Also Jim: Look at my husband tearing a strip out of this alien without giving a fuck. He just speaks his mind and his mind is BRILLIANT. SO CONFIDENT. SO CALM. Look at that sexy genius. He’s so honest and moral he is – OH GOD HE’S PERFECT HE’S BEAUTIFUL EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS I WANT TO BURST WITH LOVE WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE HIM OH I DECLARE MY SOUL MY HEART –

Spock: While I appreciate the sentiment Jim your reverent gushing is overpowering my capacity for thought within my own mind.

Jim: Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s your fault though. WHY DO YOU MAKE ME LOVE YOU SO HARD–

Spock: -_- An unfortunate shortcoming of my ancestors, not developing a muting technique for mind bonds. 

(I bet their mind bond is noisy AF and it is 9000% Jim’s fault)


CHAPTER 504 IS FUCKING INTENSE. but anyways here is my opinion :

- E.N.D awakening was triggered by Lucy’s supposedly death. I kinda predicted this already because the pattern is kinda obvious now. Lol

- MY BABY GRAY IS MENTALLY UNSTABLED. He is broken. Because he thinks that Juvia is dead. He is driven by his rage.

- GRAY DOESN’T WANT TO KILL NATSU. HE WANTS TO KILL END. ummm thats what I think, maybe he thought that NATSU is already overpowered by E.N.D plus FUCK INVEL FOR MAKING HIM THINK THAT E.N.D CAUSED HIS SUFFERINGS.

- WE’RE GONNA SEE ERZA VS EILEEN NEXT. I’m almost certain.


There’s a small section of trail in the woods near my house which smells of death. It’s almost overpowering, and it’s been there for weeks, but I cannot find the source. It disappears once you step off the trail, and there are no carcasses in sight. I’ve even scanned the branches overhead! What is the stench of putrefying flesh coming from?!

Bath time: Hanzo x Reader x McCree

A/N: I woke up and wanted a bath but my tub is too small, so this is my coping mechanism.

“Honey, ya gotta get up.”

“No, I don’t. It gloomy and wet, and it smells like worms.”

“It what now?”

McCree raises an eyebrow, planting himself on the ground beside the bed and staring at me as if I had just grown two heads. I groaned and rolled onto my other side, reaching out timidly for Hanzo’s shoulder, with my eyes closed.

“Back me up here, Han.” The window was wide open, and even if the sound of waves was far below and the white spray of foam tickled the rocks, the sea breeze could not overpower the wetness of the earth outside where the worms wriggled up to the surface. And Hanzo, with his back pressed against the wall, sighed deeply.

“It smells like worms.” He said firmly and at once, his strong arms pulled me close and I nuzzled into his chest. Unlike the weather outside, Hanzo always smelled nice – subtle hints of mint and jasmine.

“Don’t you have stuff you wanted to do?” McCree wonders, a large warm hand presses against my back.

“Yeah, but I’ll do them later.”

“It’s almost two, sugarplum. Don’t you want to shower or something? I think Hanzo would like you to shower.” McCree added and Hanzo twitched ever so slightly.

“Don’t you turn him against me, I’m comfy right now.” I curled a leg around one of Hanzo’s imploringly. “Besides, you’d be cold without me.”

Hanzo huffed but I could feel him shift in front of me, McCree’s hand glided down over my stomach and I could feel him gently tugging me towards him.

“Traitor,” I glowered blearily at Hanzo as he smoothed out his hair. McCree slipped me into his arms and I groaned, as we moved into the bathroom, Hanzo waved from his seat in the bedroom.

But the bath was full already. Steam rose off the surface of the water and a few candles were lit around the room. McCree chuckles and set me down on the edge of the tub as I picked the sand out of my eyes.

“Dude, I’m just going to fall asleep here.”

He politely turned away as I slipped off my nightshirt and crawled into the tub, sinking below the bubbles and sighing deeply. The window was shut so I didn’t smell the world outside, and as Hanzo shuffled into the bathroom in his blue yukata, he leaned over McCree with a smile.

“Perhaps I should join you.” he smirked and I placed a hand over my eyes with a snort, hearing his yukata drop to the floor. The water surged towards me and I felt his toes nudge my thighs, a good enough signal I could look again. And he looked mighty comfy too, wetting his hands and flattening his hair against his skull. It was growing out again, longer than mine and McCree’s, something the two of us were very happy about – I didn’t realize McCree was so adept at braiding, which was probably why I was growing my hair out again too. Looking over at our cowboy though, Hanzo and I noticed his expression droop.

“We need a bigger tub.” He declared and Hanzo reached out a hand for McCree’s cheek, tugging him into a kiss with a smile.

“Hindsight is 20/20.” The archer murmured a little patronizingly, but McCree only shook his head.

“We need an onsen here,” I said and Hanzo nodded at the thought. “One of us should talk to Winston about that.”

“Hell, all three of us should.” McCree whined and I flicked some bubbles into his face. “I gotta…I’m gonna tidy up outside. Holler if you need me.”

“Always,” Hanzo consoled and once McCree left the bathroom, he looked at me.

Are you going to fall asleep?”

“It’s certainly a possibility.”

@mummyholmesisupset aked for Hannigram ABO trash. I told her it would be cracky. She agreed. Enjoy my dear!

As was always the case, the scent hit him first. Sweet, musky, rich and sinful. Hannibal had wanted to roll in it the first time he had smelled it on Will. That want had only intensified each time Will came around smelling like that.

Hannibal gave an impatient huff as Will sauntered into his office, dressed in colorful nurse’s scrubs patterned with…fishing lures. How Will had managed to find that particular pattern, Hannibal genuinely had no clue. Clever and resourceful thing, his Will was.

The scent got stronger and was near overpowering when Will draped himself over Hannibal’s back. Soft lips pressed to his neck where Hannibal’s pulse thrummed quite beyond his normally legendary control. Will smelling like this? Draped over Hannibal? Touching him?  Safe to say his “legendary” control was shot to hell. His control had never been particularly good when it came to Will anyway.

“One day,” Hannibal said, voice catching as teeth dug softly into his neck. “One day I will find from where you get that aftershave.”

Will chuckled and kissed his cheek. “I’ll keep getting it for christmas.”

Hannibal leveled an unimpressed look at him.

“What? This is how they said an Omega is supposed to smell.” Will struggled to not laugh and keep a straight face.

Hannibal was even more unimpressed.

“Don’t you like being my big strong Alpha doctor?  Here to ravish poor little Omega Nurse me? I even dressed the part.”

Will couldn;t even the last words out. They were a squeak as he collapsed into Hannibal’s lap, helpless with laughter. Tears streamed down his face and he buried it in the crook of Hannibal’s neck.

Hannibal breathed a long suffering sigh but didn’t stop himself from pressing his face in Will’s fragrant curls. Or tried to. It was hard with Will shaking so with laughter.

“And to think, you once chastised me for reading those stories written about us on Tattle Crime.”

Will just kept laughing.

gravedad-zorro  asked:

im so sorry if you constantly get this question but what are your brush settings???

Actually I’ve never gotten asked this before. My settings aren’t too fancy.

This is my brush setting for Paint Tool SAI. I use the pen tool the most. Usually for all my coloring and sketching.

I typically work with a very large canvas. About 50inX65in.

The color swatches at the top are the colors I find I typically use. Usually for shading or lighting. If the colors don’t quite fit, I just use the Hue/Saturation to change the color around or play with intensity. Also the opacity of a layer helps if its too overpowering.

This is the settings I use for doing my line work done on a Linework layer. I get comments often about how smooth and clean my linework is. In reality I just use these tools to help me. I draw with a Pen size of 20 most times. I just do a basic quick run around the sketch. The linework will be inaccurate at first. I use the CTRL button to add some more vert points in the line to get it more accurate as well as using the ALT button to delete excess verts to help smooth out the line or even delete lines to help clean it up. You can also cheat using the SHIFT button, which allows you to click and drag the whole line around based on which vector point your dragging. Its useful for if your line is pretty close, but not quite there and just needs a nudge.

I also use the Pressure Tool to help thicken or taper lines off. Its useful for if you got lines overlapping and want to ease into another shape. Or if you got objects touching and you want to make the line thinner between the two to imply pressure against eachother

And although this has nothing to do with my settings, but another useful tool is the Transform tool (CTRL+T) and Cut/Paste tools (CTRL+X/V)
You can use the Transform to help rotate or scale drawings or even skew them to help. I use this a lot on sketches. Sometimes I draw the character slightly off balance and Transform helps me slant things correctly. The Cut/Paste tool is useful for symmetry. Although not 100% accurate, it can help lay down a general idea where things like the other eye should be and how it should look, or legs/arms/ears/anything that comes in pairs.

i take it the fuck back shaggy is fuckable i’m sorry for my rude words its just hard to think anyone from scooby doo is hot when daphne’s radiant sunshine is overpowering everything else

You are Darth Vader's Youngest Child

( For @shewalkswithashla I hope this is what you were looking for!)

* Your mother was an Imperial and your father was the one and only Darth Vader. You lived with your mother since your father was so busy.

* But she died when you were quiet young and to your surprise Vader asked you to come live with him. He actually always wanted to be a father.

* Sidious would not allow him to teach you the ways of the Sith because he didn’t want to be overpowered. But Vader still taught you in secrer.

* You loved your father and tried to help him with his machines. But you couldn’t deny you didn’t agree with all his ideas. You hated the idea of the Death Star and even more when they started building a second one. You even had thoughts of joining the Rebellion.

* And then you found out Vader had a son. The Jedi Luke Skywalker who was a few years older than you. You couldn’t believe Vader hadn’t told you right after he found out.

* And you were there when Luke tried to sway your father back to the light. And you wanted him to succeed. Luke could sense you were his sibling and asked for your help since you knew Vader more then anyone.

* You two tried to persuade him but couldn’t and were both attacked by Sidious. To save you both Vader sacrificed himself.

* You were so and knew nothing was left for you here. So you accepted your brothers offer to go with him and give your father and proper Jedi funeral.

* And you were able to meet Leia. You were so glad have family left and you all embraced. They gladly welcomed you to the Rebellionbed and were excited to get to know you and you them.

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Ik sun signs aren't everything but imo I feel like out of the entire zodiac the most transparent Sun is pisces. Like w/ every other sun sign I see at least bits of the archetypes in the people, but all of the pisces I've met are all just so completely different.

Yep! You can never really pin down a Pisces. Since Pisces is also mutable, a lot of other signs in a person’s chart can actually overpower Pisces’s influences.

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Which Sonic character is the most Mary Sue/Gary Stu?

I wouldn’t really say any are, at least within the context of the world that the games take place in. I mean, Mobians all tend to have extreme strength, agility, stamina, etc. compared to humans, and Chaos powers aren’t uncommon among them, so a lot of the Mary Sue/Gary Stu tropes about being overpowered don’t really apply here. If we’re going by stereotypes Shadow certainly comes the closest - I certainly thought he seemed Gary Stu-ish when I first encountered him - but that impression only persists as long as you’re looking at him on a surface level. Once you start delving deeper into his character he’s very complex and well-developed.

I don’t really have a strong opinion on this topic, honestly - there are very few if any Sonic characters that I genuinely dislike, and none that I feel are too favored over others in terms of characterization.

Axe body spray once shut down a school because the 6th grade boys produced such an excessive stench that 8 kids had to be hospitalized. 

This isn’t the first medical incident that’s occurred due to students wearing Axe. A Pennsylvania high school had to completely ban the body spray after a student was hospitalized from exposure to a ‘hazardous substance.’ A year before that, Connecticut high school officials said that a fire alarm went off after a student sprayed an “overabundance” of Axe in a locker room.

Originally posted by nitratediva

There’s actually a term called ‘Wall of Axe,’ which refers to at least “8 boys, dousing themselves in Axe body spray (usually after gym) and standing together in a stairwell to create a Wall of Axe.”

Originally posted by glow-lovely

You can find it in Urban Dictionary. And also probably in many emails exchanged between middle school teachers. 



looks like they’re holding back paparazzi


Bastion beeps excitedly

Mercy’s just OH MY GOD HE SAID THE P WORD. REINHARDT PHASE 2 I REPEAT PHASE TWO and Reinhardt just pulls out his giant hammer and bum rushes into the crowd of reporters, sending everyone flying while Mercy throws herself over Bastion in a feeble attempt at keeping any sniper shots away