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Back Where I Belong (OQ AU)

7 - Adagio 

I used to fight with Daniel. Many times. Often. I’m stubborn, I admit it, and he was always calm and poised. So there were times when he came back from a mission, exhausted and dirty, feeling like his soul was rotten to the core. There were times when I couldn’t save a life, and I ended up throwing up my lunch and seeing eyes, so many eyes – eyes of the people who’d lost their beloved, I had to tell them, and it was nightmares and insomnia. And I loved my job, I really did. But people feel entitled to living, these days. Those days.

It was not my reality anymore. Mine, was Mrs. Lucas talking of her three brothers, dead in the first world war, and saying it could have been worse.

Daniel was taking lives for a living. I was saving them.

And yet I felt like we were both in the wrong place.



They’re in the kitchen, just her, Mrs. Lucas and Ruby, and the two women are sewing as Regina peels apples to make a pie. The children have just gone to bed, but curfew doesn’t apply yet, so she’s grateful for all the chances she has to normalcy.

“Yes?” Mrs. Lucas says absentmindedly, holding a yarn between her teeth.

“How did Robin’s wife die?”

Mrs. Lucas stops and glances at Ruby, her eyes softening, and she lowers her hands to her lap. “I…” she gulps down, Regina has never seen her so distressed in the three months she’s been here. “I don’t think it’s my place to tell you.”

Ruby rolls her eyes, with a sparkle of that teenager rebellion she sometimes has. “I can’t just waltz down there and ask him, right?”

“I suppose you can’t,” Mrs. Lucas sighs. “Well then… you have to know – both of you, Regina, if you’re staying here you might as well know – that Robin was once very different.”

Regina wants, and desperately so, to ask what she means, but Ruby beats her to it. “In what sense?” 

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Hollywood. Sherri, I know you are interested in ratings. A good site is Showbuzz Daily. If the show makes the top 50 cable shows for Saturday (which it did this past week - #38), they break down the demos even further than just the 18-49 (i.e. women, men, 18-34, 12-34, 25-54, 50+). It's always interesting.

Thank you Hollywood.

That is very interesting.  These are same night results, correct?  So I am assuming they are Neilson.  I do really like the the age/gender breakdown.   

I would really love to get a comprehensive look at ratings over all platforms, and broadcasters.  I suspect that while #38 is pretty good, then number may be higher when you take all those into account.  However, I am biased.  lol

‘Outlander’ Ratings Hits Starz Debut High In Return; ‘Girlfriend Experience’ Opens Strong
The backdrop is now Paris not the Scottish highlands and that change of location seems to have helped delivered ratings gold for Outlander. The April 9 Season 2 debut of the Starz series based on D…
By Dominic Patten

The backdrop is now Paris not the Scottish highlands and that change of location seems to have helped delivered ratings gold for Outlander. The April 9 Season 2 debut of the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon’s best selling novels snared 1.46 million viewers.

Up 102% from the Ronald D. Moore EP’s series’ Season 1 premiere of August 9, 2014, Saturday’s S2 debut is the best any Starz series has ever done in a series or season opener. The previous high belonged to Power, which had 1.43 million for its Season 2 debut on June 6 last year. Over multiple plays, the S2 opener of Outlander drew 2.68 million viewers this weekend.

The Season 2 Outlander opener was up 19% in total viewers from it Season 1 return of April 4 last year. The heavily promoted opener also saw a rise of 49% over the Season 1 finale of May 30, 2015

I can’t force people to continue watching Outlander because I respect everyones choices but I cant deny I’m deeply dissapointed that many fans are going to quit the show..😔

This is the exact thing I was afraid for.. Especially because most of the dissapointed fans are OL shippers..

I don’t ship Sam and Cait or I don’t ship them with others like the anti-caitsam-shippers do because I will never understand Real people shipping but I do respect everyone how they fan the show as long there are boundaries.. Eventually even caitsam shippers are fans of the show just like the rest of us..

And as far as I know the Caitsam shipper group is probably the largest fanbase of the OL fandom.. Thats why it will be a great loss for the Outlander ratings..
If Outlander loose ratings, there is a big chance the show wont be able to continue..
And than we all have to feel the bitter taste of that..

I know there are always fan groups who hate each other but maybe the OL fandom in general should look at things from a business point of view for a change and value each other for the fact that we keep up the ratings of the show we all hope to stay..

I’m going to prepare allready for myself that season 4 of Outlander might be the last season unless the Outlander production team is doing a better job because the show itself hasn’t been on its best as well to stick more to the books and allready lost a lot of the bookreaders..

So I hope Outlander production will do a better job but I also hope some of you fans wants to give Outlander season 3 another chance..🙁

Book Cover made for arrow-through-my-writers-block story Stones of Time

This story is amazing and is a crossover of Outlander/Arrow READ IT!

Synopsis: AU. Felicity Smoak is halfway across the world on a mission to recover the rumored mystical waters known as the Lazarus Pit. But when fate tosses her back in time and into the company of rogue League of Assassins members, she’s caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse… soon falling for the mysterious Al Sah-him, otherwise known as Oliver Queen. Will she find a way back to her time, or will love and adventure keep her in the past to possibly change the future? *inspired by Outlander*

Rating: M