If you were... (1)

If you were a dreamer like me, you’d spend most of your time above the beyond - humming along to a favourite song “Hey ya, oh oh…” thanks Outkast, you’re part of the soundtrack of this dreamers past.

If you were a dreamer like me, you’d walk on sunshine, take naps on clouds - stay wondering why the Earth has to be so damn loud. Ugh.
Maybe there’s another planet out there, able to take in all souls that despair. Offer a brief hiatus from the chaos and noise, a seat on a spaceship ‘all aboard, ahoy!’
Lol. Then sit back feel weightless flying through the air, a passenger on a ship named ‘I’ll Take You There’.


If you were a dreamer like me, you’d always have chocolate and always feel free. You’d stay optimistic in the face of reality, you’d express with passion - even use profanity.

Oh dear

Some might call it lazy speech/vocabulary, I say ‘yes’ to its emphasis and clarity. So… Fuck it! I swear and who the hell cares? *rolls eyes *
There’s much bigger fish to fry daily out there.

If you were a dreamer like me, you’d likely spend hours perfecting your Chi - mantras to repeat, numbers to count, wondering just how things will all turn out.

No doubt

On a day like today, you may feel dismay - but you’d turn up Aaliyah singing “I miss you” anyway. Get Janet involved with a blast of “Together again 🎶”, take a minute reflect, bow your head then… Amen.


If you were a dreamer like me, you’d hang on for 'purple rain’ 'one sweet day’ - meanwhile stay dreaming up through the sky, breathe in, write out, repeat…


- D

How much it costs to hire your favourite rapper for the night

Isaiah Rashad - 7,500

Vic Mensa - 10,000

Trinidad James - 12,500

Travis Scott - 15,000

Action Bronson - 20,000

Currensy - 20,000

Danny Brown - 20,000

Asher Roth - 20,000

Rakim - 20,000

Ab-Soul - 20,000

ASAP Ferg - 25,000

Bow Wow - 25,000

Earl Sweatshirt - 25,000

Chance the Rapper - 35,000

Riff Raff - 35,000

De La Soul - 40,000

Busta Rhymes - 40,000

Game - 40,000 - 50,000

Big Boi - 50, 000

Soulja Boy - 50,000+

Tyler, The Creator - 60,000

Juicy J - 60,000

Nelly - 65,000

Lupe Fiasco - 65,000 - 70,000

Wale - 70,000

B.o.B. - 70,000

Jeezy - 70,000

Big Sean - 75,000

Common - 75,000

Mac Miller - 75,000

Ludacris - 80,000+

2 Chainz - 85,000+

Childish Gambino - 85,000

ASAP Rocky - 90,000 - 100,000

Rick Ross - 100,000

Lauryn Hill - 100,000

Snoop Dogg - 100,000

The Roots - 100,000

Kid Cudi - 110,000+

Wiz Khalifa - 115,000

J. Cole - 125,000

Kendrick Lamar - 125,000+

50 Cent - 150,000+

Nicki Minaj - 250,000

Lil Wayne - 300,000+

Drake - 350,000 - 600,000

Macklemore - 350,000 - 700,000

Kanye West - 500,000+

Jay Z - 1,000,000+


Naruto Hip-Hop Crossover [Group 2]

Godaime Hokage, Lady Minaj x Cudi Sarutobi x X Inuzuka x Snoopato of the Wood Release x Young Thugimaru x Eve Haruno x Bust“A” Raikage Rhymes x Godaime Mizukage, Missy Terumī Elliott x 6 Paths of the 6 God x DOOM Uchiha x Chance the Ninja x Cham of the Red Sand x Kinkaku Boi x Ginkaku 3000

[I would prefer that the formatting of the post is kept as it is now. I would also like to be asked before utilizing any of my images. However, because this is the Internet and people don’t respect an artist’s requests, I am probably typing all of this in vain. At the very least credit my work, please. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram if you need to credit me in those realms.]

Group 1: HERE

Artist: dotnova

Well, it was more like spend the night.  Three in the mornin’, yawnin’ dancing under street lights.  We chillin’ like a villian and a nigga’ feelin’ right, in the middle of the ghetto on the curb,but in spite all of the bull shit we on our backs staring at the stars above… talkin’ bout what we gon’ be when we grow up.  I said what you wanna be and she said “alive”.