Heading for freedom!
Releases are always the best part of the job, and recently it was time for our newest swan to head back to the wild.
With his wounds fully healed, he was given a final sign off from the vets before being taken away with RSPCA Animal Collection Officer, Annie, for release!

Streaming ended

Thank y’all for coming <3 It was real fun <3 I start college again tomorrow and it was a nice way to say bye to vacation <3

I answered somequestions and made some doodles <3 

Here are the doodles <3

And here are the questions!!!

1 - Kaitoisgreat: FRISK how do you like your hair styled?

2 - gcervantes47: So Paps, what are going to do after you capture the human?

3 - alazyparrot: Hey sans, are you having a chuckle watching your boss and the human fight?

4 - DogeKing5954: Chara did you have any friends on the surface or were you shy?

5 - ALargeAmountofMonkeys: What would sans do if he was as tall as papyrus?

6 - Kaitoisgreat: Frisk, what cartoons did you like when you were on the surface?

7 - DogeKing5954: Chara if you could own any kind of animal/pet what would you choose?

And that was all!!

Right now I have the shittiest cold on earth. I will just lie down and rest…

But again, thank you for coming!!