SVTFOE Season 3 Impressions So Far

I’m just gonna say it, this season has not been impressing me. The writers are still proving that they lack focus when it comes to characters and story. They built this ‘Star having crush on Marco’ thing in season 2 just to have Star forget about it and get back together with Tom. She just outright forgets she has a crush on Marco and just straight hooks up with Tom. Star and Tom getting back together just seems like a huge step backwards for the characters because in season 2 Tom basically accepted that he and Star don’t work well. This just makes them feel like they haven’t grown and matured. Them getting back together honestly feels out of left field because there was no proper segue in to it. We see Star help and save Tom.

They hold hands at the end of the episode with questionable looks on their faces.

Then a few episodes later they’re just back together, they don’t even announce they’re back together, they just are. That just seem so stupid.

Then there’s the whole Marco and Jackie thing that’s just so damn dumb.

They have Marco obsess over this girl since he was a preschooler only to have them break up so early on into the third season.

Why? This kinda says that Marco and Jackie shouldn’t have even gotten together because the relationship wasn’t going to be explored or last that long. We never got much of them hanging out and being a couple so it feels like wasted time to see them hook up. We knew they were going to break up eventually but this feels too soon. Then they decide to try to, maybe, have Marco hook up with Kelly.

which, don’t get me wrong, she’s a cool character but we know where this going to go. The relationship part of this series is getting on the levels of Inyuasha bad. It has too much padding when we already know Star and Marco are going to be together in the end.

Then we come to Eclipsa.

Who, I have to say, feels like a big saving grace for this season. I am genuinely intrigued by her because I can’t tell what her angle is. I don’t know if she’s a misunderstood person or someone with evil goals in mind. She feels like she’ll play into the mewumans versus monster story arc. I even enjoy her character in general. she’s way more fun than toffee, who was blander than flavorless oatmeal. I was smiling at how she was taunting Marco.

I feel like she has a significant role in Star’s journey as princess and I can’t wait to see more. Hopefully there is pay off with her.

The episode structure bothers me because they feel like they’re aired out of order. One episode focuses on developing the plot but then the next episode takes a detour and focuses on some bullshit that won’t amount to anything and, ultimately, is a waste of time. When they decided to give Eclipsa a trial I thought the next episode would follow up on that but they decided not to and focused on some filler. This just makes the season feel like it’s just milling about and not wanting to have a story. The stuff with pony head felt so random and pointless, I’m starting think she doesn’t really need to be on the show. It has good episodes like the stuff with Eclipsa and the mewumans versus monster arc but most of the episodes are just nothing. I’ll continue to watch but overall this season is still not proving to me that Star Vs isn’t overhyped.

Here are a list of things I need to happen for me to pay this much money to see Beyonce perform an album I haven’t heard yet and may not even be in the works…

1. A Destiny’s Child reunion…and I’m not just talking Michelle. I need Kelly, Letoya, Latavia, Nina, Nicki, Ronny, Bobby, Ricky & Mike
2. Beyonce needs to perform every song she’s ever been on including but not limited to the Proud Family theme song with a Solange solo.
3. I also need Solange giving twistout tutorials
4. Mama Tina waxes eyebrows
5. Blue Ivy needs to come and do a whole Doc Mcstuffins Monologue complete with Cicely Tyson realness
6. Jay needs to show up and do his whole discography all the way back to when he had a busted gold grill
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8. Jesus comes out for a duet of Amazing grace
9. Beyonce does my taxes
10. Then she takes me to Red Lobster
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….and even then she would still owe me a smooth $1500