Things I hear outside my (car) window....

Woman going through the cross walk on her cell phone:  I don’t care…. I DON….. I DON’T CARE!!! I don’t care if he is my cousin, he’s hot and I’m gonna fuck him!


Welp… ok then. Acton is apparently the Ozarks of LA County.

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1) favorite food ?
all things italian; pizza, spaghetti, ravioli, etc. 
2) would u rather be a mermaid or centaur ?
a mermaid cause they’re so majestic and i could have either a pale blue or red tail!! 
3) if I had to live in one fictional universe what would it be ?
any world with a pretty castle where i’m a princess. yes, i am still holding onto that dream. 
4) what’s ur personal aesthetic ? what do u want ur personal aesthetic to be ?
i understand both words separately but i’ll give it a shot. i like simple designs, mostly flowers with pastel colors.
5) dream vacation?
sitting in bed in a beautiful house with mountains in view outside my window. there are no mountains in florida :/
6) best memory ?
seeing hamilton, it’s still fresh in my mind. 
7) can u swim ?
i’ll find out tomorrow. i haven’t gone swimming in years and this hotel has a pool! 
8) favorite outfit ?
i have this really cool purple dress that’s full of flowers and it has this black stripe down the middle and it’s like more aesthetic than actually formal. 
lol this makes no sense.
9) if u could change ur name what would u change it to ?
oh man this is hard. i strangely like the name miriam and willow. it’s kinda weird.
10) what color is ur hair ? What color do u wish it was ?
dirty blonde but i would like it to be silver blue. i would never have the guts to dye my hair though. 
11) do u have a middle name? if so what is it ??
yes, it’s renate but the the last “e” is pronounced “a” so it’s basically renata. 
12) rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sprinkles ?
chocolate !!!

ok so now i have to make up some questions 😁
1: how did your family decide on your name?
2: do you prefer straight or curly hair?
3: cupcakes or donuts?
4: fave color scheme?
5: do you wear glasses, contacts, or see with your flawless eyes?
6: at what time are you answering these questions?
7: your idea of the perfect home?
8: fave kind of shoes?
9: what has been your best year?
10: if you could run your own company, what would you be selling?
11: how often does your phone charger break?
12: are you having a good day? if not, be happy for no reason.

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It’s past midnight and there’s lightning flashing outside my window, and I’m here in the dark, fingers gliding over the strings of a guitar, because I’ve fallen more in love with music than I ever could with a person.
—  a musician’s contemplation

It straight up looks like the beginning of a Harry Potter outside right now. I half expect to see a Dementor outside my window… 

It’s kinda cool to see storms from this perspective, tho. 


annd here’s the reason i havent updated this blog in so long :3c


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(also i could only do 16 pages so please understand that i couldn’t do much characterization or have a satisfying build up and climax but i did the best i could with the limited pages i had :^)) )