Do Cats Really Hate Water?

Watch our latest Simon’s Cat Logic episode to find out more about cats & water!

Curious about the ace & aro spectrums?

If you’re on the a-spectrums, questioning, or just plain curious about us, I highly recommend you follow my aspec education campaign under the #BoostAceVoices and #BoostAroVoices tags on Tumblr. For the last few months I’ve been curating all the stories I can find by aspecs under those hashtags, and also encouraging others to do the same! 

There are far too many harmful myths, lies, bigotry, and general ignorance circulating out there about ace & aro folks so I created this education campaign to combat it through education rather than fighting back and forth. 

Please help me to do this by boosting this post and any others that you see tagged with,

#BoostAceVoices & #BoostAroVoices

fun fact on now i became interested in Ted Bundy

so i’ve always been interested in serial killers & how their minds worked. i have been a huge fan of criminal minds since 2008 & always thought it was cool how they had real killers in the opening credits. but that was as far as it went until Katy Perry’s Dark Horse came out when i was 16. i heard the line by Juicy J “she’ll eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer” so i looked up Jeff and did some research on him, & then decided to click on images on Google. & then a pic of this guy that i knew wasn’t Jeff popped up and i immediately was like “God damn that guy is so fucking hot” and guess who it was???
yup. Theodore.
at first i felt weird about it, but i decided to look him up, & found out about Ann Rule’s book & it’s alllll history. that is why he’s my fave! he’s the first serial killer i spent hours researching and truly got me interested in true crime.

Out&About - the ultimate collection

Getting ready for the 2017 Comic Cons starting next month and this is what I’ll be selling: a printed collection with the best strips from Out&About and a preview of the graphic novel is included! The booklet has colored cover/back cover, black and white pages and has a total 56 pages of pure LGBTQIA characters comics strip fun! If you can’t be at the Comic Cons you can buy directly with me online and the booklets will be ready for shipping next week! Send me an email at outandaboutcomics@gmail.com to order your signed copy! By buying a copy you don’t only make a comics creator happy, but you help the project to keep going!