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Can you write some Lucio cuddles?

Today had been absolutely exhausting. Between helping Torbjorn with moving items around in his workshop, assisting the Swedish man with repairs to field agents’ armor and then returning said armor to those field agents, you were absolutely bushed. 

Pushing a hand tiredly through your hair your dragged yourself towards your room, your body demanding a hot shower, a comfortable blanket and delicious food. You felt bad. Lucio had been checking in on you on and off all day, but you could respond sporadically at best, informing the Brazilian pop star and freedom fighter that you were swamped but appreciated his attentions. You’d have to text him…but shower and food first. Placing your hand against the keypad, your brow furrowed as the smell of food enveloped you.

Stepping further into your small apartment, you felt a bit more of wakefulness seep into you as you caught sight of your boyfriend having one final taste of something he was cooking on the stove. He didn’t have his regular over-the-ear headphones in, instead opting for green frog themed earbuds instead. It seemed that he had already been in the shower; he was dressed in black basketball shorts and a green and yellow tanktop with his frog symbol on it. His dreads hung freely around his shoulders, the freshly bleached tips standing out against the dark skin of his shoulders and arms. He was in his own world, singing too softly for you to hear from where you stood, hands moving about in rhythm with the unheard beat. Toeing your shoes off you moved towards the entrance to the kitchen, pausing for a moment just to watch him as he went back to stirring the pot. 


“Oh”, he exclaimed, turning and grinning wide at you before beckoning you forward. You paused for a second before a smile stretched across your own face, his arms opening up for you. “Hey Y/N. A little bunny told me you looked like you were about to drop, so thought I’d whip you up some dinner. Here, try some. Good isn’t it? It’s moqueca de camarão.”

Lucio’s wrapped one of his arms around you, the other using a small wooden spoon to stir before giving you a taste. You made a mental note to thank Hana when you saw her next, mouth opening and happily taking the offered sample. His eyes lit up at the hum of delight you gave tasting the food, your entire soul warming as he went back to stirring before turning the burner off. Setting the wooden spoon down on the sink, he looked down at your tired face before wrapping his other arm around you.

“Hey hey come here”, Lucio hummed softly, his hand smoothing down your hair, his lips pecking against your forehead and top of your hair tenderly. 

You could feel yourself melt into his touch, the tension bleeding away as his hand moved in slow circles against the small of your back. He didn’t talk, Lucio knew he didn’t always need to, humming some wordless tune that played in his head. You nuzzled against his chest, cuddling closer and allowing him to soothe away some of the stress that had built up that day. You didn’t realize but you needed this. Just a hug, some love and a good meal. Your arms wrapped tight around his waist, squeezing and letting him know just how much you appreciated what he was doing for you. The both of you stood like that for an unknown amount of time before you pulled back, staring up at Lucio with a sleepy smile. 

“Thank you Lulu”, you hummed softly, leaning up and pressing a soft kiss against his lips. He responded back in turn, a quiet hum of contentment coming from him before he pulled back with several small pecks. “I love you, my froggy man.”

“I love you too”, Lucio said back instantly, grinning even wider at the nickname. “Now why don’t you go take a shower, and I’ll fix up some bowls for us.”

“Sounds like a plan!”

The One Where Ronan and Adam Hold Hands For the First Time

also it’s all over the place and not very well written, I’ve never done fic before so this is v rough.

(Pre relationship)

558 words

Adam made the mistake when he was tired.

He had just come home from a particularly brutal eight hour shift to find Ronan, headphones over ears, forearms on knees, waiting outside his apartment. Nothing new.

Adam would study, finish whatever homework he hadn’t gotten to that weekend and Ronan would look over Adam’s shoulder and make sarcastic comments about all of his assignments.

This had become routine semi recently and Adam couldn’t say he hated the company, until he made the mistake.

He was hunched over a notebook on his bed, muscles aching, stomach growling. Ronan was sitting with his back against the wall, feet up on Adam’s mattress.

Without thinking, Adam let out: “geez I’m starving.”

And there was his mistake. With no hesitation, Ronan reached over to the small fridge in the corner of the room. He opened the door, inspected the contents. Or lack there of.

Ronan was always quietly kind about Adam’s food situation, never expecting anything from Adam knowing the boy couldn’t possibly afford to feed guests. But Adam could tell that things were about to change.

“What the hell Parrish?” He glared at the empty, fluorescent fridge. “When exactly was the last time you ate?”

Adam felt his stomach tighten in a way unrelated to hunger. He wasn’t about to tell Ronan that the last of his food had run out yesterday morning. Or that he didn’t have another trip to the grocery store budgeted until Friday.


Ronan now stood right in front of where Adam sat, tall and handsomely menacing in the receding daylight.

Adam still hadn’t responded to Ronan’s question. He didn’t think he could manage the words with the way Ronan was looking at him: firmly angry and fiercely… protective?

Ronan shook his head and threw himself down on the bed next to Adam, not bothering to move himself when their knees touched.

“Jesus Adam.” Ronan stared down at the exposed wood beneath their feet. “I know how you are about… money things but fuck,” he turned his sharp and caring eyes to Adam, “you have to eat.”

“Ronan, I-” Adam was saved from having to explain himself when Ronan suddenly reached out a hand and entangled his fingered between Adam’s.

“Don’t do this to yourself.” He said quietly, not quite able to look Adam in the eye.

Adam only stared at their hands, wrapped around each other, messily, easily. For some reason, he didn’t feel like letting go. Momentarily, he’d forgotten what conversation they had even been having.

Brought back to reality by the shifting of Ronan’s long, pale fingers, Adam finally spoke, still not tearing his gaze from their entwined fingers.

“Its late,” Adam said. “Can we just… talk about it tomorrow?” He didn’t really know if he was obligated to talk about this with Ronan but right now, Adam could hardly think at all past where his and Ronan’s palms touched.

Ronan nodded slowly as if the movement of his head up and down was breaking him from a trance. He drew his hand from Adams and Adam wished he wouldn’t. Ronan took up his customary place on the floor by Adam’s bed.

That night, Adam only dreamt of Ronan taking his hand.

In the morning, Ronan woke up with the recollection of a strange dream that took place in a supermarket and several giant bags of food for Adam Parrish.

A Pair Of Headphones (Seven Minutes In Heaven With Seventeen)

(A/N: it’s one thirty in the morning and i’ve been up since six. writing this whole thing i’ve felt very off my game so sorry if it’s crap. i know nothing about electronics/headphones and i tried sounding smart #thanksgoogle so yeah spot that in there. hope you enjoy this pointless marshmellow fluff. -Tanisha<3)

The Introduction 

I think (Y/N) should go first.” The words echoed through your mind as you felt around in the cool fabric of the pillow case, grabbing for something to capture your attention. A string wrapped around your wrist, tangled among everything else, and you snagged it between your fingers, wanting to see what it was. When you pulled up, you found resistance, the string entangled in a few other objects within the bag, and you shook it a few times; Dino gave you a funny look at your struggle.

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i very specifically remember when i went through my sleigh bells phase years ago and i have a powerful memory of going to a bob evans to eat with my parents but i had cheap over ear headphones absolutely fucking Blasting sleigh bells in this bob evans and i was acting too cool for school and old people around me were like “nice weather today jimothy” or whatever and in my ear the droning drum machines were just like EHHHHHHHEHEHHHHHHGRHHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFF SPIIIIIHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHH while i was eating mashed potatoes


I just randomly picked some numbers from one of the list that I have listed as writing prompts

127: “ What are you listening to? ”
101: “ I did it… ”

Word Count: 256

TW: None

You walked towards the school’s court yard, your backpack hitting you back heavily. Those textbooks were going to screw up your back, you just knew it. You smiled when you saw that Tim was sitting under your favorite tree in the Academy’s courtyard. His head was bowed and he almost looked like he was asleep, and had his large over the ear headphones on his head.

You thought you were being quiet as you walked up, as Tim looked asleep. But he only lifted his head as you sat in front of him,“ What are you listening to?”

Tim pulled the headphones off of his head and offered them up to you. You took one of the speakers and held it up to your ear and was surprised to hear your own voice, soft and calm, singing back to you.

Your eyes went wide as you looked over at Tim,“How did you get this?!?”

Tim blushed,“ Well, I, um.”

“Timothy?” You pressed equally impressed and touched, and possible abbot creeped out.

“I… I did it,” Tim confessed,“It was during the winter choir concert last year, when you had those solos. I borrowed your mom’s recording of it and did some audio enhancement and restoration.” Tim blushed and looked down at his hands,“ I hope you’re not mad. I was gonna give it to you as a surprise.

“Oh,” You said, then took Tim’s hand,“Tim that was really thoughtful and sweet. Thank you.”

“R-really?” Tim asked.

You leaned forward and kissed his cheek,“ Yep.”

How Would You Rate The Quality Of Your Call? (Vernon Smut)

Summary: You and Vernon have a long-distance relationship, but always manage to keep it strong, mostly thanks to Skype. But one thing you never thought you could maintain over the internet was your sex life. Smut. 

(AN: So here is the long-awaited Vernon skype smut; the one that you guys made it clear that you wanted. I hope it’s not a piece of shit?? Obviously smut warning and general warning for Vernon being a sexy piece of shit. Also normal svt antics ahead. -Tanisha<3)

Skype dates were a regular thing for you and your boyfriend, Vernon. Even though he lived on the other side of the world and the time zones constantly enjoyed screwing you both over, he always made time for you and you for him. If the two of you didn’t Skype at least once a week, than something was likely terrible wrong. In fact, it was often so that you got to see his face (however pixilated and distorted) more than three times a week.

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TUC Life[Style]: The Essentials feat. Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist

Our featured guest on The Essentials piece for TUC Lifestyle is Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist. I, first, became knowing of Marquelle through a project he headed, The New Stereotype, which he is the creator and creative director. Since then, I have been intrigued with his journey, so it was imperative that I reach to him for this post. 

Marquelle states “Most of my items are based off the recent lifestyle change of moving to Doha, Qatar and my new job. Essentially, I’m on a team that’s building 4 high end department stores across Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. I am the Men’s RTW Buyer and Commercial Lead. On one end, my job is to create partnerships with brands and after surveying the market select the best merchandise for our men’s department. On the other end, I create and help bring to life concepts that shape the men’s experience”.

Check out his 10 Essentials below:

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Face & Body Cleanser: I made a commitment to focus more on self-care, so invested in and developed a regiment (thanks to two of my friends).

Scotch Porter Beard Palm: For the past few months, I’ve been attempting to join the beard gang.

Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso Knot Cuff: I feel naked without some type of arm candy. This particular piece is special to me. The intertwine of the silver represents the continuous loop of love and connection. Being away from my home and friends, it’s important to always feel connected.

Soundcloud: I’m always on the search for music that hasn’t hit the mainstream. I’m obsessed with a singer named Alex Isley.

Louis Vuitton Vasco Wallet: I’ve never been a wallet guy, but when I moved to Doha, Qatar I learned that I had to have cash (Qatari riyals) at all times. 

3.1 Philip Lim 31 Hour Tote: I have a lot of off site meetings with brand and distributors and some times quick flights for the day to other countries (i.e., UAE), so I need something to transport documents, a change of shoes, and a bit stylish.

Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-Ear Headphones:  Music was my first true love.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio: The only cologne I wear. Period.

Tom Ford Soft Square Optical Frames: I always wear contacts, but some days I sleep in them 4 days in a row and my eyes need a break. 

Marni x Porter Wallet & Card Holder: Business Card Holder. Culturally, it’s important to share business cards within this region.

Chasing Cars

Words: 663
SONG FIC: Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Bruce Banner X Reader Song!Fic
Summary: After a particularly rough mission, Bruce is feeling down on himself. Reader goes to his room and offers to lay with him, just for a few minutes to forget about the rest of the world. Song Fic with lyircs from Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. (Not a request, but I needed a break from Steve, Tony & Buck.)

You found Bruce alone in his room. He was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. You thought you knew what had him so upset. You’d both just come back from a mission where the Hulk had thrown a car into a nearby building. It hit a structural support beam and effectively reduced the entire first floor of a home to ruble. Luckily no one was hurt this time. The family that owned the place was gone on vacation, but that never lessened the doctors guilt.

You knocked softly on his open bedroom door. He’d had his headphones on, but happened to look up and see you. He gently tugged the over the ears headphones off and looked up at you sadly.

“I don’t really feel much like talking, [Y/N]. Maybe later.” He reached for his headphones, but you invited yourself into the room anyway.

“If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lay with me and just forget the world?”

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here’s a video of me stimming from a couple of weeks ago! i like to listen to music with ear protectors over my headphones and rock while hugging a pillow… multi stimming!

sorry for the bad lighting, the sound and for almost knocking my ipad over in the beginning… my earbuds weren’t long enough!

10 Things to pack for the plane in your carry on

Through all the travelling i’ve been fortunate to do in my time a good backpack has always been the number 1 thing you want especially for long flights. Not only does this lower your luggage weight that is been stowed on the plane but you are also making sure those valuables are just a tad safer just being above your head or under your seat.

  1. Laptop -  My laptop is the number 1 thing I would put in my bag especially if you are considering going on exchange theres nothing better than knowing that you have the ultimate resource in your hands.
  2. Book - for a long flight may not be the biggest necessity especially with all of the entertainment that is now readily available on a flight however sometimes just to sit and immerse yourself in another world does helps relax on a long flight.
  3. Phone -Don’t forget your’e phone or your phone you have specifically purchased for the trip
  4. fresh clothes- Something as simple as a fresh tee and a pair of shorts could be the game changer on a long flight. You are sometimes sitting from anywhere from 12-18 hrs on a plane sometimes it’s nice just to freshen up.
  5. travel toothbrush + toothpaste  and roll on deodorant same as above sometimes it’s just nice to freshen up and to feel like a fresh human
  6. Socks - If you are brown to getting cold planes aren’t always the warmest place to be make sure you pack something warm something as simple as socks could make your flight slightly more enjoyable
  7. Headphones- Theres nothing worse than using the provided headphones on a flight there either to big or to small. They fall of the sound is bad and i could go on and on. The best thing is to take your phone earphones and a decent pair of over ear headphones just for the change. Remember get a headphone adapter before the flight some airlines give you them complimentary however usually this isn’t the case so remember to buy one
  8. Travel adapters- Take all of your needed plugs in your carry on you never know when you are going to need them. You don’t want to be the one stranded at an airport with no charge in your device especially if you have delays.
  9. portable charger- On a flight you can generally use your phone however not all planes have power outlets if your phone is known to die quickly invest in a portable charger it basically pays for it’s self in the long run
  10. A travel blanket and travel pillow try and make the plane journey as comfy and homely as possible

Remember to check the luggage allowance that you have been allowed for your carry one before packing any of these items because some may be heavier than others

Loose Marbles

An Eddie Redmayne oneshot for anon.

I had a weak stomach as a child. Rollercoasters, waterslides, airplanes, road trips, even sometimes swings could be felt within the pit of my stomach in the worst way. As I grew older, airplane and car sickness were first to go. Rollercoasters and waterslides, I discovered at the age of 21 whilst being forced against my will by my nine year old niece, became manageable. Train rides however, which used to be of issue, had done a complete 180 from childhood. Quite literally. Riding backwards on the train used to unthought of. I never even considered taking the backwards seat until I was forced to one day among the peak hours of train riding, and ever since decided it was my favourite seat. By the window, of course, watching the place you’d just been disappear into the horizon until completely out of sight.

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on the subject of noise cancelling headphones, do you know how someone with glasses could use something to block out noise ?? i can't wear any over the ear headphones because they press my glasses into my head and hurt, and i think i wouldn't like the feeling of earplugs in my ears 'sealing' them up

I don’t wear glasses, anon, but I absolutely feel you on the problem of earplugs. They either hurt or they don’t hurt but don’t block out enough sound for wearing them to be worthwhile (and still aren’t all that comfortable for me). There might be a good, super comfortable, non-sealing-feeling sort out there that actually work (and are sized to fit my ears) but I haven’t yet found them.

Do our fabulous followers and mods have any suggestions for how they cope?

(Thank you so very much to everyone, by the way, who has taken the time today, or will, to offer suggestions and advice!)

- Mod K.A.


Secret, secret

Peter Parker X Male Reader X Dad!Bruce Banner
Prompt/Request:  “hi can I request a Peter Parker x male reader. that’s just filled with fluff.” -Anon
So I got the idea for this story from this request^ but I might also write something else that’s also just Peter Parker X Reader. Anyway this turned into Peter & Male reader telling the reader’s Dad, Dr. Bruce Banner, that they are in fact a little more than best friends. IDK it was just a idea I had, and im not even sure I’m happy with the final product. Let me know what you think! - @writers-square

“Peter, I don’t know if this is such a good idea after all.” You frowned nervously. The two of you were walking together down the pebbly path that led to the entrance of the Avenger’s Compound. You had decided it was finally time to let the rest of the team in on your biggest secret.

“[Y/N], it’s going to be fine.” Peter insisted. He reached out and took your hand. “Remember how worried you were when we told Aunt May?”

“This is different.” You insisted. “Aunt May doesn’t turn into a rage monster at the drop of a hat.”

“You’ve never been over when I forget to take out the trash.” Peter rolled his eyes. “C’mon, we’ll talk to your dad first. He likes me.”

“Dad like’s everyone. It’s the other guy you have to worry about.” You tried to smirk, wishing you could be as calm and self-assured as Peter Parker. Then again, he was Spiderman, he had a good reason to be confident. You swiped the Avengers ID that your “Uncle” Tony have given you and the two of you entered the building. Wanda and Vision were coming down the main hallway that you and Peter were walking up. You always liked the couple a lot, even before they showed they could keep yours and Peter’s secret.

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Brooklyn Gothic
  • Figures dressed in black with strange silhouettes where their heads should be may be Hasidim. Or they may not.
  • The eyes of the street art portrait at the corner follow you. Do not meet their gaze. Do not ever meet their gaze.
  • On the rooftop across from your apartment, there’s a man who keeps pigeons. One day the pigeons don’t ascend, but instead flock toward him, a murmuration of black and gray, moving faster and faster. When they disperse, he’s gone. A rust-colored smear remains, indelible, in front of the coop.
  • Tourists who approach the frisbee players in Prospect Park are beyond your help. Save yourself.
  • They lock the gates of Green-wood Cemetery at night, but not to keep anyone from getting in.
  • Open the last door to the beer fridge in the bodega on your block. Push aside the six-pack of Modelo Especial that has one bottle missing. Reach back, and turn the handle that you feel there. Enter quietly. Do not wake it. Feel along the wall of the chamber until you find a hook. On the hook hangs a key. Do not wake it. Take the key and leave your own apartment key. Exit quietly. For god’s sake, do not wake it. The bodega cat watches you from in between bags of tortilla chips. Do not acknowledge her. Return home. Open your apartment door. Everything looks the same, but it doesn’t. Congratulations. Your apartment is now rent-controlled. You may never leave it again. 
  • When people invite you to events in Manhattan, you scoff and tell them you never leave Brooklyn these days. The truth is, though, that what you saw in the tunnels through the window as the train went under the East River haunts you, and you can’t bear the thought of what might happen if you see it again.
  • The sacred geometry of Grand Army Plaza grows ever more powerful with each passing day. Exercise care that you are never caught in the exact center.
  • If you stand on one of the bridges over the Gowanus during a new moon - everyone knows which bridge, though no one can name it when asked - you may watch as the canal coagulates into an unspeakable black shape and claims its monthly sacrificial brownstone. Do not attempt to warn the occupants. They knew this could happen. There is no saving them now.
  • You live on the top floor of a five-floor walk up. The hatch to the roof is in the ceiling just in front of your apartment door. Every time you come home and shut the door behind you, you hear the telltale rasp of the hatch opening and closing again. You look through the peephole, but see nothing.
  • You are walking down Flatbush Ave. You pass a shoe store, a discount clothing store, a dollar store, a shoe store, a discount clothing store, a dollar store, a shoe store, a discount clothing store, a dollar store, a shoe store, a discount clothing store, a dollar store. They are all the same store. You will never leave Flatbush Avenue.
  • There are packs of wild dogs in Bay Ridge. If they corner you, you must kneel and ask the leader for sanctuary. You will only be granted it once.
  • A whispering has pervaded Williamsburg since 2006. It is not spoken of. Defend yourself with expensive over-ear headphones. Do not listen to the whispering.