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My motivation drives me. My motivation does not happen in order of posts as they appear. My muses pick the posts they get most excited about and respond to that. Sometimes I want short things. Sometimes I want long things. Sometimes I want dramatic things. Sometimes I want fluffy things. Sometimes I want scifi. Sometimes I want fantasy. Sometimes I want modern. Sometimes I want adventure. Sometimes I want slice of life. Sometimes I want crack. Sometimes I want to play with someone else’s muse more then yours. This does not mean I do not like you or your muse. It means at that moment I am in the mood to do the current thread. It could be the setting, the story, or my muse is being uncooperative. The number one motivation for me? Knowing my role play partner and I are both having fun. Knowing we giggle and point at our muses and put them through hell together. Knowing that I have a friend and we can bounce ideas off and enthuse each other. A RP Partner who is a friend who I talk to regularly about RP ideas and our muses is more likely to get my focus then one I don’t as much. This does not mean I do not love each and every one of my partners. It just means I’m a fickle human being and does not reflect on you. I am always available to discuss plot and talk OOC in my inbox or on Skype by request.


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“Ah… am I supposed to begin? Now!? Oh, my apologies!”

He straightens his posture and looks out to greet anyone who may be paying attention.

“Hello! My name is Kosuke Aozora, and I am a Super High School Level Tarot Enthusiast. I cannot wait to meet with you all, so please, if you are a Dangan Ronpa OC / Canon roleplay blog, could you like or reblog this post? It would mean the World to me.”

Wow, has it really been 20 days since I made this blog?  And already so many of you wonderful people follow me… I’m truly honored.  Anyway, enough with the chit-chat.

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I wanted to mention many more of you, but this got so long, so, everyone I didn’t mention, thank you so much for the follow.  You are awesome!


Calling All the Kaitous~


Well 422

Close enough.

I missed 420 because I was sleeping, looking after myself :L

Honestly I can’t thank you people enough for following me. I wish I could travel around the world and hug every single one of you!

I have been a part of this family for just over a year now and you all accepted me with open arms. I’ve made so many new friends over the last year and you’ve all changed my life for the better.

There have been times where things have gotten too much in real life and I have had to take a step back from my blog, but when I came back you were all still here waiting for me. Also the support and comfort I got was just so heartwarming.

A Guardian Angel recently told me that whenever I was down, around 30 or so people would message them, telling them to cheer me up. This made me realise that there are so many people out there who do care about me. So thank you.

Oh geez I started tearing up for a moment writing this. OH GOD I HOPE I DON’T MAKE YOU PEOPLE CRY ♥

I do apologise for not interacting with more people, I get really shy when approaching people. A lot of people had said the same about me, I’m not scary! I’m very cuddly! I love hugs! :33

Finally. Thank you for putting up with my shenanigans (especially my muses shenanigans) and a big thank you to kneel-before-vladd for getting me into roleplaying on Tumblr!

I wish to continue this journey with you and I love you all so much!

Sammychan ♥

P.S: When I have a bit more money, I’ll do a giveaway ♥

So something I came up with last night while I was trying to go to bed, and I just need this.  If I could draw good/had a tablet and not just the little mouse pad on my laptop I would try, but alas I do not. prxestigiae cause you wanted me to tag you lol

So the joke is Sting dresses like a hooker, which let’s be honest, his first outfit kinda looked like he was a “working girl”.  and it would go down something like this.

Rogue telling Sting he dresses like a hooker, and Sting denying it

later that day Sting walking down the streets alone when a car pulls up and asks direction.  Sting goes over the car and is giving directions, but is arrested half way through because the authorities thought he was soliciting sex for money.  “Oh yeah, just giving them directions, we’ve heard that excuse before.”

A few hours later Rogue gets to bail him out of jail all “I told you so.”


Kaito is more than just ‘never forget your poker face’.

In context and out of context quotes from the manga.