“Nora” - Colin O'Donoghue (written by Kat Meoz)

“Over and Over” - Colin O'Donoghue, Kristen Gutoskie (written by Ryan Lacen + Kat Meoz)

“Hindenberg” - Kristen Gutoskie (written by Kristen Gutoskie + Ryan Lacen)

“The Dust Storm” - Colin O'Donoghue (written by Kat Meoz)

Once again, this is not mine. Just passing on the link

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Over and Over (enhanced?? idk)
  • Over and Over (enhanced?? idk)
  • 5 Seconds of Summer

so i was messing around in garageband as usual, and came up with this

its like a more enhanced/like studio version ish but live

hope you like it x

scienceisfood  asked:

I had an ex who was a sober drunk. He once had a heart to heart with me after we broke up, about how he was afraid where it was going, but then he paused, blinked, looked around and saw me, assumed he said something bad and apologized as he just awoke from a black out. Sans doing that would be awful. Papyrus would be TORN. IN A BAD WAY. It would make him question any previous conversations. MEEBS, Flowey already messed him up, he doesn't need this too. *chocolate bribe*

I agree, he doesn’t.

BUT WOULDN’T IT MAKE A DELICIOUS ANGST? <takes chocolate anyway>