Hi everyone,

So school is starting tomorrow and because I don’t really have any self control, I’m going to limit my time on here. I really want to do well (and get straight As so I can finally rest in peace). 

Basically, I’m going to still be on here, but much less often. Thank you for reading this Very Important Post.

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I can't believe I'm sitting here fangirling over taekook right now. Why are they so cute!!!! But can we talk about tae's husky voice when he ask jungkook why he was in his bed.

SAMEEEE!!!!! omg and Taehyung kissing his arm?????? I’m just crying!!!! taekook, why?

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Hiya girls!! Haven't been online much on tumblr the last few months but I'm really glad to see you're still active 💚 just realised I missed being on tumblr fangirling over 1d

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eee!!! Welcome back!! We’ll be here fangirling over until we are old and grey and withered. Please feel free to join us as we’ve missed you terribly.

I’m totally not jealous that @thewolf-inred (who was kind enough to tag me, bless you) was tagged by @demisexualhale (you’re not alone in the fangirling over here)

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Name: Ari
Nickname: gigantor, unfortunately
Height: 5′9″
Star sign: Aries
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Favorite color: Lellow
Time right now: 19:40
Average hours of sleep: Anywhere between 5 and 12 hours.
Lucky number: 13
Last thing I googled: “UCCS course schedule” to make sure I was getting the time and room right even though I knew I was. Whatever.
Favorite fictional characters: obviously Stiles and Derek but also Luna Lovegood
Number of blankets you sleep with:1-2
Dream trip: Um…the world?
What do I post: Pretty much only Sterek with a bit of Sciles (brotp), Cordia, Scallison, and apparently Stanny.
Most active followers: @starks-and-snow & @jennthereaper
When did your blog reach its peak:It’s just beginning, I hope.
What made you decide to get a Tumblr: I think it was for cutesie stuff but quickly became about the nerdy shit.
Do you get asks on a dialy basis: I think the only person to ever send me asks is @thewolf-inred, so whenever you do it haha
Why did you choose your url: It was a combination of what this blog used to be and my love for sterek.

I tag: @kylerinvention, @vcurtz, @starks-and-snow, @oblivious-to-the-real-world, @jennthereaper

Because I’m hanging out with Sabrina @starstablesabby and we’re both on our Undertale themed horses. We’re over here fangirling about the game and characters and we thought of some places in Jorvik are like the underground with Hotland being Ashland (if that place has lava), Valedale is Waterfall cause of…….well the waterfalls and lots of flowers! (though no echo flowers), Dino Valley is Snowdin, Capital could be Jorvik City I guess? Jarl’s Tomb could stand in as the beginning of the underground and possibly the ruins itself. Me and Sabrina have also come up with an idea to start an Undertale related club (hopefully the names will aline for the perfect reference!) and considering I made a second account JUST for an Undertale CHARActer ;) Yep I’ve officially earned my crowned title of Undertale Trash!

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Does Riven have any particular Crush?

She has easily the biggest, gayest crush on Katarina. We’re talking hardcore fangirl over here. But she’ll deny it up and down if you confront her about it and act like she just ‘casually admires her’. Psh yeah okay Riven.