • Ohhhh and he loves your kisses
  • He’s come up with a trick to get you to kiss him ;)
  • He’ll go all day without kissing you, and slowly you’ll grow more pouty as the day passes
  • Until your literally so frustrated, you puff out your cheeks and glare at him
  • And then sulk as you walk up and give him little kisses, wanting more
  • Genji will always give you a real sweet kiss after, but he loves how you’ll remain adorably sulky in one of his sweaters, the hood up as you hug his arm


  • The man pursued you non-stop
  • Honestly, his boldness scared you at first
  • So the first two times you said no
  • Now that you two are dating, you aren’t sure why you ever did that
  • Its rather cute
  • The two of you are complete opposites
  • He’s very social, very loud and very opinionated
  • You are very quiet, keep to yourself and seriously shy
  • You kind of hide behind him sometimes when meeting people
  • Or you’ll hold his hand while avoiding peoples gazes
  • Sometimes though, you’ll just stare at him while its the two of you
  • Its like, you try hinting you want a kiss
  • But he just doesn’t
  • He knows you want it…but he’s trying to help you learn to take what you want?
  • So finally you just kiss him
  • And the most adorable squeak comes from your lips
  • You have a hard time looking at him now whenever he asks for kisses, a grin on his face as he hopes for the same little squeak
How would our overwatch boys will react to their S/O getting really hurt after trying to sacrifice themselves to protect them?

That’s a lot of boys lol. I’ll do my best!

- he didn’t even know what happened
- All of a sudden you were on the ground, gasping for air.
- He crouched next to you, trying to figure out what was wrong
- Had you inhaled something?
- You had, but he didn’t know what to do
- He didn’t want to take you to Moira,because of her history with experimenting on her patients
- He ended up caving in and bringing you to her very quickly

- all he could do as he saw you get shot in the stomach was scream
- His mask fogged up with tears
- You were one of the only things in this world that kept him sane
- And you were fading from life
- Right before his eyes
- Angela had heard his pained cry, and started trying to help as soon as she could
- She needed his help, but he could barely focus
- Your body was limp
- “Genji, listen to me. She will be okay, but I need your help. She needs your help.”
- That was all she had to say
- And he was running to someplace safe with you in his arms

- was that a bullet? Where’d it go?
- Through you
- He’d crumple as if he still got shot
- Because it truly felt like it
- His chest seized up and he couldn’t breathe
- Your blood seeping into the soil below you
- This couldn’t be where your story ended
- Could it?
- He always knew he didn’t deserve you, but that didn’t mean that he wanted the punishment of you leaving
- He hadn’t noticed that Angela was already there working to keep you alive

- how stupid could you be?
- He’s already practically dead, why did you sacrifice your life, so much ahead of you, for him?
- He would be stunned, but grief will quickly overtake as he thinks about you
- Not his soldier
- Not his comrade
- But the one he truly loves in this world
- He immediately carts you off to Moira afterwards
- You’ll be okay
- You’ll be okay
- Right?

Soldier: 76
- “Jack!”
- That was all he heard as you fell to the floor
- He had seen so much blood before, but why now does he feel sick?
- Why can’t he move?
- Why can’t he scream?
- Because it’s you, the one he’s been trying to protect as soon as he met you
- That bullet was supposed to go through him, the old soldier
- Not you, you had so much to live for
- There was one thought in his mind
- This will not be your final day
- Your final day will not be for a long, long time
- As long as he’s still here, so are you

- he had felt as if he’d killed his brother all over again, but this time, it was even worse
- You’d sacrificed yourself just to have him
- He couldn’t think
- He couldn’t hear
- He could barely see
- You’d jumped in front of him as the axe that was supposed to go through him pierced your stomach
- He couldn’t yell
- He couldn’t cry
- He was brought back to reality when Genji screamed for Angela
- He didn’t deserve you
- And he didn’t even know if he was going to get you back

- he was already used to being singed and burned constantly
- So why’d you jump in front of him as the small explosive got closer and closer?
- He knew what kind of bomb it was
- He’d been burned by it many times
- You would survive, but his mind would still go haywire
- He’d hurl one of his own mines over to where the first one came from
- He’d proceed to kneel next to you and cry
- He was supposed to marry you
- You saw past his explosive exterior, and touched his heart
- That day, Angela was truly an angel in his eyes
- She kept you with him

- he used to see you as a sibling, but you slowly grew on him as more than that
- On the battlefield you’d always see the two of you together
- Until one day, she jumped in front of him as a sniper took their shot
- His armor was supposed to protect him, not you
- You barely had armor
- That bullet went straight through you
- He let out an agonizing cry
- To which everyone came running
- He couldn’t control his emotions any more
- Because you were there, getting paler and paler

- he had his back to you as he was fighting
- He almost didn’t notice the arrow coming straight toward you both
- It had went through you
- He’d noticed from your sharp intake of breath that something was wrong
- This couldn’t be the way you—
- No. It’s not going to be
- He yelled for anyone to come help
- He tried to put pressure around the wound
- What was he supposed to do when someone gets shot by an arrow?
- He was dragged back by someone as Angela went to work

- he was not happy
- He immediately yelled for Angela and stormed off in search of the person who hurt you
- He didn’t even realize that you’d done it to protect him
- His rage took on a whole new level when he realized that you might be dying
- He took out all of the enemy team in his rampage
- When he got back to you, you looked even paler than when he left you
- Several people had to hold him back from knocking down a building

- my poor frog boi
- He’d be sobbing when he saw you on the ground
- He’d try to help however much he could
- He’d put you in a comfortable position as he waited for Angela because there’s only so much he can do
- As your breathing slowed, he became less and less hopeful
- He’d eventually lay down next to you from sheer exhaustion from all of the crying and pray that you’ll be okay

- Zenyatta would try to be calm
- That’s what he does
- He’d try to help you as much as he could
- Of course, he didn’t notice that you’d sacrificed yourself for him
- Just that you were hurt
- He’d slowly loose his chill when he realizes your condition just keeps getting worse
- You were one of the only things he had left
- And you were almost gone

Hi! Hope you liked it! I skipped Bastion because I don’t really think I could write for Bastion,, sorry that it’s not everyone but I also tried to keep the sections as long as I could. Thanks for your request!


Jealous S/O: Junkrat, McCree, Genji, Lucio and 76


  • Confused. Poor boy was just doing his business with a female client and so to return home and find you in tears was a little overwhelming.
  • Probably says the wrong things at the wrong time and messes up pretty bad, you might need time to cool off after that
  • He’ll do anything to make it up to you, he even suggested blowing up the local strip club with all the female strippers just to prove his point
  • At this point, you’d probably dissolve into laughter, hugging him and telling him that he was the biggest goof you’d ever met.
  • However, you also apologised for being over dramatic and making him frantic. Lots of cuddles to follow.


  • You couldn’t leave Jesse alone for five minutes without another woman try and crawl her way up his arm
  • You were at some old-fashioned bar with your boyfriend, you were returning with drinks when you saw the girl trying to win him over
  • Hearing McCree’s awkward laughter made you want to get in there and save him more than for your own benefit.
  • So, you placed the drinks not too far from where they were. You approached McCree full on, taking his hat and putting in on your own head, arms sliding up his chest to rest on his shoulders. “Sorry love, this one’s all mine.”
  • The woman scoffed, rolling her eyes and walking away. You beamed up at Jesse. “Ya know darlin’ I’d like it if you acted like that more often.” He winked.


  • If you felt intimidated by one of his female friends, you would grow silent around him, not as “punishment” but more as a self-conscious thing.
  • This would often result in him showering you with affection to make you feel better
  • He’d try his best to tell you in advance if he was to visit said friends in the hopes to protect you from beating yourself up afterwards.
  • This technique never did seem to work as you felt the same every time, but you really did appreciate Genji letting you know instead of hiding it from you.
  • When you weren’t quite as a result of jealousy, you often became pouty and cling, which he loved because clingy y/n is the best y/n.


  • You were waiting for him backstage after one of his concerts. You could hear him finishing up the meet and greet outside his dressing room door where you were waiting
  • The number of fans began to die down, you could hear the excited chatter grow quieter from outside. There was one voice you picked up on though
  • The meet and greet should’ve been over a long time ago but there was one “fan” keeping his attention, she was speaking in a long and drawling tone, shamelessly flirting.
  • You pulled open the door and met the gaze of a tall red head leaning over your boyfriend. You grabbed Lucio’s arm. “Meet and greet over. Goodbye.” And pulled him back inside.
  • “You’re cute when you’re jealous.” Lucio smirked and booped your nose. You scowled playfully at him and clung on to him as a sign that he was yours.

Soldier: 76:

  • Seeing him even in a 10ft. radius of someone you’d consider “competition” would be enough to send you off in a competitive fury
  • He appreciated the sudden change in affection but was often oblivious to the reason why.
  • When he finally wanted an answer out of you, he’d sit you down – letting you cuddle him as much as you want – and convince you to tell him what was happening.
  • You could never tell him if you were looking directly at him, so often you hid in his jacket as you muttered quietly.
  • “You’ll never lose me to someone else. That’s a promise.” He kissed the top of your head and ran his hands through your hair.
Gabriel Reyes Headcanons


  • the respected leader and commander of Blackwatch, Gabriel Reyes is an experienced veteran whose military expertise and intelligence marks him as a formidable opponent and even greater ally.
  • he is an augmented soldier from an advanced super soldier program, and thus excels at fighting and further combat operations. his prowess on the battlefield earned him his title, and he proudly wears it on his chest. 
  • Gabriel is a collected person for the most part, and doesn’t let too much affect him on the surface. he is incredibly professional in regards to his team or Overwatch agents, and expects the same in return.
    • his calmness on issues take many by surprise, even in the most dire of situations. he has a strong poker face, and not many can deduce what goes on in his mind when covering a particular subject.
    • it is evident, however, that between him, Captain Amari and Strike Commander Morrison, he is the most lax. his professionalism is present for the most part, but he likes to keep things casual when he can. he recognizes when someone tries too hard to impress him or has an obnoxious degree of formality.
      • he secretly enjoys embarrassing certain members of his team.
    • one would be foolish to think he doesn’t catch on fast. contrary to what one may feel, he can deduce what goes on behind the scenes, and quickly analyze a person’s motives. he can read people very well, and won’t hesitate to call them out.
    • he finds it more amusing than anything if a person is incredibly intimidated by him. at the same time, he does not appreciate a person’s sudden arrogance with his preferred casual approach.
  • Gabriel is a workaholic, and often is seen at the base at the latest of hours. he keeps a pretty busy schedule; if he isn’t on the base or filing paperwork, he’s training with recruits or on a mission. the man stays busy, but is very organized in the sense of how things must be operated in Blackwatch.
  • while unperturbed by his colleagues, Reyes remains a stern disciplinarian. he takes his duty seriously, and does not appreciate slackers or those who find Blackwatch a joke.
  • because Blackwatch is the covert ops division of Overwatch, he is accustomed to the many forms of violence and illegal activities the military will use in order to achieve an objective. he is a jaded soldier, but that does not mean he is without sympathy for his team.
  • a huge lover of sports: specifically football and basketball.


  • a relationship with the Commander would be a complicated one at first.
  • if you are a member of his team, he will not take kindly to advances or obnoxious behaviour, especially in the presence of others. one who is clingy or needy will get an unforgiving cold shoulder.
  • the type of person he is, he’d observe their behavior and reasoning behind their newfound attraction towards him. he’s skeptical of many things, and won’t be fooled as easily as one may believe.
  • one should not expect him to fall head over heels for someone within the point five seconds they meet. he’s had relationships in the past, some better than others, and from them would prefer to keep things genuine.
  • initially he would be hesitant. as the leader of a black ops division, he would take many possibilities into account in regards to their safety and security.
  • one may feel episodes of loneliness due to his dedication and passion for his work. he takes his role as leader seriously, and will not have that jeopardized. there even may be moments he forgets to take care of himself because of his meticulous ways.
  • it would truly take some time, as he ideally wants a believable romance.
  •  while it is without a doubt unprofessional for him to have a relationship with an agent, he isn’t above exploiting a few rules.
    • they’re meant to be broken anyway, yes?
  • while he may initially seem like an intimidating partner, once one gets to know him better, he is a caring lover. Gabriel takes his relationships seriously, and will not make a person uncomfortable with ill-intention. he has a soft side, and is incredibly doting.
    • he is very protective and honest, and does his best not to become jealous. thankfully to his poker face, it can be difficult to infer in favor of him, but if one knew him well enough, they could tell he would be bothered.
  • Reyes is a very playfully teasing partner. while he won’t overtly make a scene, he’s the one to be subtle about it, especially in a “professional setting”.
    • examples of this would be: shooting particular glances while biting his lip from afar, whispering something inappropriately to them in Spanish, just barely touching them in passing, always one-upping them in training, and so on.
    • one should expect plenty of smirks. he enjoys seeing his lover flustered. it fuels his fire.
  • he speaks fluent Spanish, and would speak more of it around them. there will be times he will answer them strictly in Spanish, but he’d go out of his way to explain to them what means what. if they picked up on things he said or spoke it in turn, he’d find every excuse to have full conversations in Spanish.
  • he’s experienced intimately, and would be more than happy to satisfy them should they request it. he’ll discover what they enjoy most with time, and make it his mission to pleasure him to the fullest.
    • one should expect orgasm denial, overstimulation and roughness. especially roughness. 
      • he also takes pride in leaving marks, so they should prepare for finding a ways to cover it up when returning to work or being around friends and family.

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Boys when their s/o accidentally turns them on please? (Sucking on a popsicle or shifting in their lap on accident, or moaning when stretching?)

A/N: I can’t do all the boys cause my hc limit is three. So, I chose Junkrat, Solider, and Hanzo. If you want other ones you can ask for them again when requests are open. ^^

Also NSFW-ish?


  • The base had been extremely hot that day, Jamison noticed. 
  • Lucio had been the one to offer everyone Popsicle as a means of cooling off. So, when you found one in your preferred flavor, you took to it quickly before going back to your ‘cool down spot’.
  • Jamie finds you sitting on the ground by a fan, your hair pushed back as a sweaty blush paints your cheeks. 
  • There’s sticky Popsicle juice dripping to stain your fingers as you sloppily lick it clean  before moving back to suck and slurp at the melting icy treat.
  • Jamie practically giggles in excitement at the sight while he moves to sit next to you. 
  • He simply watches you go about it, a giddy smile on his face as his mind wanders much to dirty for how hot it already is. 
  • He lets out a series of giggles, peppering kisses on your bare shoulder. “Ey, love.” You hum, letting him know your listening. “I got something else you can suck on.” He remarks, eyebrows wagging while you practically choke at the perversion. Junkrat laughs at your reaction while you smack him playfully on the arm, telling him to save it for later.

Soldier 76

  • Soldier is very punctual about stretching before working out. Reminding you to do so as you join him for training. 
  • He continues his sets of weights. Resting an elbow on his knee while watching you do as he instructed. He sees as you lift your arms over your head, bending backwards while your chest curves upwards.
  • However, his head nearly jerks when you moan loudly. It was loud and sensual followed by a relieved sigh as you release the tension in your joints. 
  • Soldier is practically glowing red under his mask, grateful no one else was around to hear it.
  • He feels where the heat of his face travels down his body while you move to stand and look at him expectantly. Eyes wandering why he’s stopped lifting weights to stare at you.
  • The blood from his face rushes straight down to his crotch and he’s on his feet in seconds. A sudden lost of control coming over him.
  • You watch with curiosity as Solider marches over to you swiftly before grabbing a strong hold on your arm. His face is close enough for only you to hear what he demands with a growl. “Showers, now.” His tone surprising you by how commanding it sounds. Though, it doesn't deter a smirk from appearing on your face as you follow him.

Hanzo Shimada

  • The drop-ship had been unusually bumpy due to turbulence. 
  • However, little did that do to stop you from standing up in order to reach something from across the table. 
  • Almost immediately, a huge pocket of air forces the plane to shake, causing you to lose your footing. 
  • Hanzo immediately rushed to grab you, pulling you to topple into his lap rather than the floor. Your butt ends up meeting rightfully onto his crotch as the ship’s shaking added pleasant friction through his pants.
  • He stiffens immediately -in more ways than one- before wrapping his arms around to keep you in place. 
  • The ship continues shaking enough that you think he is holding you so you don’t fall over once more. Finding it cute as he tucks his forehead to the back of your neck almost affectionately.
  • However, it takes you a moment to realize whats going when the shaking of the ship makes you sink further into him. His growing erection poking at your ass.
  • “Hanzo…” You begin before he cuts you off. His face is kept in a controlled scowl as he mutters “Not a word” into the crook of your neck.  You chuckle. Shifting a bit more than needed in order to sit comfortably, if not a bit more teasingly. 

I love this so much

Warnings: None

Female pronouns used

Originally posted by foxy-reaper

“Dwah! Gabe and Y/N sittin in a tree. F-U-C-K-I-N-G”

“Sombra I will kill you if you don’t shut up”

“But I cant heeeelp it. Big ol reaper dating a tiny lil flower. Its adorable”

“Sombra! Don’t you have work do!”

“I can work and make fun of you at the same time. Right Widow!?”

She lets out an audible grunt and rolls her eyes

“Sombra jutst shut up and hack” He growls as you walk in

“Ah! there you are Gabriel!” You say running up and hugging him tightly “I was looking for you babe”

He instantly snaps around to you lifting you up a little bit “Hm? I wasn’t anywhere special. Where were you looking?”  he asks as you take his mask off to kiss him

Sombra literally turned off her computer to watch the scene unfold “See widow. If you had feeling wouldn’t this be adorable”

She scoffs again and looks away as you nuzzle Gabe’s cheek

“I wanted you to get some sleep I know you have been so busy”

“Ill come to bed when Sombra decides to not be useless”   He says kissing your cheek

“Okay sweetie. You better” You smile running out

“Reaper and Y/N sittin in a tree-”


anonymous asked:

I'm a mean green meme queen. How would reaper and genji react to their s/o sending them a meme where it's like "don't joke about murder i was killed once and it offends me"


  • Hates when you send him messages during work
  • Usually because they make him feel kind of sappy and he can’t be scary if your making him miss you
  • This time though you decide to send him a meme
  • When he opens his phone, he sees a meme that says, ‘don’t joke about murder i was killed once and it offends me’
  • For a moment, Reaper can only stare at it, unsure
  • Memes…are not Reaper’s thing
  • That’s not to say there isn’t some website you and Sombra haven’t made with memes the two of you put together of him
  • Plus some secret pictures of them thicc thighs
  • Reaper though has no idea though and goes to ask Sombra
  • Sombra just starts laughing her ass off
  • Honestly, he looks kind of offended? Like your mocking him?
  • But when you see that angry pout on his face, you just go give him a big kiss and reassure your emo man that all is okay
  • It was cute how he pouted


  • Total opposite of Reaper
  • Not only is he wise in his use of technology
  • But he himself is a meme lord
  • The idea of finding anything he has NOT seen is almost near impossible
  • So at one point, your positive that he’s seen this one but you just can’t not share it at this point
  • You tag him in it almost immediately
  • Ten minutes later, the sound of laughter from down the hall is loud, and you hear running in the hall
  • You’re almost expecting a surprise attack when suddenly the door slams open
  • Genji lean in, a wide grin on his face and he has stars in his eyes as he stares at you
  • “ME,” he says, and everyone else in the room looks utterly terrified
  • After a moment you burst out laughing as he left the room again
  • He sent you a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face over the phone and you sent him a heart
  • God, your boy was a freak
  • But you loved him soooo much

anonymous asked:

Junkrat and Roadhog kidnapped the reader and she's not eating or drinking. What would they do to insure that their little shiela survived?

Okay, I so I went a little overboard with this haha. Thank you for your request 

Thin streams of light filtered through the wooden slits of floorboards above you, casting a dusty haze throughout the tiny cell that was now your home. Sniffling, you brought your knees to your chest as dry tears rolled down your cheeks. You were incredibly tired… You slept for as long as you possibly could, being only able to tell if it was night or day by the thin slights of light overhead. As you lifted your arms to cover your face, the soft rattle of the chains around your thin wrists clanked on the floor as you wept. It hurt.. so badly. Hunger thundered through your now weak body like a jackhammer.  It was hardly like you could sleep properly during the day anyway - overtime you shut your eyes, the memories of your kidnapping flooded into your memory.

It had only just grown dark outside when the two men appeared, the sun setting a crimson rust over your hometown as you walked back to your apartment. Tired and exhausted from your long day at work, you had your headphones plugged in as you marched on. Little did you know, that with every step you took, there was beaten-up red jeep driving behind you. As you paused on the sidewalk, fumbling around in your bag for your keys, that’s when the hands grabbed you. Screaming, you wriggled and sobbed as the sight of a ridiculously tall man grinned down at you as a strong grip held you in place from behind. That’s when it all went black…

When you awoke, there were shackles on your wrists and ankles and sandbags beneath your feet. Fear paralyzed your body when two shadowed figures stepped into the streaked light. “Aw, finally you’re awake!” a childlike voice giggled as the slightly shorter man crept up to you. Hooking your jaw under his hand, his hazel eyes flashed with glee as he examined your face. Spluttering in shock, you attempted to wriggle away from him, but his vice-like grip on your jaw kept you in place. The man’s curled lips only extended as he saw the fear in your eyes, which was quickly followed by an insane giggle which bubbled from his throat. “Cor, yer a pretty one ain’t cha?”.

With a shriek, he was violently pulled away from you by a huge hand. Frowning through the darkness, you managed to make out that that hand belonged to the other man, who was incredibly… well massive. “Jamison, behave” he sighed as he finally let go of the man who was squirming. Rubbing his arm, the man you assumed to be Jamison pouted and glared up at the taller man for a split second before his gaze turned back to rest on you. “Wh-who the fuck are you?” you managed to splutter, as your blood pulsed violently through your veins. The smaller man seemed to find this hilarious, puffing his chest out and extending his arms, he tilted his head back before announcing “Junkrat and Roadhog!!!” at the top of his lungs proudly.

Wincing at his harsh voice, you screwed your face up, attempting to not let your fear get the better of you. “Never heard of you” you spat in fake confidence. Junkrat’s smile dropped instantly at this before he practically ran towards you, stick a finger up as he growled. “Listen ‘ere missy, you’re ours now. Ya better start treating us with respect. Ain’t that right Roadie?”. With a soft grunt of agreement, Roadhog nodded before tossing a can at you. Before the can could smash into the floor, scattering the contents everywhere, Junkrat caught it effortlessly in his robotic hand. “Now” he smiled once more, peeling back the can’s lid, “We’ve got some din-dins here for our little sheila, so you better eat up!”.

Curling your nose up in disgust at the canned food, you swatted it away quickly as Junkrat brought it to your lips. Watching the food splatter across the floor, Junkrat’s jaw dropped before he shook his head and glared at you. Once friendly eyes narrowed before his hand suddenly reached out and pinned you by the neck against the cool wall. “Oh, I see how it is” he hissed maliciously, inching closer with every second until you could feel his breath tickling your cheek. “If you wanna play that game, we can play too…”. Suddenly releasing his grip on you, you fell to the floor coughing violently as you tried to breathe again.

Glancing up through the strands of hair that fell infant of your face, you watched as Junkrat sneered over at you. “We’ll see how long you can go without food then eh?” he muttered as both men walked toward the bolted door, “Just remember… Until you can start behaving, you’ll be staying in here”.

Your stomach growled hungrily as you doubled over. You had no idea how long it had been since you last had food, but you knew if you didn’t eat something soon… you’d be in trouble. Crawling towards the door before you, you weakly banged on the doors with both fists as your voice cracked. “Ah… I.. Junkrat! Roadhog! Please I -“.

Almost throwing you backward, the door quickly opened before the tall mass of Roadhog stepped in. Arms crossed over his chest, his silent gaze watched over you. Crawling to your knees, you bowed your head in shame before wiping an escaping tear away from your cheek. Suddenly, you were greeted with sudden gentleness as Roadhog picked you up, cradling you in his arms as he undid your shackles. Blinking in surprise, you gasped as he carefully carried you from your tiny prison into the warm sunlight.

Squinting suddenly at the sudden change in lighting, the soft warmth of the outside world greeted you as Roadhog carried you into what looked like a kitchen. It was a little messy in parts, maps and junk covered one of the tables. As Roadhog placed you down on a squishy leather couch, he lifted one finger as he stared at you. “Wait here”. Nodding, you watched the man as he walked behind the kitchen counter and began to open various cupboards. Unlike his partner, Roadhog was rather quiet and although you were pretty certain you had heard him throttling Junkrat before, the big man was always slightly kinder to you.

As you grew lost in your thoughts, you jumped suddenly as the door was thrown open followed by the scrawny man who’s looked more burnt than usual. “Roaaadie, what’s for-“. Stopping mid-sentence, Junkrat gawped at you. Pointing a finger at you, his head slowly turned from you to face Roadhog in wonder. “Wait, what’s the sheila doing up here?”. Not bothering with replying, Roadhog ignored Jamison as he held a bowl in his hand. Placing the food onto the table, he pointed to a chair tucked behind the far side of the table. “Jamie, sit over there”.


Grumbling, Junkrat stumbled across towards his seat.  Throwing himself down, he crossed his skinny arms as his bottom lip jutted out almost comically. Normally you would have laughed at such a sight, but you couldn’t help but remind yourself that these men had KIDNAPPED you after all… and they were dangerous, right? Sitting down beside you, Roadhog rested the bowl on his knee as he lifted a fork to your lips. Frowning, you shuffled backward. What if he had poisoned it? You couldn’t trust him yet, then again you were pretty sure your stomach would concave on itself if you didn’t eat anything.

Noticing your reluctance, Roadhog set the fork down with a gentle sigh. Reaching for your, his large fingers ran gently across your cheek, examining your delicate jawbone before the pad of his finger traced across your bottom lip. Carefully pushing down, your mouth opened weakly as Roadhog rested his thumb against your lip. A soft grumble resonated from his chest at your obedience. Again, he lifted the fork to your mouth, this time sliding it carefully in and dropping the warm stew onto your tongue. From the first drop of food, you moaned softly in relief, which unknowingly to you, made a certain Junker who sat on his ‘special’ chair blush slightly. “Good girl” Roadhog murmured before feeding you another bite.

anonymous asked:

Mccree, Reaper, Hanzo, and Genji reactions to their s/o trying to find their glasses and it's on top of their head and s/o asks them if they know where their glasses are

Okay but this is me tho??

McCree: He’ll literally help you turn the entire house upside down as neither of you notice that they’re still on your head. Defeated, the both of you will drop onto the sofa but then they would slide down your head and land on your nose. “Oh.” Would be all you could manage before you both burst into laughter.

Reaper: He just sighed and stared at you. Neither of you said anything as you tried to decode the look he was giving you. All it took was him to raise his eyebrows before you understood what he was on about. You grinned sheepishly and reached to grab them off your head. “… Thanks, Gabe.”

Genji: He’s honestly such a little shit. He’ll know EXACTLY where they are, but he just gets so much entertainment from watching you run around the house trying to find them. Once you give up, it’ll take him around 20 minutes to calm down before he says, “They’re on your head… by the way.”

Hanzo: “Hey, babe, have you seen my-”
“They’re on your head.”

“don’t move. please?”

Warnings: death, angst, I couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry

Reinhardt Wilhelm / Reinhardt

It was no secret that the man was huge. He took up most of the bed and even then he had to fold himself in to fit properly. We need a new bed, he would grumble every now and then, but you knew he loved it because it meant that you were constantly sleeping on top of him. There was no space, after all…

Reinhardt wakes first that morning. He’s due for training that he doesn’t really need but somebody will have his head if he doesn’t attend. One problem, though.

Don’t move,” you groan into his chest, nuzzling your face into him. At the hesitant sound he makes, you lift your head to meet his eyes. “Please?”

“Liebling,” he begins, regret in his voice. You whimper out again, gripping his arms. “I have to go.”

“Fifteen more minutes?” You barter, climbing up his frame to get closer to his face. You plant a few teasing kisses to his greying beard, pouting. “Please?”

He sighs. Your grin grows.

“Fifteen more minutes, liebling, and then I’m gone.”

And fifteen turned to twenty, twenty turned to thirty, and soon enough, training was the last thing on his mind…

Gabriel Reyes / Reaper

You loved him. You had loved him… Before the Fall — before you were tricked into thinking he was killed. Before he became who he was today. You would’ve given your life for him. A small part of you believes that still would.

Don’t — don’t move.” Your hands are shaky, gun pointed at the hooded figure that stood just in front of you. He took another step forward, and a sob caught in your throat. “P-please?”

“Cariño,” he says, taking yet another step. His voice is too familiar, it makes you sick. Shoot. Shoot! Why aren’t you shooting? His hand grasps the gun gently, lowering it to the ground. “It’s me. There’s no need to be afraid.”

“You betrayed us,” you hiss, jerking away from the hand that extends toward your cheek. “You betrayed me.”

“I would never,” he replies, his voice almost angry. Your back is pressed against the wall now. There’s nowhere to run (you wouldn’t run anyway, a small voice says). “Never you.”

You whip away the tears that have trailed down your cheeks as he bows his head towards yours, his hands gripping the bottom of his mask.

This is wrong, you think as his lips draw closer to yours. This is wrong. I can’t betray my family. But why can’t you move? Why is it that you stand on your tiptoes, and meet him halfway?

Why is it that your heart beats louder than it has in years when he takes you into his arms like he used to do, all those years ago?

Olivia Colomar / Sombra

Don’t move.” Seeing the look of exasperation on your girlfriend’s face, you tilt your head and fold your arms. “Please?”

“Standing here is boring,” Sombra groans, throwing her head back. A yelp passes her lips when you poke the tip of the needle into her leg warningly. “Ow! Okay, I get it.”

It had been a romance that nobody would’ve expected. The feisty hacker and the timid gear-engineer — but as Sombra would say, she had her sights on you the second she saw you.

“Maybe if you hadn’t charged into battle like a mad woman and almost gotten yourself killed, your gear would be fine,” you grumble, wrinkling your nose at the thought of the worry you had felt when she had been rushed in, “and you wouldn’t be standing here.”

“Oh, mi amor,” Sombra purred, bowing her head towards you and brushing a finger underneath your chin. “Did you worry about me?”

Your face feels like it’s on fire. You lower your head, thumbing at the needle in your hands. “I always worry about you…”

She cups your cheeks in both hands, pressing her forehead against yours. “And I always tell you, don’t I? I always find my way back to you, mi amor.”

And she always did.

Jack Morrison / Soldier: 76

In battle, you could never truly predict anything. All outcomes were mere guesses, and Jack’s learned that the hard way.

Don’t move, kid.”

His voice sound muffled and alien, even to his own ears. His hands are covered with blood — your blood, pouring from a gaping wound even his biotic field couldn’t heal.

“Ja—Jack,” you whimper, your mouth dry. You swallow, grasping his hand over where its pressed against your stomach. “You — you gotta get outta here, Jack. Please?

“I’m not leaving you here,” he grunts, peering over his shoulder. Mercy is nowhere to be seen. “Not today, not tomorrow, not ever, you hear me?”

He can see the fear in your eyes. Though he had managed to drag you behind a wall, the battle is still raging and he can’t simultaneously kill agents and protect you. But you don’t want to die — you can’t die. You have too much to live for.

“Jackie,” you mumbled tearfully, a bloodied hand coming to cup his cheek. His eyes burn beneath his visor. “You — you have to go!”

No!” He yelled, his voice breaking uncharacteristically. “We - we had a plan, _____. Remember?”

The ghost of a smile fluttered onto your face. “I remember.”

“We’d buy a house,” he began, his voice shaking as your breaths became less frequent, “and we’d get married. I was gonna propose to you on our anniversary, you know that? And then we’d have kids — children of our own, and they’d look like you and talk like me—”

The grip on his hand loosened, and his heart dropped to his stomach.

anonymous asked:

Hey, could you maybe do blackwatch boys (separate) coming home to there s/o trying on some new lingerie. (Ignore if requests are closed)

A/N: I have a Reyes one similar to this here if you’d like to check that one out, too.

Ya’ll I love the blackwatch bois so much.

Genji Shimada

  • Genji is startled but nonetheless absolutely pleased at the sight that greets him. 
  • He makes himself known by coughing slightly in order to draw your attention away from the mirror you both admired yourself in. 
  • His eyes can’t help but wander over how gorgeous you are in the way the silk fabric forms to you so well. Neither a memory from his playboy youth can compare to the beauty that you are before him. 
  • You skirt over to him rather impishly, happy to see how his usual scowl has turned into a flustered look of want. 
  • His hands are nervous to greet your body but you are never one to shy from his touch. He feels at ease when you place them on your waist and pull yourself into him to fit comfortably.
  • “This isn’t the only set I bought.” You whisper while placing kisses on the shell of his ear. “Want to see them, too?” There’s a surge of courage that runs through him and before he knows it he quips back rather suggestively. “I’d rather see them on the floor.” The comment leaves you stunned but Genji knows by the blush on your cheeks and dilation of your pupils you both have the same idea. 
  • You can only giggle as he throws you on the mattress, an onslaught of kisses peppering your face, neck, and chest before he makes action on his words. 

Jesse McCree

  • Jesse McCree is as hands on as he can get from the moment he see’s you.
  • He calls your attention by grabbing the thin elastic of the lingerie panties that wraps around your side and pulls it playfully. The snap of the band hitting the plush of your hips tantalizingly.  
  • Its when you turn around to reprimand him that he grabs your hips with gentle force. 
  • A low whistle leaves his lips. “My, my what do we have here.” He breathes, low and hoarse just like he knows you like it, as his eyes explore the sheer see-through fabric that caresses you just right. “You’re so goddamn beautiful, honeybee. What mighty fine sight to come home to.”
  • You laugh at the compliment rather bashfully before he tucks his head into the curve of your neck and kissing your bare shoulder. His beard making you squirm at the ticklish feeling.
  • He draws you in for a hug, close enough in which his hands hand idly run over your body and pinching here and there. A mischievous smack meeting the cheek of your ass before he mutters how tired he wishes he wasn’t.
  • You push him back onto the bed and tell him to relax. There’s many more sets to try on and your more than willing to give him a one-on-one show.  

Gabriel Reyes

  • Gabriel sits back and watches before he lets you know he’s home.
  • He leans on the doorway and watches as you grab and pinch at your body admiring the way the lingerie looks on you.
  • The Blackwatch commander smirking when you smack your ass in an appreciative manner. A joyful wiggle of you hips adding to the satisfied look on your face. 
  • As much as he likes lace, he loves how well you make it work on you. The curves and outlines of your body have him biting his lip in order to keep his composure.
  • Eventually, his cover is blown as you turn to try on another set you bought only to find him standing there with a look of appreciation. 
  • You blush having been caught enjoying yourself bit too much before you could surprise him.
  • “How long have you been standing there?” You ask a bit sheepishly. “A while…” Gabriel smiles before sauntering over and perching himself next to the bed. His fingers glide over the material of another set with an deep-in-thought look to his face. “Try this one on.” He motions for you to see which one he means. His mouth is at your ear with a hot and deep tone. “I wanna see you in all black lace, baby.” 
  • You are more than happy to comply.