I'm really excited but scared to see Tony in his new role. He is a very talented actor, I know he will do a great job. But see him play such a man also repugnant that Warren Jeffs will disturb me. See get married with minors and put them pregnant , It will take me a few weeks to prepare me.

‘I’m Not There’, Todd Haynes (2007)

There he lies. God rest his soul, and his rudeness. A devouring public can now share the remains of his sickness, and his phone numbers. There he lay: poet, prophet, outlaw, fake, star of electricity. Nailed by a peeping tom, who would soon discover… a poem is like a naked person. Even the ghost was more than one person…

…but a song is something that walks by itself.

Tony Goldwyn Supporting Zach Braff and Joey King at their Movie Premiere Wish I Was Here

Tony supporting previous actors that he work with in past 

Tony work with Zach Braff on the movie The Last Kiss that Tony Directed in 2006. 

Tony work with Joey King recently on movie Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs. Joey King the young actress she plays the young girl sister wife who drove way from Warren Jeffs compound in the movie.

Tony Goldwyn supporting his best friends in their movie premiere.

Tony is super cool friend to have :)