Outfit Post


COOKIE BAG: ALDO  SKIRT: Modcloth BLOUSE: ShopRuche  COAT: Forever21 SHOES: Anne Klein

Maybe it’s just that autumn speaks to my soul the most, but I’ve been feeling even more nostalgic lately. There was a certain time in my life that I felt endless. It was whimsical, ethereal, and lonely yet so beautiful. Alone, yet surrounded by all these little things that made me happy. My bedroom, and my small collections. My journals and books and films. The wind. Pressed flowers. Lace dresses and paper cranes hung up around my room.  I created so many things. I explored what was around me, and at the time had a very close friend (we had a massive falling out) that’d adventure with me. I miss that kindred spirit kind of closeness. It happens only so often.

I’ve been looking at, or trying to find, a lot of the fashion bloggers I used to be inspired by back then. This was like in 2010-2012. Most of them have removed their things and gone in other more private directions. The community seemed closer, and like the average girl or guy could really belong. You didn’t need a certain lifetsyle, it felt much freer. I’m dancing between becoming more artistic with these outfit posts, are dialing it back (as a more casual approach will allow me to post more often). 

Who knows. I’m homesick for a lot of things and people. But there’s a lot of my life I wish to never go back to or relive at those times. Right now, I don’t fight any of those battles. It’s kind of like the Beatles song “In My Life”. I sang a solo verse of it for my high school graduation. As I get older, the more that song makes sense. 



DRESS: Voodoo Vixen
SHOES: Glaze
HAT: Francesca’s 

Happy to share one of the cutest dresses ever from Voodoo Vixen’s SS/16 Collection! The Layla dress has an adorable tropical novelty print with pineapple (lovvveeee pineapple) and coconut drinks. I love circle loop belts and I can NEVER find them, so that’s an added plus in my book! I’d also pair this with this lemon bag I ordered a while back that hasn’t arrived yet *tear*. VV also has a line called Voodoo Curve which goes up to size 4x. 
It’s been up and down from 90 here in NY, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t prefer being on a beach in the islands.

Use my code milk20 to get 20% off of their website so you can grab something yourself!



OOTD 04/08/14

Outfit details are on my blog- http://phoenixrosefashionandbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/outfit-of-day-040814.html


HEADBAND: Adorned By Chi
BLOUSE: F21 (Will be selling on the Shop~!)

Looking stupid cute in this pink gingham wire headband by Adorned By Chi. Once again if you’re unfamiliar ABC is one of my favorite brands for accessories and it’s self-own, self-made, and self-run by the amazing Jacque! Each thing is shipped in adorable pink packaging. As someone who aspires to own her own business, it’s really inspirational seeing another WOC do her thing. Can’t wait to do more posts with this brand!

Also ft. my newly painted pink room 🌸



CROPPED SWEATER:  Bobbie Jumper by Miss Fortune OVERALLS: F21 SHOES: Anne Klein 

Wow guys. Closing a chapter of your life takes a lot work! I’ve spent most of it patiently waiting months to get enough of my things back so I can start blogging. Thus rendering me to a small selection of clothing about 4 years old. The awful truth to why I haven’t been able to post :( I also was busy working on my other various creative projects with people. I don’t know what’s going to happen with them, but I think the hard work will pay off for everyone involved (so don’t be surprised if my name pops up along something unrelated to Milk & Twee!) But anyways spring is here, & now I’m back to show off all the cuteness!~

The Bobbie Jumper by Miss Fortune is something I’d consider a great piece to any Pin-Up/Rockabilly wardrobe. Coming in nine, yes, NINE various colorways you kind of have no excuse to not go gaga over at least one of these 50s knits. The grey one especially called my name, its super similar to my blog background! If you’re interested be quick, I think she’s going to sell out soon. Be sure to check out http://missfortune.co.uk/ for even more adorable retro styles.

I try to keep it simple on my blog, but start subscribing to my youtube account here which I plan to update with more in-depth topics beyond fashion/beauty.

Don’t forget to check out the shop to buy my closet! I’ll be updating soon!