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37,38,49,50 if you dont mind?

37. Haylor: yay or nay?

Oh god, nay. 

38. Larry: yay or nay?

Oh god, nay. 

49. Favorite fandom moment?

Maybe watching how everybody freaked out when 1D dropped DMD out of nowhere! haha, and everybody loved it :) 

50. Favorite moment of pride for the boys? 

Answered. But I can add another one: MADE IN THE AM. The fact that they managed to make their best album yet, after dealing with Zayn leaving and being on tour and everything.. SO proud of that achievement. 

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headcanons for what metal bat is like as a boyfriend

METAL BAT stands next to Garou in the line of not very affectionate boyfriend, though his case is a bit different since most of his actions come out wrong due to being too direct. Thus, he refrains from doing anything unnecessary but let’s not forget he’s brawl over brain and forgets to control himself pretty often.

When he confesses, he legitimately, freaking, screamed. No, he didn’t even act his usual pissed yankee way when he talked to you. He just told you to meet him after school then freaking screamed his confession out of nowhere. Got everyone who were sneaking around to see the confession a good laugh.

Before he leaves for your first date, Zenko spends a good hour lecturing about being good to you and how to act because she knows how brash her brother can be. It’s up to her to knock some sense into her brother because no one else could do that.

Don’t worry about anniversary, he will always remember it and reminds his partner a day before. If you think he’s not going to do anything grand and extravagant then prepare to be amazed as he brings too many gifts and trying too hard at being romantic but ends up becoming an old man during dates. 

Being a hero, he misses your planned date more than once because of his fights. He’s always trying his best to apologise afterwards however. Though he does make an effort to show up time to time, you still remember that one occasion when he shows up at the amusement park, covered in monster’s blood. Received some good screams from the children nearby. 

He wouldn’t share couple things on his own will except small things like phone charm strap or a ring. Try to get him to wear cutesy t-shirt and you will never see him again as he digs a hole in his room right afterwards and never comes out again. Please think of him and his dignity.

Once the relationship becomes official and serious, take a whole new step to be right behind Zenko in his chart of importance. He’s pretty whipped by this point so it’s easy to drag him around to get him doing what you want. Though he has his limits, there aren’t a lot of things he’s unwilling to do for you.

Constant praises, compliments, he would be the type to gush about his partner…to himself. He will proudly pat himself on the back for being so lucky to have such a wonderful person by his side. Something he never fails to remind you.

Still acts like tough guy in front of others but changes completely when he interacts with you. No one really knows the secret of how he manages to become a complete switch next to you. Scientists still don’t have an answer until this day.

Though you’re likely to become his weakness in the enemy’s eyes, he makes a pretty damn sure job on keeping you safe. Good thing he manages a pretty good work on putting on a glare and intimidating toward almost everyone without even trying.

while filming something for a doll vid, a freaking ANT of all things scurried out of nowhere and ran across the table. first time I’ve seen an ant since moving here but I can’t have random strangers on the internet thinking me disgusting because a bug popped into my superclean house to say hi to my bjds while filming, so I spent an hour keying the f-er out in post. good god what has this hobby done to me.


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How would the 2Ps react to minding their own business while down the street, then suddenly out of freaking nowhere this army of top less women start running towards them with weapons of all kind, including a pair of embarrassing clothes that they'll force them to wear when they are done?

2p America: Hey, titti- *notices the embarrassing outfit* fUCK THAT, I’M NOT WEARING A FUCKING TUTU!! *starts running*

2p Canada: What are they so mad about?

2p England & 2p Prussia: *starts blushing and closes his eyes* Ladies, please put a shirt on!!

2p China: Well, they’re obviously pissed at me… But none of them as chainsaws or axes and I really wanna enjoy this so… *climbs up on a tall tree* (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2p Russia: …Where’s their shirts? *realizes he’s staring at angry topless women* I…should probably stop staring… It would appear they want something from me too.. Maybe they’ll be willing to cooperate to work out whatever I’ve done

2p France: Wrong place to shoot a porno…

2p Italy: What the hell? As much as I enjoy the view, I didn’t wake up for this shit!

2p Germany: Nice… Oh shit, they’re mad at me! I dunno what I did but I should start running…

2p Japan: ಠ_ಠ…

2p Romano: That’s one way to get attention… And is that… Oh, HELL NO!! If they’re expecting me to wear that, they’ll have to put up a good fight!

2p Austria: Aren’t those the ladies from that one church I…“disrupted”? *notices embarrassing outfit* Pink… Things like those are always pink…

Did I just became friends with Robin and Red Hood?!

Okay,so I was in my room reading a little with some music to relaxe when out of nowhere the FREAKING RED HOOD enters my room and says«I shouldn’t give you spoilers but the girl will end up with the villain» and i answered that I read this book a thousand times so I already knew that.So we started talking about books and he said that I had a good music and books taste.And,again out of nowhere,apears Robin yelling at Reddie(yes,i gave him a nickname,FOR MY DEFENSE HE CALLED ME SHORTTIE) and e heard the music and started humming it and asked ho I got that music because it wasn’t out that time.I told hm it was a friend who gave it to me.Apparentally,I had been talking with Robin all this time.

UPDATE:We met,today too.They were with Nightwing and Red Robin too.We made a bet for Bats would adopt me.
UPDATE2:I won the bet and they had to clean the batmobile,Batman and I were observing how they killed each other.
UPDATE3:I discovered who they were and I was adopted y Bats :D

Why :) Are :) Audio :) Ads :) Still :) Playing :) Even :) Though :) I :) Have :) The :) xKit :) Extension :) That :) Is :) Supposed :) To :) Turn :) Them :) Off???

Like, it’s super difficult to listen to music or something when these ads are playing. Plus, it comes out of nowhere, and I freak out trying to find the source. Why can’t they just go away?

If anyone knows how I can fix this, please tell me, thanks.

So I live In a small southern town that usually keeps to themselves theres a lot of nice people! But a lot of them like want to be left alone or do their own thing you know? Well today I went out with my dad and we went walking and pokemon hunting! I found a cool area with like 12 different pokestops yatta yatta everything was chill..Then I noticed! The park nearby had like 4 different stops with lures! You know usually this park has a few kids and other people but it was like busy! I didn’t expect most of them to be looking for pokemon either I could point out some of the nerds and like there was kids and stuff too that I thought was playing pokemon but I didn’t expect LIKE 70% OF HAD TO BE 100ISH PEOPLE AT THE PARK INCLUDING PARENTS AND A PREGNANT WOMAN I SAW TO BE PLAYING POKEMON!! HOW DID I KNOW YOU ASK? A FREAKING GYRADOS POPS UP OUT OF NOWHERE! I jump out the car and see 3 big DUDES RUNNING! A freaking crowd ran to the gyarados A CROWD OF NERDS AND PARENTS ALIKE I WAS LIKE WHOAAA!! AND I MADE FRIENDS AND JUNK THE END XD


“Oh I know… last night I broke into their house, hoping Browser would accept me as his Princess in order to cut the number of shit to deal with short, I can’t believe i wasn’t cute enough in that dress!”

“Damn, I should have been there to see that trash’s expression. I’d laughed my ass off. I also heard there are now three psycho girls in the garbage..”

“What was that, boy!? How dare you call my beautiful female allies psychos!?” Kurata just appeared out of nowhere. “Guess who is here! The freak who came to my party, dressing up as a woman!”