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My motivation drives me. My motivation does not happen in order of posts as they appear. My muses pick the posts they get most excited about and respond to that. Sometimes I want short things. Sometimes I want long things. Sometimes I want dramatic things. Sometimes I want fluffy things. Sometimes I want scifi. Sometimes I want fantasy. Sometimes I want modern. Sometimes I want adventure. Sometimes I want slice of life. Sometimes I want crack. Sometimes I want to play with someone else’s muse more then yours. This does not mean I do not like you or your muse. It means at that moment I am in the mood to do the current thread. It could be the setting, the story, or my muse is being uncooperative. The number one motivation for me? Knowing my role play partner and I are both having fun. Knowing we giggle and point at our muses and put them through hell together. Knowing that I have a friend and we can bounce ideas off and enthuse each other. A RP Partner who is a friend who I talk to regularly about RP ideas and our muses is more likely to get my focus then one I don’t as much. This does not mean I do not love each and every one of my partners. It just means I’m a fickle human being and does not reflect on you. I am always available to discuss plot and talk OOC in my inbox or on Skype by request.


(That last gif demanded this. But on the note, have to wonder if Hakuba’s ever been to one of Kaito’s ‘heists’ where he really doesn’t do anything. Green Dream is especially coming to mind as Kid accomplishing something, just not exactly what everyone expected. Or, you know. Ryoma or that baseball incident. I’d love to know Hakuba’s thoughts on ones like those, even if he gets that Kaito isn’t a bad thief.)

i love dysfunctional fictional relationships where every second is a challenge and everything is a competition and then finally one person in the relationship is just like “this isn’t what i want” and it totally throws the other person off and they actually start to change and adapt because they really do care about each other?? they do and they know that and changing and admitting they’re wrong is easier than living a life without the other person


Send me a name and my muse will answer the question that follows.

Makoto- If your character was locked in an overly traumatic situation, would they be able to overcome and remain positive, through lies, deceit, and death of those they have befriended?

Naegi- Your character’s friend has just, in an effort to save their own life, allowed your character to be sacrificed in their stead. Your character manages to live through the punishment; how will they react the next time they see this friend?

Sayaka- Does your character have a group of friends they are willing to do anything for? To what extent are they willing to oblige to ‘anything’?

Maizono- Your character is about to die and as is one of their friends will be likely blamed for their death. Will your character allow their friend to be killed as well, or will they, in their last ounce of dying strength, write a dying message to rightfully have their killer punished?

Junko- Not even the models look like they do in the magazines. Has your character ever photoshopped a picture of themselves, or allowed others to photoshop them for any reason; cosmetic, hide blemishes, stock photo, et cetra?

Enoshima- Is your character willing to just follow along with rules they don’t agree with, or are they willing to fight and talk back against what they don’t agree with, regardless of potential punishment?

Leon- 「11037」. Can your character decipher this message? If they are Asian, or from a country that does not use roman characters, where did they learn to recognize those letters?

Kuwata- Has your character ever completely changed their interest, abandoning their old life to start anew? What triggered this change?

Chihiro- What are something your character feels insecure about? Is it possible for them to fix this? Do they feel as though others would judge them for this insecurity, and try to hide it?

Fujisaki- Who is someone your character admires? Why?

GenociderSyo- Every character has a dark secret. What is your character’s? Why do they keep it hidden from others?

Mondo- Has your character ever done something they are ashamed for? Do they feel as though they will never be able to forgive themselves for it? What was it?

Oowada- Your character has accidentally killed someone. The person they have killed admitted a secret to yours right before they died, and as it stands, if anyone were to see the body the secret would be out for everyone to know. Would your character try to alter the crime scene to protect themselves, or would they do it to attempt to keep the victim’s secret a secret as a final sign of respect?

Kiyotaka- Is their someone your character is willing to sacrificed themselves for? Even the lives of others for? Why is this person so important to them?

Ishimaru- Where does your character’s moral compass lie?

Hifumi- Describe your character’s ideal soul mate. Are they a 'real person’ in their universe, a potential mate, or a fictional character to their universe? Why do they find this type of person or thing appealing?

Yamada- Is your character easily pushed around to serve others? Or are they the person served?

Celestia- What is your character’s life dream? What do they want to accomplish in life?

Ludenberg- Is your character good at fabricating the truth? Will they stand by their lies, or fold the moment someone calls them out on it?

Taeko- Does your character go by an alias? Where did their alias originate from? Why did they take that for their alias?

Sakura- Does your character’s appearance differ greatly from their personality? Does your character get judged by their appearance often? Are they mischaracterized by others due to their appearance?

Oogami- Does your character view honour as something of great importance? Do they act for the benefit of others whenever they can, even if it is for the hindrance of themselves?

AlterEgo- How does your character view life? How do they classify living things? Would they consider something like Alter Ego as 'Alive’?

Mukuro- Does your character have any tattoos? What is the story behind them? Why did they choose the location it is located for it?

Ikusaba- Has your character ever pretended to be someone else? Why? Did they do it in public or private? Were others fooled?

Byakuya- Does your character feel entitled to something? For what reason; birth right, hard work, hardship et cetra?

Togami- What languages does your character speak? Do they assume others have been educated in a similar manner, and also are knowledgeable in those languages?

Aoi- What is your character’s favourite food? How often do they get to eat it? What’s their favourite sweet?

Asahina- Who is your character’s closest companion? How much do they cherish that person?

Kyouko- Does your character have a close relationship with their parents? Why or why not? Do they have a secret resentment against their parents?

Kirigiri- Does your character have any scars? What caused those scars? Do they wear them proudly, or hide them from others?

Touko- Is your character very confident? Do they have self loathing problems, or resent themselves for something? Do they assume others have a low opinion of them as well?

Fukawa- Who does your character lust over? Why? To what extent are they willing to act out their lustful fantasies?

Yasuhiro- Has your character ever met someone with a similar name as them? Have they ever nearly gotten in trouble due to another with a similar name?

Hagakure- Has your character ever gotten in trouble with people they should not have? Did they ever have to go into hiding? How did they get themselves in that sort of situation?

Monokuma- Does your character enjoy manipulating others? Do they enjoy seeing others squirm and become hopeless?

Shizuo and Izaya’s True Relationship


In order to understand how they react to each other, we must first understand the two characters themselves.

Izaya Orihara has a hell of a God complex, and constantly claims to “love humans,” excluding himself from the group. He considers himself to be the divine, though not worth more than an ordinary human being. He’s manipulative, cynical, and any average human being would be quick to label him as evil, if not merely morally ambiguous.

Shizuo Heiwajima, on the other hand, is a trustworthy person. He can’t control his body at times, and he loathes the part of himself that hurts people. He genuinely looks for the best in people and prefers peace over violence. It’s easy to get along with him so long as you aren’t a douche.

This is basically putting their behavior into words and figuring out what the hell is going on. I may be wrong, as I’m unfortunately unable to read the minds of 2D fictional characters, buuut. Might as well share my opinion, no?

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Christmas card give away

Okay, wow seem like everyone has the same idea to be sending out Christmas cards.

Anyway, I wanna send out Christmas cards because I know how it feels to not get very many or any at all. You feel pretty lonely and unwanted, and no one should feel like that, especially this time of year. So I am sending out Christmas cards this year to anyone who wants one :)

A HUGE thing is that your going to have to be comfortable with sending me your mailing address, and if you are under the age of 18, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask your parents first!!! This is mainly for your own safety and so that you don’t get into any trouble with your parents. You don’t know exactly who is sitting on the other side of the inter webs (no matter how much you talk to them). I can’t stress that enough!

Anyway, I am only sending out cards that are signed by your’s truly(and maybe even my boyfriend if you want him to). They’re not really anything special just a box I picked up from the local Walmart that was like $2.

Also, you don’t have to be one of my followers to get a Card from me. You just need to be okay with sending me your address. And don’t worry, all addresses will be deleted once I have sent the cards. Oh and there is a time limit on how long before you can contact me to ask for a Christmas card. I’d like to send the cards out by the 8th of December, that way, in theory, the cards will be delivered before Christmas.

So, if any of you are interested in receiving a Christmas card, send me a note or message me you address and you will be put onto a list for getting a card.

NOTE: I only have 25 cards to give out, so cards are limited.


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“Ah… am I supposed to begin? Now!? Oh, my apologies!”

He straightens his posture and looks out to greet anyone who may be paying attention.

“Hello! My name is Kosuke Aozora, and I am a Super High School Level Tarot Enthusiast. I cannot wait to meet with you all, so please, if you are a Dangan Ronpa OC / Canon roleplay blog, could you like or reblog this post? It would mean the World to me.”


Kaito is more than just ‘never forget your poker face’.

In context and out of context quotes from the manga.

Sorry haven’t been around much lately. Holiday stuff, working insane hours and then being sick for almost a week now. I actually lost my voice last night and it has yet to return. FF XV came out as well, so been dumping a lot of my free time into that when I have it. But hopefully I’ll be around more soon and get to drafts at some point this weekend.