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how was your eid?

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

It was actually pretty great.
I didn’t go to prayer, unfortunately. I didn’t get to see my Muslim friends and their families. But I spent the day in Central Park with my love. We walked around a bit, the day was beautiful, tons of families out & about — including Muslims! I love seeing how surprised, but touched they are when a white girl like myself tells them Salaam and ‘Eid Mubarak! Haha :D

Later, we went to a fantastic Palestinian restaurant. Our food was absolutely out of this world, masha’Allah. After I said a few things in Arabic, including pronouncing qatayef the right way, my waitress was taken aback. She asked if I was Arab. I said no, but I grew up around Palestinians. I asked if she had the cheese qatayef, because that was my favorite. She said they may have ran out… but she went to go check. She came back and said that she told the owner/chef of the restaurant and that she’ll make it fresh for me! So, I had my absolute two favorite Palestinian desserts, knafa and qatayef, personalized! Alhamdulillah. Later, the owner/chef came to my table to ask how it all was and I couldn’t thank her enough.

I was all smiles today.

And I can’t stop saying alhamdulillah.

Jazak’Allah khair for asking! I really wanted to get this out. It was the first ‘Eid I really ever did enjoy so thoroughly and felt blessed about. ‘Eid is for celebrating the accomplishment of fasting & worship; my previous Ramadans were complete failures. I never felt I was allowed to celebrate. But this Ramadan, I swear by Allah subhana wa ta’ala, it was magical. I was changed. It was hard, but I deserved to be happy and celebrate ‘Eid this year. And once again, all Praises are due to the Almighty.

Jealousy pt2

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•Taehyung x reader -kinda-
•Dirty thinking
•Porn on tv
•Smut at end

Don’t take the comments seriously, it’s just a joke, I don’t wish to purposely insult bts 

Summary: It’s a new day. Suga goes missing, Jungkook finds secrets are being kept from him and Taehyung has fun in bed.


Find out more about Jimin & Yoongi.
Jungkook turns out to be a good guy.
And Tae masturbates.

“Yo you forgot the milk you twat” He snorted, pointing at the bowl of cereal devoid of any liquid.

“Get fucked, Jimin” Suga retorted throwing a glare in his direction.

The younger rolled his eyes, acting overly offended. “Suga-hyung! How could you?” He clutched his hand to his chest, the fake voice break at the end was almost comical.
Suga felt the corner of his lips twist up slightly but stopped it instantly.

“Don’t you have practice today?” Yoongi deadpanned. “Namjoon and Jin left without you.” Turning the corner, he walked into the living room and took a seat on the leather sofa.
As expected, Jimin followed.

He frowned, slumping to the ground below before resting his head on the polished coffee table. “I was too tired today, Hyung. Besides we’re on holiday.”

Yoongi looked up, the defeated mumble almost making his heart ache for the boy. Almost. But not enough.
Popping a chocolate cereal cookie into his mouth, his grabbed the sacred tv remote.
“You’ll have to go next time Chim; no excuses.”

Jimins eyes glaced over with what looked like.. pain? No it couldn’t be.
Yoongi knew the younger, too well.

He liked exercising, he liked being with his Hyungs and he most definitely liked checking out Jungkook’s arse in the room mirror.
So why didn’t he want to go?

Deep down, a feeling of dread was making itself present, a feeling growing so quickly; it started to itch under his skin.
He knew it was most likely nothing but part of him couldn’t shake the feeling something bad was to come.

He glanced back, Jimin had his eyes lightly closed, still pathetically slumped against the table. Any energy he had portrayed earlier now seemed to vanish. What was going on with him?

“Is your boyfriend ignoring you again?” Yoongi joked but received nothing in return.
He sighed rolling his eyes.
Fine. He can be like that.
Yoongi was never the type to cheer anyone up and he wasn’t gonna start now.

Sitting back comfortably, cereal resting gently on his lap, he pressed a button on the remote and waited until the dead screen showed signs of life.

Waiting, he turned back to Jimin only to let out another loud exasperated sigh.
“Jimin, look I don’t know what’s going on with you but you need t– oh my fucking god!“

Loud moans suddenly escaped it’s confinements of the television and Yoongi slammed his fingers down on multiple buttons, almost choking on his chocolate bite.
Jimin’s head shot up from the table, eyes wide and darting to the wide screen. “What the fuck?!”

A woman was being bent over and screaming in pleasure as a tall, dark and handsome man grabbed her hair taking her from behind.
He closed his legs tightly feeling movement from below his pants, blushing profusely, he couldn’t help but slightly giggle at Yoongi’s shocked and reddened face as he dived for the off switch.

The screen went black and silence filled the room excluding quick, panicked breaths and the bang of the wall as Yoongi leaned his head against it.

“Yoongi.. Are you okay?”
A small whisper had never felt so loud before and Yoongi barely nodded, his throat felt so dry.

“I’m uh.. I’m gonna go, I should practice too.”
He scratched the back of his neck moving over to the banister grabbing his jacket and Jimin stood up quickly.

“No Yoongi, please don–” A loud slam of the door cut him off abruptly.
Please don’t leave me..

“Yo, Yoongi-hyung!” A few more knocks to his bedroom door, he called out again. “C'mon man, it’s time to eat, you’ve been in that room for hours!”
Frowning, Jungkook cracked the door open peeking his head through the gap.
No Suga?

“Jin-Hyung!” Jungkook’s footsteps hurried down the stairs, lightly tripping into the kitchen, earning a sneaky chuckle from Hoseok. “Bro, Yoongi’s not here, where is he?”

The elder furrowed his eyebrows, turning his attention to Kook.
“Jimin said he had one of his anger episodes and tried to break my furniture. He left.. But I thought he’d of been back by now.”

From the living room, Jimin bowed his head, avoiding eye contact. Lying to protect Yoongi?..
Maybe he should tell them the truth.. but then who would protect Jimin from Yoongi?

“We should go find him” Jungkook grabbed his black hoodie from the back of a chair. “Where’s the others?”

“No. It’s dark out and you need to eat, okay? He’ll come back later, he always does.”

“I’m not a child, Jin! We need to go, what if he hurt hi–”

“Jungkook please! Just stop okay.. Don’t say that.”

“Why don’t you wanna look for him, Hyung..”
His frustrated eyes fixed on Seokjins but the elder was to quick to avoid it, setting down more plates.

“Why not Hyung?!” Jungkook was seething, practically spitting words at Jin through gritted teeth, his fists began to hurt as his fingernails dug painfully into his palms.
What wasn’t he telling him?

“Jungkook!” Namjoon spoke, his voice filled the room with authority. He placed a hand on his shoulder. “That’s enough.”

His eyes widened, frustration turning to anger seeping into his veins.
He couldn’t take it anymore.

“What’s enough?! My best friend could be cold and starving right now and you just wanna leave him?!”
His voice began to get hoarse, his yelling only fuelled his anger and Jimin flinched noticeably, his hands tightly pressing against his ears.

Namjoon’s eyes flickered from Jimin to Jungkook, he raised his hands. “Look, calm down we’ll–”

“Don’t tell me to calm down you fat fuck!” Jungkook scowled, his eyes dark from vexation.
Jimins eyes screwed shut, harsh whimpers escaped his chapped lips and his small body jolted with every comment thrown by Jungkook.

You opened the shower door, taking the towel before wrapping it round your slender body.
You fixed some imperfections in the mirror, but faint shouting soon caught your attention.

Furrowing your eyebrows, you unlocked the door only to meet louder voices.

Curiously, you tip toed to the stairs, passing the room Taehyung was in. The wooden door was ajar letting you hear rustling inside but you immediately pushed any immature thoughts out of your head as you stumbled over to the banister.
What was going on?

Taehyung tangled himself in his bedsheets, restless, unholy sounds dripping from his mouth.
Under the covers, his fingers lightly traced over his painfully hard erection.

“Fuck, Y/N!”
plunging his cock into your tight hole, he held back the profanities begging to be let free.

His hand gripped his dick and his breath hitched up a tone, his eyes tightly shut as he thrusted up into his hand.
Moaning, he imagined you bent over and his grip instinctively tightened.

Grunting, he tangled his hand in your hair pulling your head back as his hips slapped against your skin. Wet noises and yelping filled the room.
“Aw fuck, Y/N! You f– feel so fcking good around my cock!”

His hand moved up and down his length rapidly, his head pressed back into the pillow uncontrollably as his back arched for more pleasure.
“Fuck I’m so close” he grunts snapping his hips harshly to meet your movements.
You moaned incessantly, repeating his name over and over like a broken record.

His hand tightened around his cock to mimic you clenching around him and he groaned, feeling himself coming closer to his climax.
“F-fuck!” He stopped his movements bucking his hips into the covers as ropes of white shot out, staining the sheets. He felt some drip to his stomach and he shivered at the feeling. 

He lay back sinking further into the bed, he could physically hear his heart beating in his chest and he let out a breathy chuckle before his eyes widened, his breath caught in his throat.
“Oh shit” He shot up flinging the covers to the side, to see the glistening wetness of where his cum had hit the sheets and he groaned inwardly.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck..“ 

This was Seokjin’s bed..

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i have a reaction request that i've been dying to ask for! nct 127 reaction to their gf being very friendly and trusting people a little too easily? thank you so much <3


Originally posted by onceagainnct

Honestly, Mark would be baffled that you trusted strangers so easily, even if they seemed friendly.
He’d be a bit concerned. What if he wasn’t around and something happened? His mind would probably be working a mile per minute of all the terrible things that could happen from trusting a stranger so easily.
“He said he’d be right back-”
“It’s been 15 minutes!”
“I’m sure he’ll be back soon.”

Due to your trusting demeanor, Mark would worry a lot when he knew you were out & about alone.


Originally posted by trainingpanda

He’d be concerned, obviously. 
He likes that your friendly, but not when you’re oblivious.
He’d keep extra tabs on you, making sure you don’t go anywhere you shouldn’t.
Doyoung wouldn’t be sure how to bring it up, keeping silent about his worries, knowing you wouldn’t understand where he was coming from.
“Don’t listen to people who tell you to take shortcuts through alleys-”


Originally posted by animequeenn13

Is literally the same as you, but awkward.
Actually, he can pick up on little hints and would tell you what to look out for in certain situations if he felt that worried


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

I feel like Johnny would nag you a lot about it. Giving you safety tips and lessons. You’d get irritated at him often, arguing that you’re not stupid-
“Don’t ever buy whole like insurance, it’s a scam-”


Originally posted by jonghyen

He’s gotten used to it, but that doesn’t mean he likes it.
It’s a bit stressful because he worries about you a lot already and is possessive.
“Why were you so friendly to him?”
“He was nice-”
“He was flirting with you, don’t give him the wrong idea…”


Originally posted by xehunted

I feel like Taeil would be disappointed. It’d be stressful for him to worry so often about you, but he’d had hoped you’d grow out of your oblivious nature.
“Call me when you walk to your dorm. It’s night, so don’t talk to anyone else on the way-”


Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

Truthfully, Jaehyun would find it amusing.
He’d laugh when you’d find yourself in weird or awkward situations and would think your innocent nature was precious.
However, he’d have serious talks with you on occasion about what kinds of things you should avoid.
“Just stay by my side and hold my hand so you don’t get lost and I don’t have to worry.”


Originally posted by korean-coffee-prince

Similarly to Mark, Donghyuk would be semi-confused as to why you were so friendly to strangers and trusted them so easily.


Originally posted by y-ta

Taeyong really wouldn’t like it. He’d like you being friendly to him and his friends, but not to other guys and he certainly didn’t want you trusting strangers so blindly.
“That’s it; you can’t leave this house-” [semi-joking]
He just thinks you’re precious and he wants to shield you from the nasty you could encounter in the outside world, but you’d probably stir up arguments often about him being too controlling.

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hey ur blog is great i wante to kno do u have any readin on race in eaurope bc mostly on this site and often its american racism thats talked abt so do u have st abt europe thanks<3

There’s a lot of stuff that’s come out recently about fascism & anti-fascism recently that focuses on Europe.  Two we can recommend:

Militant Anti-Fascism by M. Testa

Against The Fascist Creep by Alexander Reid Ross