‘Two bodies attract each other directly as the product of their masses and inversely as the square of their distance.’ It sounds like a rule for simple physical facts, does it not? Yet it is nothing of the sort; it was the poetical way the old ones had of expressing the rule of propinquity which governs the emotion of love. The bodies referred to are human bodies, mass is their capacity for love. Young people have a greater capacity for love than the elderly; when they are thrown together they fall in love, yet when they are separated they soon get over it. 'Out of sight, out of mind.’ It is as simple as that. But you were seeking some deep meaning for it.
—  Robert A. Heinlein, Orphans of the Sky


THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTANDING THIS COMIC: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago, during the early days, when I was very visibly trans. I’d only been on hormones for 5 months.

My parents making efforts to switch pronouns. It took them time, but they did it. I’m so fortunate to have their support. They mentioned that my living at home, being a constant presence, definitely helped speed up the process. If I was in another state, out of sight, out of mind, it would have taken ages.

I don’t know the words for what I see happening in #Aleppo. I don’t know how to make it make sense and I don’t expect it ever will. How did we let it come to this? How did blind eyes get turned for so very long, how did we give headline space to Donald Trump and his circus over this crisis? How do we still. I am heartbroken by every piece of every news coming from Syria, I am destroyed with every image of every bomb dropping, every person killed, every child displaced. It is too much. It is too far. We must stand up and let our voices combine and speak about this. We must help. We must stop brushing under the rugs all things that make us uncomfortable, we must erase the notion that out of sight can mean out of mind. We are here, together, and we are wasting our precious time killing one another for our differences rather than loving because of them. No more. No more. Still, words are hollow if not given shape with action, and so we must act. I have tagged numerous charities that are on the front lines of this tragedy and all of whom need our help so desperately. Give. Please. #StandWithAleppo and put your money where your heart is. Support this global refugee movement and open doors instead of slamming them shut. Help. Watch. Research and learn. Please.

Give to @unicef give to @white.helmets give to @doctorswithoutborders to @icrc or @unitednations and @savethechildren Just give. Help.

Monsta X’s reaction to finding out that you scratched them during love making

A/N: Based on my own imagination

When he finds out that you scratched him up good it would be because one of the members told him. He’d be a blushing mess. Would try to think about when you did it and would draw a blank because he was really into it and felt no sort of pain whatsoever. Secretly really proud of himself that he made you feel so good to the point where you marked him. Most definitely would take a picture and send it to you to tease you a little. “I’m that good huh?” He’d message you with a huge grin on his face. Would wear shirts 24/7 to hide it because he really wants to avoid the member’s teasing even though they already know. He feels that if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. Would definitely look forward to the occasion again and would pay extra special attention to you and your actions.

Really smug about the entire thing. Purposefully wears tank tops around the dorm and walks out of the room pulling his shirt over his head so that they can see. When asked about it, he’ll pretend to be all casual about it like, “Oh yeah, he/she did that to me,” but on the inside he’s like, ‘Do you see them! My babe did that! I’m that good in bed! I beat you bitches at sexy times.’ He’d smirk to himself, feeling like he’s more experienced in the area than anybody else. He feels like he’s earned the marks of a man or is more dominant among them now because of it. Guess who’s determined to keep his self entitled status?

He’d have a really uncomfortable ache on his back and would investigate immediately. Minhyuk would half smirk and half blush to himself as he really didn’t think that it got that intense. He gets a bit cocky about the scratches but is terrified if the members find out because they’d ask him about it and then there’d be teasing that he won’t be able to come back from. He’d cover up like normal but would be hesitant to let anyone lean against his back or place a hand against his back because it kinda sting and they’d get suspicious and he doesn’t want that. He gets flustered a bit when you two meet again and 10/10 would tell you about it during sexy times to embarrass you and to sort of challenge you to do worse.

Surprised. Poor boy had totally underestimated his ability to please and is most definitely impressed with the outcome. He doesn’t even care that it hurts a little, okay he might ask you to file your nails down a bit but, he’s really excited about them. He too would feel like he became more manly with his ability to please to the point of marking his back, he’d be proud and would search for some way of acknowledgement. Would be the one to be like, “Damn, my back hurts. My bf/gf really did a number on me.” He’d sigh and when a member asked, he’d show it to them and they’d kinda fangirl about it together. “They did that? I mean, you caused them to do that?” “You bet your ass that I did.”

He’s so chill about it. That one dork that would wiggle his brows at himself and shoot finger guns at himself in the mirror when nobody was looking. For him to have these marks would mean that his stroke game was improving or he was doing something better to make you do this. He’d sit with himself and stare off into space to think about ways he can improve himself because his is a big boost of pride for him on the inside even though he would never show it. When the time comes around again for sexy time best believe that he’s found more interesting things to do after his self reflection and would be going home with some more scratches than he’d come with.

A little whiny at first because when he moves around it kinda stings. Isn’t really too concerned with the members finding out because of the clothes he wears. The type to not really think much about it until someone mentions it, that is, they happen to glance at it and ask about it. If it were Changkyun asking him, he’d be like, “You’re too young and inexperienced to know about these things.” He’d say and pat his head playfully, however, it were one of the older members, he’d puff his chest out and regard himself just as experienced or even more experienced than them even though he’s younger. Would complain to you about it, but it boosts his ego if you do it to him again.

Oh this one would show off.  Because he’s the baby, he knows that they don’t think much of him when it comes that particular topic. From the second he found out, he’d run to his nearest hyung and boast about it. “Hyung, hyung look!” He’d exclaim and lift his shirt to expose his scratch marks. “These mean I did them good right hyung?” He’d ask, wanting them to admit it themselves. He’d want them to know that their maknae got mad skills when it came to doing the frickle frackle. Would smirk at them when they came asking about it because his nearest hyung happened to be Minhyuk and he told Kihyun and then then everyone came running. Would probably try to smack wonho when he asked him if he took something sharp and did this to himself because he doesn’t believe him. Pretends like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about when the members called asking about your sex life.


Summary: In which Sherlock is rubbish at confessions but Molly doesn’t mind. “The Final Problem” missing scene. (Inspired by this post.)

He can’t stop shaking.

His hand quivers as he knocks, and Sherlock winces, dropping his arm to his side. But the shaking continues, so he grasps his fingers together behind his back. Out of sight, out of mind and all that.

It takes her awhile to open the door, but eventually he hears shuffling on the other side, as though she’s making her way over to him. And suddenly he’s face to face with Molly Hooper, his eyes drawn immediately to the strand of hair that threatens to break loose of her ponytail. A fraction of a second later, he’s taken in everything else about her: the shadows under her eyes, her wrinkled pajamas, the way her shoulders droop.

It suddenly occurs to him that it is probably not socially acceptable to call upon a friend at 2:47 AM.

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“The first day of kindergarten you cried ‘cause you broke the yellow crayon and you were too afraid to tell anyone. You’ve come pretty far, ending the world, not a terrific notion… but the thing is, yeah. I love you. I love crayon-breaky Willow and I love scary veiny Willow.”

Name Changes - Harrison Osterfield x reader

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Summary: Harrison hadn’t expected to fall in love with how someone says his name, but it happened. 

Warnings: Slight smut (It’s honestly nothing but a heated make out session) and a little angst 


“My name’s Harrison, but people call me Haz.” He stuck his hand out towards you, “Haz.” You repeated as you shook his hand lightly. The way you said his name resonated in his mind. He had never thought that he could love the way someone would say his name, but every time his name tumbled out of your lips, he was infatuated. He thought it could be just the alcohol getting to him, but he was intoxicated just by the sight of you. You turned your attention back to the drunken Tom who had introduced you two. He watched as your fingers tucked a piece of hair behind your ears, you laughed at Tom’s foolish actions. His heart soared once again.

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Closure and Acceptance. PT.2 (Saeran Choi x Reader One Shot.)



-Mod Unknown

The following day, Saeran asked you out on a date.
You both had a long talked and resolved everything. He promised you that he will try much harder for you.
Although everything seem to be working out, you couldn’t help but feel guilty for your selfish needs. You wanted him to feel comfortable and you could only hope that it wasn’t forced.

He took you to an amusement park to enjoy a day with you.
It was mostly spent walking around and enjoying the sights of it. Which you didn’t mind since you were with him.

It was evening and you both stopped at an ice cream booth. As he ordered, your eyes gazed around and stopped when you saw a couple taking cute picture in front of a magical castle.
They were hugging, kissing and looked as happy as ever.
You had your right arm crossed from your chest and your hand started to slightly grip your left arm.
You felt a little bit of envy inside but quickly calmed yourself down.
“Just because we’re not that type of couple doesn’t mean we don’t love one another.” You internally comforted yourself.
You softly smiled still keeping your eyes on them.
You were to focused that you didn’t see Saeran turn around to face you the moment your lips let out that small smile.

He moved his attention to the couple you were staring at and saw them embrace each other in their partner’s arms.
He hoped that one day in the future he can give you what you craved and the affection you deserved.

“Uhm f/n, here’s your ice cream.” He turned back around, pretending he didn’t see you staring at them.

“Oh thank you!” You smiled and accepted the sweet.
It was already a little over sunset and you, Saeran along with other people waited around for the light show to start.
It took a few minutes but finally the lights around the park dimmed and the lights on the water turned on.
You grinned in excitement which caught Saeran’s attention. He absolutely loved that smile and made it his priority to make sure it never fades away completely.

While the light show continued, he found himself unable to focus on it. Instead his attention was on the way the lights made your face shine as beautiful as ever. He was in pure disbelief that he had someone as beautiful and supportive as you. Eventually, his eyes made their way down to your lips which were also shining due the lights.
He turned back around but his eyes kept traveling back to them on their own.
After a complete thought, he took in a deep breath and remembered the satisfaction he felt yesterday when just the slightest touch of your skin rubbed against his.

Catching you off guard at first, his fingers then intertwined with yours. It took you a second to understand but quickly accepted. He gave you a smirky smile and used his intertwined hand to push you towards him and wrapped his other arm around your waist. At that point his lips were hovering on top of yours.
“I love you.” He whispered and you felt the movement of the vowels leaving his lips on yours.
But before you can answer, he grew the strength to finally kiss you.

With no hesitation, you kissed back, sharing a very meaningful moment while the lights from the show shined around you both.
It was very passionate filled with much love for one another.
It lasted for a good moment before you two broke it off to catch some air.
Once again, he felt the same pleasurable feeling but this time it was much greater. He never knew such feeling ever existed and finally realized how special it is to share it with a significant other.

You were about to throw yourself at him but you stopped yourself inches away.
“Oh..uhm.. can I hug you?” You nervously chuckled scratching your cheek.

“Come here,” He smiled and pulled you in for a hug.

“Thank you Saeran.” You dug your face on chest and held him tightly in your arms, physically showing him how much you loved him.

“No, thank you f/n.” He genuinely smiled, fully accepting your love.


I once ran the Indie 500
I must confess I’m impressed how I did and I wonder how close that I came

Now I get a sinking sensation
I was the top of the line, out of sight, out of mind, so much for fortune and fame

Ravens and Pumpkins

“Hey, Star, check this out!”

She looked up to see Beast Boy squeezing the ‘pumpkin guts’ as he called them, the innards giving a rather satisfying squelching noise. The Tamaranean giggled at the sight, reaching into her own pumpkin and trying it out for herself. The ‘guts’ were cold to the touch, and she gasped in delight at the sensation.

“Oh!” she laughed. “This feels most wonderful!”

Beast Boy snickered along with her, their chuckles filling up the silent ops room. It was just the two of them tonight, as Robin and Cyborg were out on patrol, and Raven was off doing her own thing. Not that Starfire minded, it had been awhile since she and Beast Boy had done the ‘hanging out’, and it was their only chance to carve pumpkins in peace.

“So, watcha’ gonna carve onto your pumpkin?” Beast Boy asked.

“I am not sure,” she said. “Perhaps I shall carve Silkie onto the pumpkin. Or maybe a bunny. Oh! A butterfly would be quite adorable!”

Beast Boy chuckled. “Yeah, I bet it would, Star.”

“What shall you carve into your pumpkin, friend Beast Boy?”

“I’m doing a murder of ravens, it’s gonna look sweet!”

It was Starfire’s turn to chuckle, earning her a baffled look from her companion.


Starfire bit her lip to hide a smile, and shook her head. “Nothing.” She scooped another glob of pumpkin guts out, her lips twitching with amusement. “I suppose there is not a reason for the ravens?”

Beast Boy raised a brow. “What do you mean?”

She couldn’t hide the smile anymore, and it spilled across her features. “It is just that you speak much of ravens lately.”

It was true, in some regard. Beast Boy had seemed to have taken a fancy to the birds, chattering about them nonstop. Starfire couldn’t help but think his obsession had something to do with a certain teammate of theirs, but she daren’t believe so unless friend Beast Boy confirmed such notions.

Beast Boy grew quiet, and Starfire could have sworn his ears turned red. Nevertheless, he ducked his head and shrugged.

“I dunno, I just like ‘em,” he murmured, so quietly the alien princess almost didn’t hear it. Starfire’s smile quickly faded, and she pouted contemplatively at her friend’s shift in behavior. Had she said something wrong? The Tamaranean princess watched Beast Boy as he sketched on his pumpkin. All embarrassment seemed to have vanished, swallowed by his utter concentration.

Starfire sighed. His concentration wasn’t entirely sincere, however; years of experience had taught her how to really read her friends. And the experience was telling her that Beast Boy was hiding something.

“Friend Beast Boy?”

The shifter in question looked up. “Hmm?”

“What is wrong? You have gone quiet.”

Beast Boy shrugged, studiously staring at his pumpkin. “Nothing’s wrong, Star.”

Starfire crossed her arms over her chest, shooting him a knowing look. “You are lying.”

“No I’m-“

“Hush!” she scolded. “You are too.”

Beast Boy pouted. “C’mon, Starfire, can we just finish the pumpkins?”

“Not until you tell me what is wrong.”

Starfire knew she had won when Beast Boy’s shoulders drooped. She pushed her pumpkin to the side and leaned forward, paying rapt attention to her green friend. Beast Boy glanced around, his face darkening into a deep blush.

“I, uh, I might have a teeny, tiny crush on Raven. Maybe.”

Starfire blinked. A smile bloomed across her face, and she leaped out of her seat and into the air. “I knew it!” she yelped, swooping Beast Boy up into a tight hug. “Oh, this is most wonderful, Beast Boy! You and friend Raven will make the most adorable couple!”

Beast Boy gurgled incoherently, squirming in her grasp. Starfire freed him, laughing jubilantly. “I cannot wait to tell her!” She turned to rocket off towards the empath’s room, when Beast Boy snatched her by the wrist.

“Wait!” he shouted. “Y-you can’t tell Raven!”

Starfire paused, suddenly confused. “Why not? You have ‘the crush’ on her, yes?”

Beast Boy flushed even darker, seemingly shrinking under her baffled stare. “W-well, yeah. No! Maybe. But it doesn’t matter, there’s no way she feels the same! This is Raven we’re talking about!”

“There’s no way I feel the same about what?”

Beast Boy and Starfire froze, slowly turning to see the very empath they were discussing standing with her arms crossed and an eyebrow arched. Starfire’s gaze quickly darted back to Beast Boy, who had gone from as red as a tomato to as pale as a sheet. Or, a green sheet anyway.

“Um, we wished to know how you would…feel about seeing a movie!” Starfire chirped, forcing an awkward smile onto her face. “Beast Boy is wary that it would not be to your taste, but I disagree. Correct, friend Beast Boy?”

Beast Boy visibly gulped, a smile cracking onto his lips. “Y-yeah,” he stammered. “You totally would hate this movie.”

“And what movie would that be?”

The two of them blanched, exchanging terrified glances.

“Um, the movie of the girl and the train!” Starfire squeaked. She could not remember the title for the life of her, and that was saying something, considering the life the Tamaranean had led so far.

Raven glanced from Starfire to Beast Boy, and back again. “Well, I think I’ll be the judge of that,” she said. The empath shot a pointed look at Beast Boy. “But if it’s not as good as the book, you’re paying.” She swiftly breezed past them, collecting a mug of tea before vanishing back towards her room. Starfire risked a glance at Beast Boy, who was standing there with a rather dumbfounded expression on his face.

“Dude, what just happened?”

“Well,” Starfire said, “I believe you and Raven have a date.”

An awed smile spread across Beast Boy’s lips, and he looked at her with a dazed expression. “Whoa,” he breathed. “Sweet.”

Here’s the thing! I have no idea how well Starfire came across, she’s the one I feel like I struggle the most with. :P So this was practice! And hopefully it was good practice. XD Anyway, enjoy!

-mod vixensheart