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I had SyFy on because I was watching Deep Blue Sea. Now some horrible movie called "Lavalantula" is on. They are over sized, lava spitting, spiders.

I need that.

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Which of the boys do you think would date a girl with "more meat on her bones" as some people like to put it, idk I just have been feeling so insecure lately and one girl made a post saying none of the boys would ever date a girl over the jean size of 4

Omfg NO 👎
I could see all of them truly falling for a girl that was bomb and caught their attention.
Nate and John I know for a fact like a curvy woman 🙏🙏🙏
(Don’t you feel insecure babe, you’re wonderful and one person’s opinion does not mean a thing!!!)

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I hate my small boobs, 32A and I legit feel like a guy won't love me fully because I fall short in the "curvy" section

If a guy doesn’t love you because of any part of you, boobs or any other part, he’s not worth your time anyhow. If a person’s going to love you it’s going to be because of you, not your body, and if they love you then they’ll love your body too. Not to mention that, even not concerning love, small boobs are great, and plenty of people find them attractive. Anyone who disregards you over breast size or your general curves is again, not worth your time.

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for your headcanon theme, how about the word "rainbow" :)

One time Mokuba got a toy ukelele and proceeded to lip sync to that one cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” while in full hula gear with those ridiculous over-sized sunglasses and Seto wound up pulling a muscle in his ribs from laughing too hard over it. Now any time Mokuba starts to hum it, Seto pinches him to stop him before he pulls another muscle.


Mariah Carey shows off her voluptuous figure in a skintight LBD as she attends Hallmark event in Los Angeles

With her powerful pipes and hourglass figure, she’s second-to-none when it comes to drawing eyes in her direction.  
And on Wednesday Mariah Carey was at it again when she attended the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer TCA Tour in Los Angeles looking fantastic.
The 45-year-old showcased her famous curves in a skintight and plunging LBD that featured a mid-thigh hemline.

The songbird’s honey-hued strands tumbled down in graceful curls, and her flawless face radiated with full lashes and light pink blush.
She also sported a pair of black sandal heels and glammed up the look with her stunning diamond heart necklace, which was a gift from her billionaire boyfriend James Packer, according to TMZ. .
The songbird also at times propped on a pair of over sized sunglasses, and played with her long wavy strands.

Mariah will be spreading her wings into a brand new direction of her career.

The singer will be directing one of Hallmark’s signature TV movies, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It was also announced on Monday by the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce that the hitmaker will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on August 5.

In May, Mariah discussed her evolving and jam-packed career to the Los Angeles Times.


November 21, 2014 by Caitlin

When I dream there are shadows,

abundant in dim external corridors

and my mother is making butternut squash soup.

My mood is detectable

but only when I am laughing

in the steam the hot springs exude,

and only when I am bathed in silver moon beams.

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