Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Our Juno mission has been exploring Jupiter since July 2016 with a special passenger on board: JunoCam, an instrument designed to take spectacular close-up color images of the largest planet in our solar system. From the raw images, citizen scientists have processed a range of beautiful photographs that highlight Jupiter’s features, even turning them into works of art. Below, 10 stunning images JunoCam has given us over the past year.

1. Jovian tempest. 

This color-enhanced image of a massive, raging storm in Jupiter’s northern hemisphere was captured by our Juno spacecraft during its ninth close flyby on Oct. 24, 2017. The storm is rotating counter-clockwise with a wide range of cloud altitudes, and the darker clouds are expected to be deeper in the atmosphere than the brightest clouds.

2. A southern stunner. 

Jupiter’s southern hemisphere shows off in beautiful detail in this image taken on Oct. 24, 2017. The color-enhanced view captures one of the white ovals in the “String of Pearls,” one of eight massive rotating storms at 40 degrees south latitude on the gas giant planet.

3. Dreaming in color. 

Artist Mik Petter created this unique digital piece using data from the JunoCam. The art form, known as fractals, uses mathematical formulas to create an infinite variety of form, detail, color and light. The original JunoCam image was taken on July 10, 2017.

4. Jovian moon shadow. 

Jupiter’s moon Amalthea casts a shadow on the gas giant planet in this image taken on Sept. 1, 2017. The elongated shape of the shadow is a result of both the location of the moon with relation to Jupiter in this image as well as the irregular shape of the moon itself.

5. 95 minutes over Jupiter. 

Once every 53 days, Juno swings close to Jupiter, speeding over its clouds. In about two hours, the spacecraft travels from a perch over Jupiter’s north pole through its closest approach (perijove), then passes over the south pole on its way back out. This sequence shows 11 color-enhanced images from Perijove 8 (Sept. 1, 2017) with the south pole on the left (11th image in the sequence) and the north pole on the right (first image in the sequence).

6. Soaring high. 

This striking image of Jupiter was taken on Sept. 1, 2017 as Juno performed its eighth flyby. The spacecraft was 4,707 miles (7,576 kilometers) from the tops of the clouds of the planet at a latitude of about -17.4 degrees. Noteworthy: “Whale’s Tail” and “Dan’s Spot.”

7. In true color. 

This true-color image offers a natural color rendition of what the Great Red Spot and surrounding areas would look like to human eyes from Juno’s position. The image was taken on July 10, 2017 as the Juno spacecraft performed its seventh close flyby of Jupiter.

8. The ‘face’ of Jupiter. 

JunoCam images aren’t just for art and science—sometimes they’re created for a good chuckle. This image, processed by citizen scientist Jason Major, is titled “Jovey McJupiterface.” By rotating the image 180 degrees and orienting it from south up, two white oval storms turn into eyeballs, and the “face” of Jupiter is revealed. The original image was taken by the Juno spacecraft on May 19, 2017.

9. Bands of clouds. 

This enhanced-color image of Jupiter’s bands of light and dark clouds was created by citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran. Three of the white oval storms known as the “String of Pearls” are visible near the top of the image. Each of the alternating light and dark atmospheric bands in this image is wider than Earth, and each rages around Jupiter at hundreds of miles (kilometers) per hour. The lighter areas are regions where gas is rising, and the darker bands are regions where gas is sinking. Juno captured the image on May 19, 2017.

10. The edge. 

This enhanced-color image of a mysterious dark spot on Jupiter seems to reveal a Jovian “galaxy” of swirling storms. Juno captured this image on Feb. 2, 2017 and citizen scientist Roman Tkachenko enhanced the color to bring out the rich detail in the storm and surrounding clouds. Just south of the dark storm is a bright, oval-shaped storm with high, bright, white clouds, reminiscent of a swirling galaxy. As a final touch, he rotated the image 90 degrees, turning the picture into a work of art.

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How to Get Over Past Mistakes

1. Remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes, does things wrongs, and has moments of regret. There are no perfect people out there. In that sense, you are just the same as everybody else.

2. Remind yourself that “that was then, and this is now”. You can’t turn back the clocks and change what you did, but you can be a different person in the future.

3. Allow yourself to experience and name the feelings you are struggling with (regret, guilt, shame, disappointment, embarrassment, sadness, etc.) – then make the decision to let those feelings go. In the end, it’s unhealthy to become attached to them.

4. Ask yourself what you can learn from the situation. What would you do differently if you found yourself in that situation again? How can it change the person you are now (so that you feel better about yourself)?

5. Recognise that failings and mistakes are part of the growth process. It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter obstacles, challenges and failures throughout life. Don’t let that stop you from really living life.

6. Remind yourself that “it was what you did, it’s not who you are.” Don’t allow any single event or experience to define you. You are more than – so don’t let that become your identity, or your destiny.

7. Give yourself the gift of a new day and a new start. Forgive yourself, let go of the past, and with confidence move on with your life.

Beyoncé & Guinness World Records
  • Most liked photo on Instagram
  • Fastest pic to reach 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 million likes in Instagram history
  • ONLY picture to surpass 9, 10, and 11 million likes in Instagram history
  • Almost 9,000 tweets per second when she announced Blue, following her VMA performance of Love On Top 
  • Most Grammy nominations by a female artist (62)
  • First artist owned music streaming service (TIDAL)
  • Album that reached #1 in the most places at once (Self Titled: The Visual Album owns this title, 25 by Adele is second place, Lemonade is third place)
  • Fastest and highest selling album in iTunes history (Self Titled)
  • Second consecutive album that hit #1 in over 100+ places at once (Self Titled and Lemonade)

Happy Birthday, Steven Universe!

Thank you @stevencrewniverse for all your hard work on the show! Especially @rebeccasugar who probably never gets a day off. lol Thank you to @pearl-likes-pi for running the podcast, too! It’s a lot of fun, and it helped make the hiatus a little more bearable.

Now, in honor of SU’s B-Day, here is a list of all my favorite fandom moments from over the years.

1) Back in the day, people thought Onion was Yellow Diamond/secretly a Homeworld Gem. Hilarity ensued.

2) When “Stronger Than You”/Garnet being a fusion was revealed, everyone lost their collective minds.

3) All the “So this is what Homeworld thinks of fusion!” memes

4) People replacing scenes of the Crystal Gems with Jamie wearing bad Crystal Gem cosplay. Also, people going to cons dressed as Jamie, dressed as a Crystal Gem (cosplay-ception?)

5) Baby Sour Cream is literally the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face, and this did not go unnoticed.

6)  “If you defuse Garnet, the Crystal Gems are just Pearl standing over a bunch of child-sized munchkins.”

7) 5 million “cotton candy Garnet” fanarts 20 minutes after “The Answer” aired.

8) When the gems bought Andy a wedding cake, and the fandom declared “every ship is canon now”.

9)  “ Padparadscha is Internet Explorer”

10) That one time Cartoon Network photoshopped Rose holding baby Steven in a promotional image, and the crewniverse was like: “???” when asked about it, so everyone started photoshopping baby Steven into the show, in increasingly ridiculous locations.

11)  “…Is that a weapon?” memes

12) “TERRIFYING RENEGADE PEARL” followed by a picture of Pearl being eccentric, or crying.

13) People photoshopping Amethyst swallowing things after she swallowed the giant burrito in “Bismuth”.

14) “Steven Universe episode 1. Steven sings about icecream. Steven Universe episode x. Steven *insert traumatizing experience here*”

Thank you to all my fandom friends, you guys are amazing <3

Seven ways to get over a fictional character

1. You won’t.
2. You don’t want to.
3. You can’t.
4. Don’t even try tbh
5. You really don’t want to!
6. There’s just no way to make it.
7. It’s simply impossible.

(This also includes any kind of ship)


disney meme [7/9] characters➞ judy hopps
“ hey, officer hopps. you ready to make the world a better place? ”

2017′s Top Authors

Fun (?) fact: This is the only list in the batch that features a man who died over 400 years ago.

1. Stephen King
2. Sarah J. Maas
3. Rupi Kaur
4. J.K. Rowling
5. Charles Bukowski
6. William Shakespeare
7. Cassandra Clare
8. Rick Riordian
9. Neil Gaiman

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10. Sylvia Plath
11. Jane Austen
12. Nikita Gill
13. Ernest Hemingway
14. F. Scott Fitzgerald
15. Oscar Wilde
16. Haruki Murakami
17. Edgar Allen Poe
18. John Green
19. Virginia Woolf
20. Rainbow Rowell

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This is a new list. Hooray!

anonymous asked:

I’m sorry I’m late but i keep hearing about how mama disrespected exo. How?

a) Most of the Venue was full of EXO Ls (because It was in China which is mostly EXO territory). MNET asked fans to not use the EXO lightsticks but use the MAMA lightsticks. It’s not enough that Chinese EXO Ls spend all their money to buy overpriced tickets to a glorified KCON, they now even have to deal with their shitty rules, disrespectful security (who were manhandling not just EXO Ls but ALL fans in general), bad camerawork and uninspired stages.

b) Performing towards the last of the ceremony is always a matter of honour/seniority because that’s the most anticipated part of the event.. but they were made to perform before Wanna One which is a rookie group.

I know one might think its not a big deal, but lmao this mediaplay about “EXO declining” and “ a generational shift” on the korean discussion sites is gonna give antis a field day.

c) EXO was leading the votes in all categories they were nominated in. Yet they got only One group award which is the Album Of The Year and was given to the very end!….(probably to keep the EXO Ls on the venue from leaving.) And tbh.. it felt like a consolation prize for attending the venue than a grand prize.

d) Best Asia Style is the Red Carpet Award we have been giving EXO every year since 2013/14 and its almost like a tradition. This year again, fans voted left and right, fanbases had especially prepared tweeting plans to win it and mind you… WE WERE LEADING THE VOTES IN EVERY UPDATE and even in the total twitter trend. Yet, that award went to another group. (Keep in mind this award is 100% voting based).

e) Chanyeol’s rap was cutoff during the performance. its not abt Soyou, but they couldn’t get Punch to perform with him (who is the original singer) mainly because they werent going to give em an award. Also, Stay with me wasnt given the best OST collab  even though it had a HUGE gap in votes and given the 30% weightage to votes, it should’ve won against Ailee’s songs’ comparatively smaller gap in digitals.

f) Xiumin was supposed to have a key performance… but… where was it?

g) EXO CBX in Japan were given the Best Style award (which was live voted), and the Global fanchoice award for EXO (which was the only category where EXO was leading and won , it being 100% voting based)In short, no merit based award and they still invited CBX over to attend the day just after the Elyxion- dead tired- and along with other popular groups, used them as bait to sell tickets and promote trainees from MNET’s own survival shows.

h) They also subtly copied EXO’s Elyxion’ VCR right in front of CBX eyes for SOTY. The stamp, wax and envelope anyone? whats more, it was a classic Chanel vs walmart lmao.

i) Remember the drama over deleting votes? EXO being in the lead for Best Male Group and then being accused of and shaded left and right about being favored or buying votes or how their career is a gift from SM? Guess all that MNET’s talk about “fairness” was clickbait to stir attention cause Best Male Group was again given to a third party.

I mean… why even make us vote and call it a 30% criteria when you just gonna give it away as you like??

j) Idk if i am being too extra now but in their opening VCR they wrote the sentence “One cannot be No. 1 forever” ? over Chanyeol’s shot in the VCR. Does this count as shade lol…??

k) The boys themselves seemed upset, tired and kinda low throughout the ceremony… with the camera panning into their faces every ten seconds to get reaction from the audiences and it was almost hypocritical knowing how mnet is just using them as a name to sell tickets and ratings and that’s it. 

Maybe I am being overdramatic, but the way the events unfolded…it was just disappointment after disappointment. I even thought they might not get their AOTY lol. And even when they got it… it tasted bitter.

And in general.. it is upsetting as an exo fan… you work hard for your faves who work equally hard , but you know that their company treats them and you.. like shit.. everybody is getting visibly tired of this. And even award shows that are supposed to atleast treat them decently as successful artists just treat them like money making clickbait and nothing more.

It hurts.

And people think we are whining over not getting the other daesang? It’s not even the point that upset us.