‘I’m Not There’, Todd Haynes (2007)

There he lies. God rest his soul, and his rudeness. A devouring public can now share the remains of his sickness, and his phone numbers. There he lay: poet, prophet, outlaw, fake, star of electricity. Nailed by a peeping tom, who would soon discover… a poem is like a naked person. Even the ghost was more than one person…

…but a song is something that walks by itself.


FIRST FOUR PICTURES - promo stills of Lifetime’s “Outlaw Prophet”.

In the first three pictures

  • Tony Goldwyn as Warren Jeffs,
  • then one of Rulon Jeffs’ younger wives (not sure whether this is supposed to be a specific one) on her wedding day,
  • Martin Landau as Rulon Jeffs in the second and third picture,
  • Sabina Gadecki as Rebecca Wall (blue dress) and
  • Barbie Robertson as Naomie Jessop (lavender dress).
  • In the third picture in the pink dress is Joey King as one of Warren Jeffs’ child brides (an amalgam of several child brides, I think).

The 4th picture shows Tony Goldwyn as Warren Jeffs, Sabina Gadecki as Rebecca Wall and

  • Jackamoe Buzzell as “Brent Ellis”, a character based on Willie Jessop (did they rename him for litigation reasons?).

PICTURES 5 - 10: The real people on which the characters are based. 

PICTURE 5: Rebecca Wall.

PICTURE 6 : Warren Jeffs with child bride Loretta Jane Barlow.

PICTURE 7: Warren Jeffs with Naomie Jessop.

PICTURE 8: Naomie Jessop.

PICTURE 9: Rulon Jeffs.

PICTURE 10: Willie Jessop.