alright um

- whiteroses talk with phillip was the fucking coolest thing ever oh my god shes just so. terrifying

- LEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything was perfect

- elliot trying 2 confess to krista & her not knowing what to do

- tyrell finding out about joanna & his baby and just crying

- dom being the only one who knows this shit ISNT RIGHT

- angela being super deluded and darlene at a loss

- trenton and mobley dying

Im Dying (((((:

anonymous asked:

What is ut and uf skele bros ideal perfect day with their S/O? Thank you so much for your time!

UT & UF Sans are pretty similar. They just want a day when they could chill out. Relaxing with you, ya know? Maybe spending the day inside, watching movies & napping on the couch: no work, no duties, no worries. Just…calmness.

UT & UF Papyrus are also similar. But only in the way that they both want to go out & about with you. Puzzles are a favorite for the former. Trap-building & patrolling are for the latter. They’re not the most romantic of hobbies, but it’s still something you both enjoy.