Topo Designs has teamed up with Chacos, one of the outdoor industry’s most well-known footwear brands, to introduce a line of co-branded, limited-edition backpacks and a sandal collection inspired by each pack design.
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Jonathan Mehring‘s life as of late has been one long adventure. He’s criss crossed the world a few times recently. He even managed to take a group of friends on a skate adventure around Alaska for the new Poler Stuff Adventure 115. While the spots may not be as bountiful as an LA schoolyard, the scenery is much better.
See more: http://www.outdooraesthetics.org/160121-poler-stuff-adventure-115-alaska/

There are certain characteristics I waited and looked for in a clothing sponsorship.

I worked too hard to obtain these beautiful & powerful muscles for them to be hidden! I found myself looking for shirts that have a radtastic design for the upper back section.

Also, I wanted to wait and find a company that supports the outdoor community in preservation and support. While sourcing materials responsibly and providing jobs for people who have a craving for the outdoors.

Glad to find a connection to a great company Stonewear Designs, a clothing company from Colorado. All during an instagram photo contest haha. Psyched to get my Spring/Summer 2015 line in the mail!

Any questions please feel free to inbox away.


Natalie Duran


I totally forgot to post the FW15 lookbook from +Camp Brand Goods. It’s been released for a while, but I’m still amazed by the atmosphere of the beautiful photographs by Mike Seehagel.
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Don’t Let the Weather Wash Away Your Fun this Weekend with Waterproofs from FieldandTrek.com!

The classic British summer is in full swing now, with unpredictable weather and plenty of outdoor adventures to be had, August is the month to get out and about to fully appreciate what the UK has on offer when it comes to hiking, cycling and many other outdoor activities.

This week sees the start of two great walking traditions, you could go west to the fantastic scenery of Northern Ireland and enjoy the 15th annual Sperrins Walking Festival which starts Friday 5th August through to Monday 8th August. The festival includes a whole range of outdoor challenges for all levels of ability, whether it’s a family thing, or you want to take on brand new Gold Trail route which involves an overnight challenge in various locations. It’s not just about the walking either, there’s plenty of other entertainment and social events to keep you busy over the weekend including  a farmers market, plenty of live music and even an art exhibition!

 If flying or ferrying isn’t in your plan however you can head on up North to the Hadrian’s Wall Weekend challenge which also takes place over three days and gives you a fantastic cultural outdoor experience. Meet new people during the trail covering several small villages along the original path of Hadrian’s Wall, eventually leading to the stunning  Northumberland National Park.

Wherever you’re heading, there’s no doubt that the weatherman will be as vague as ever, downpours, sunshine, thunderstorms and cloud will no doubt always be over the horizon when you’re embarking on your hiking adventure.FieldandTrek.com recommends you stock up on your waterproof gear to make sure you’re fully prepared for every occasion. They stock a range of big branded, lightweight waterproof jackets and trousers to suit any pocket, and with a further ten per cent off this weekend, now would definitely be the best time to indulge in that Berghaus Jacket or pair of essential waterproof trousers! Make sure you’re protected head to toe too with water tight shoes which can provide that extra comfort when tacking those uneven terrains.

To check out all the deals on waterproof clothing head on over to www.fieldandtrek.com or keep on top of all the latest deals on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Outdoor Couture: Fashionable Finds for The Adventurous

When form meets function, it’s nothing short of a miracle—especially when it comes to outerwear. If items like toasters and cell phones can be sleek and eye-catching, why can’t your hiking boots be too? Well, guess what? They can! It seems big names like Patagonia and Barbour have turned water into wine with their high-function/high-fashion pieces that do everything… save for climb the mountain for you. Check out our picks for cool outdoor gear below. 


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Be a foot ahead of the rest with the low-profile Marlwalker from Patagonia. These lightweight, sculpted shoes are a fisherwoman’s best friend, providing high-traction rubber soles that shed mud and are non-marking to better uphold Leave No Trace‘s philosophy. Hopefully, this is the path adventure footwear chooses to navigate or else you may see a lot of these on the trails.


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On the fishing fashion note, this Barbour Men’s Spey Fishing Jacket is quite the catch. You can reel this bad boy in for $189, which is a steal if you ask us! What do you fill the pockets of your fishing jacket with? We bet his are full of Twizzlers


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Old Levi Strauss & Co. may have had the poor miners in mind when he patented his classic denim duds, but the ladies behind Pedaler, purveyor of urban cyclist apparel, had adventure on the brain when they released this slim pant. Designed for cyclists, the cotton-twill pant is as technical as it is hip. The gusset crotch and stretch fabric offer maximum fabric as you ride. Plus, each pair has reflective tape sewn to the outer legs seams for safe night-riding. 


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This summer you should be out blazing trails—not your face. Shield your complexion from the rays with this colorful printed Sun Mask by Patagonia, a colorful way to combat the almighty sun gods. Its breathable, moisture-wicking jersey cotton will keep you cool and dry on the hot trails, not to mention the psychedelic print is a sight for sore, weary eyes. 

What do you like to wear on a hot date with Mother Nature?

When it comes to American style staples, The Baseball Hat is second only to the blue jean. Dyer & Jenkins make the Tree Baseball Cap in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Garment District, by hand. With a tree logo on the front and “Forge Your Own Path” on the back. Available in Black, Navy, Gray and Forest.

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Win Festival Tickets With Millets

Millets offer great prices for leading outdoor brands.

Millets is one of the high street’s best-known names, offering quality products and friendly, knowledgeable advice on a selection of outdoor kit in over 260 stores nationwide and online. From Peter Storm and Eurohike to Berghaus, Outwell and Karrimor, Millets has both the understanding and the capability to meet customers’ high standards for walking boots, walking gear, camping, climbing, hiking and more.

One Earth Clothing Accessory Range

Millets believe that every little action goes a long way to preserving the planet we live on, which is why Millets has gone one step further than any other outdoor company to develop the One Earth clothing and accessory range.


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FieldandTrek.com Takes on the South West Coastal walk in Devon

Making the most of the sunshine this week, the FieldandTrek.com team took to the coast this August bank holiday weekend to take in the views and the fresh sea air. The trek in it’s entirety  is 630 miles long, stretching from Minehead to Poole whilst cutting through some of England’s finest South West views and towns like Falmouth, Barnstaple and Exeter.

Taking it easy, the FieldandTrek.com team completed one of the shorter walks in the Westward Ho area, coming across cattle and trying the local cuisine at the fantastic Pier House restaurant and bar by the sea. Emma, one of the team members gave us her account of the day “The walk itself is fantastic. It’s quite an easy walk, with some areas featuring a full path which would come in very handy should the weather not be on your side!”.

“We walked  the full mile along the path, which gave us superb views of Bideford bay. It’s very user friendly so I would recommend it for families and those with elderly friends and relatives. There’s plenty of seating so if you’re planning a long day in the area you could even do lunch on the cliffs with a picnic!”.
“For more experienced walkers, there is the Westward Ho town centre walk, which stretches across 6 miles and takes you along the cliffs and circles around the town. We would certainly come back here to sample the longer walks, this place has some of the most stunning scenery”.

If you’re planning your own coastal walk, make sure you’re wearing the right walking shoes and have appropriate outdoor clothing. All of which you can find over at www.fieldandtrek.com, you can also grab some great deals for next Summer in our end of season sale! Don’t forget to log on to our Twitter and Facebook page too to get the latest news, offers and see pictures from our adventures.

Drawing awareness to sustainability

We love to partner with Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado, many of their students are our favorite customers! The following is a short article about sustainability some students wrote and asked us to post up for them through our blog. feel free to make comments or re-post this. The students would love your feedback so feel free to leave it!


Sustainability in Clothing Manufacturers

When it comes to shopping for new outdoor gear and clothing, there are manufactures who produce goods ethically and those who do not.  Part of your thought process when shopping for these items should cross the path of sustainability and ethics. Below explains a company who has excellent sustainable ethics and a few who do not. 

Patagonia is a very eco-aware company that puts a lot of exertion into offering safe products that come from the least harmful raw materials. They have also invested in innovated technologies and strictly monitor their waste. A portion of their profits, which they call “Earth Tax”, goes to grassroots organizations that allay damage they do cause. Patagonia has recently introduced a program called the Common Threads Initiative which is an effort to keep all Patagonia products out of landfills. They recycle old clothes into new so that nothing is wasted.  Common Threads Initiative is an addition to the proposal of 100% recyclable clothing, created five years ago, and it is the final step in the clothing recycle program which will be active this fall. Along with the Common Threads Program many other environmentalist programs have been put into place by Patagonia one of which is The Conservation Alliance; “In 1989, Patagonia co-founded The Conservation Alliance, along with REI, The North Face and Kelty, to encourage other companies in the outdoor industry to give money to environmental organizations and to become more involved in environmental work.” This program now has over 170 members and in 2010 the entire alliance collected $900,000 which was all donated to grassroots environmental groups who work to protect threatened wild lands and biodiversity.

When it comes to clothing production many major brands do everything they can to cut their costs in order to put more money in the pockets of both their investors and executives. Many times this means cutting corners in concerns to workers rights, fair labor standards, and sustainable production. Sweatshops in the second and third world produce most of these unethical products. Companies such as Nike, Victoria’s Secret, The Gap, and Abercrombie and Fitch all use illegal sweatshops that employ children to produce the goods they bring to retail. When making your shopping decisions keep in mind where the goods came from and look for products made in the USA or in places you know do not tolerate sweatshops and the exploitation of children. Goods, especially clothing items can be manufactured ethically and brought to market for a fair price. It is up to you to find and choose those companies that are taking the ethical and sustainable route.

Green is the new gold, and companies are realizing that going green is what many consumers are demanding. Especially in the outdoor industry, because the people who are using the products love the outdoors and to be able to continue that love we must respect the outdoors by producing products in a sustainable manner and recycling the old. That is exactly the direction major outdoor clothing manufacturers are heading. They are managing/reducing the toxins used in finishes and dyes, increasing production out of recycled materials, and giving funds to environmental organizations. On top of that the outdoor clothing industry is shifting towards utilizing organic fibers, that are produced in a sustainable manner such as organic bamboo, cotton, and wool. Many companies are also upcycling their normally discarded waste into the creation of new products. Manufacturers are reducing and redesigning their product packaging. Many of the new trends will spread into the rest of the industry because not only do they save on the environment, but by recycling old product, utilizing waste, and lessening packaging they are saving on their budget as well.