Over thinking

The thing that always gets to me? Is knowing I’m sat here thinking about all the shit I could’ve said to you that would have hurt you like you hurt me but saying that even then you wouldn’t give a fuck. The thing that pisses me off? I wasted a lot of time thinking you liked me when all you where really doing was pretending and even then you done a shit job at it. But you? You’re probably sat there thinking who else to fuck with now. Who else you can use to past time whenever you feel like it. You never even gave me a chance to speak, just pure ignorance and selfishness. I thought you liked me, how dumb of me. I hope someone comes into your life and fucks with your head and you’ll soon understand how it feels. I wish I never spoke to you in the first place. I wish you just left me alone. 02:23am

How to Stop Over-Thinking

1. Set aside a specific time to think about what is on your mind.
2. Find somewhere you can be quiet and alone, and write down what is bothering you.
3. Allow yourself 20 minutes to think about it – including identifying your feelings, trying to better understand the situation, and thinking through possible ways of dealing with things.
4. Decide to set the problem aside for now, and move on with your day.
5. Any time related thoughts enter your mind say “Stop!” and deliberately distract yourself.
6. Repeat Steps 1-3 at another set 20 minute period in the day. Do not allow yourself to ruminate in between these set periods of time.