Hey guys! I continue to be so humbled and excited by your enthusiasm and support. As always, I am still woefully behind on asks. I have over 1k right now. Sometime next week I’m going to have to purge them all and start from scratch at which point I will make a post about it and if your ask got overlooked, you can send it again if you still want to :) Again, I have many new followers since the last time I discussed this, so just be sure that I am NOT ignoring you. I just can’t keep up with the volume of asks especially since I have returned to work.

To those who have sent gifset requests involving episode 6, I am holding off on posting any more episode 6 content until the episode actually airs, but I have started on some of your sets. 

I am currently working on the next chapter of Say You’ll Remember me as well as a really cute episodic fic about hand-holding requested by my bff @sweetorganza.

Other gifset requests are currently closed until I catch up. However, I will announce the winners of my giveaway tonight or tomorrow at which point I will take requests from those three folks. 

Thanks for everything guys, really. You’re amazing :’) 


My drafts are out of control lol.

I think I have 25? And like.. 20 of those are plotting posts for my legacy/other stories. Probably 8 of those are super long, novel-style written out scenes to help flesh out my ideas. 

Meanwhile, during the semester, I’m like “ughhh three page essay kill me!!!!” and here I am casually writing like over 1k a night for my legacy lol

go figure, right?

now that’s what i call ineffective tumblr discourse! featuring such hits as “why aren’t you talking about this thing you didn’t know about”, “this 3-hour-old post has 20k notes instead of 100k clearly you’re all willfully ignoring it”, “if you don’t reblog this you’re a bad person”, & more manipulative bullshit that only exists to make the person saying it feel holier than thou!

you know what i really want? a modern dudebro vampire. just a typical obnoxious straight boy in a neon tank top and cargo shorts who also happens to be a creature of the night.

“okay, dude, i’m only feeding on you ‘cause i’m starving and there aren’t any hot girls around. no homo.” “wait, you’re gonna suck my blood?” “no, i’m gonna drink your blood. i don’t suck, that’s gay. don’t make this weird, bro”

“ah, i see you’re staring pensively out the window, chad. ruminating on the curse of your newfound immortality?” “nah man, it’s just… i got, like, some flecks of blood on my adidas while i was feeding and they haven’t come out…”

“we do not drink… wine.” “okay but is beer cool? and can we still smoke weed?”

he joins a 24-hour gym because being undead and allergic to sunlight is no excuse for skipping leg day. tragic music swells as he looks over his “sun’s out guns out” tanks (he has seven of them). his coven is a fraternity. someone make this happen