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You come home one night, and you catch Tom shaving his beard. Devastated, you ask him why he would do that, only for him to reply, “I feel better shaved, darling”. You silently curse him because you were looking forward to that beard burn later that night.

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What the hell is Bunshinsaba vs Sadako?

Bunshinsaba vs Sadako is exactly what it sounds like. A presumably unofficial, Chinese Ringu movie that pairs the classic yurei with 2012′s Bunshinsaba (itself a take on a 2004 Korean film). There’s even a sequel that released last week that based on the trailers looks as though Sadako is reincarnated as a Jiangshi?

The most surprising part? It has better production values and direction than 2012′s official Sadako 3D. As a biiig fan of a lot of the unofficial Italian knock off sequels of the 70s and 80s this fills me with so much joy. As well as receiving a sequel last week, a ‘sidequel’ of sorts called Sadako vs. Zhàn dié xiān (Oujia?) earlier this year a Bunshinsaba vs Sadako 3 is set to come out next year; a likely result of  300 million people having streamed this film in China.

Can anyone that speaks Chinese tell me what’s going on here? Is this officially licensed but just hushed up outside China? It’s far too well directed and produced to be a fan film. Or is it simply an unlicensed sequel? I worked out what little I can knowing some Kanji, but not knowing Chinese it’s speculation. I have so many questions.

The video linked to this post is the full movie btw. What do you all think of this?
*edit: Had a friend explain what this is all about so will have a write up soon!*

Shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t look like they belong on the street style blogs, shout-out to girls with hijab that are not fashionistas, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t have strong eyeliner game, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t wear any makeup, shout-out to plus sized girls with hijab that feels like no hijab suits your face shape, shout-out to girls with hijab that gets catcalled on the street despite the coverings, shout-out to girls with hijab that have to remove so many pins when they’re shopping for clothes, shout-out to girls with hijab that are having a bad hijab day where everything is wrong and you feel like you just look plain messy, y'all look beautiful today. Thanks.

  • me a lesbian: haha lesbians get married so fast!
  • the ghost of Virginia Woolf that lives in my head: because of the epidemic of lesbian separatism women who find an earnest connection with one another may seem to an outsider "moving too fast" when in fact they are so euphoric about making a connection that they funnel more love in passion into a month than straight relationships plug into a year
  • me: I'm literally smoking a joint can you let me fucking live

Take up a false identity and immerse yourself into the Bloodborne academia experience. But…try to get along.

This is it guys, 19 years later, lets do this one last time.

Back to witches and wizards and to magical beasts 

To goblins and ghosts and to magical beasts 

It’s all that I want, and all that I need 

At Hogwarts, Hogwarts!


tbh I can fully see this a) happening and b) getting seriously out of hand (Houscon 2017)


Welp, @destatree finished my celeb AU chapter…

….as promised I’ll be doing a double promptis post for her! Here is the first one; boys in their ugly, disgustingly sweet and very accurate matching hoodies that is well heavily inspired by her Ludic fic instead ahahaha! I found them on pinterest and went for it! 

Ravenclaw Headcanon

When it’s heavily raining, some Ravenclaws are known to walk the grounds in the rain with no umbrellas or spells to protect them. They like how solitary it feels and how the sound of the rain drowns out any of the distracting noises of the school.