Out of Buckets

i snuck out and got my bucket, gravel, water conditioner, full water testing kit, thermometer and heater!!!! 83c!!!!! im ready for the tank to come now aaaaa im so excited to set it up!!!!!!!!

Okay I had so much fun drawing that last art trade that I kept doodling in that vein until… um, yeah. So you can all blame @aquastarart for this. 😝

I might scan and clean this all up later, but I can’t yet. :/

Poe has a shiny Rowlet. Orange and white, one of a kind. I picked it because it’s a starter that flys, and is a cute round buddy. 

Finn and his Squirtle fight over Poes jacket. I picked it because it’s armored, like Finn used to be, and it eventually evolves to have giant water cannons on its back (and we know that Finn is proficient with blasters).

Rey has a Torchic because like her it is an adorable creature from a hot place that can and will mess you up if you cross it.

Kylo got Litten for the soul purpose of making a kitty litter gag out of his creepy bucket of ashes. Also because it just LOOKS PERFECT FOR HIM and would probably refuse to be intimidated by anything he does.

I might do more of these with other Star Wars characters! It’s really fun!

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. :)

Right now I’m just using starters for the main characters, but I may branch out for side or non movie characters. 

more fic wip

Stan led them to a derelict, beached sailboat. The bow was missing and the mast was nearly fallen over, holding up the tattered remains of a sail. He gestured to it with pride. “Ta-da! Introducing, the Stan o’ War!”

Mabel held her face in complete awe. “Wow…it’s amazing…”

“It is!” Stan said excitedly, egged on by her positive response. “And look at this-” he ran inside the hollow bow of the boat and brought out a bucket. First he pulled out a half-dome shaped carapace. “A horseshoe crab shell!”

“Oh my gosh, that’s so cool!” Mabel ran up and he handed it to her, then reached back in the bucket.

“This piece of driftwood kinda looks like a ghost face, right?”

“Woah, it does!”

“Here’s some neat rocks!”

“They’re really neat!”

Tails and Tattoos

This is an early (FOR ONCE) birthday present for @celestialyukino77! I hope you like this teeth rotting fluff! It is a Jerza Mermaid AU, set in the same time as the Disney movie (This oneshot was inspired by this amazing picture by @pinkhairedhottie and her other amazing art)

Summary:  Erza is a mermaid and one morning, she wakes to realize a strange shadow is above the castle. Being the adventurous mermaid she is, she goes to check it out. Only to have a bucket of dirty water thrown on her head by? You guessed it. Jellal

Words: 5,777 

Erza woke up that morning as she usually did. She rubbed her eyes and smiled as she looked out the window of her bedroom and out onto the coral reef that spread before her. Erza brushed her hair as she looked out at the scene;

The corals reflected their colours in the ripples of the water, showing off their pinks, greens, blues, yellows and reds in the early morning sun. The seaweed swayed softly around the tails of travelling mermen in the city below, their tails swishing back and forth as they conversed with other citizens and fish swimming by them. The whole reef seemed to smile as it woke up and presented it’s beauty and vibrancy to those who inhabited it. The water rippled softly, swayed by the winds above, and created a hushing affect over the sea that lay before Erza’s eyes.

It was the perfect way to wake up.

Looking over her shoulder, Erza smiled at her sleeping sisters. She was the first to wake up as usual as the others were always up late doing stupid things and giggling which, funnily enough, was what lulled Erza to sleep every night.

Smiling softly as she slipped out of bed, Erza swam softly over to her mirror to place her golden clip in her hair and apply some make-up.

A princess always had to be presentable.

Suddenly a dark shadow was cast across the room.


Erza arose from her mirror, quickly swimming back over to the window to see what had caused the sudden darkness. She bent over the side of the window and looked up the building towards the surface of the sea and saw a strange shape; like a fat clam shell with its mouth shut.

Quickly turning around, Erza grabbed the spear that lay by her bedside and swam straight out the window, speeding up to the surface of the ocean.

Erza gasped as she rose to the surface, her hair swirling around her in strips like tentacles as she poked her head just above the waves. The clam appeared to be something she had heard about but never actually seen;

A ship.

It was a dark, sleek brown in colour with an embellished figurehead of a mermaid on its front, looking strangely like Erza’s sister, Lucy.

That’s weird… Erza tilted her head in confusion but eyed off the canons and complicated masts running up the side of the ship, all polished and pristine apart from the gaping hole in the side of the boat.

And the fact that the sails were all ripped.

But you know, minor details.

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loicnottet  asked:

sebalter had a stressful day today of writing songs and offerings for the dark lord so he decides to take a bath. he runs the bath until theres a tiny bit of water then he goes to the shed and gets out his buckets of slime and pours them in the bath he gets in the slime bath and sighs a sigh of relief as the thick green goodness consumes his body into a pool of relaxation he rubs the slime all over. he gets out and rubs the slime residue off his skin. he is peace. soon he will be slimed again...


Just an Important Note:

Guys, I think the time has come to tell you. 

It’s been roughly two years since I started this blog back when the Yogscast RP crew just started. 

I think it needs to be said. 

This might potentially be my last post for this blog. 

I have run dry guys, I can’t RP as frequently as I could back then.
I’m a Junior now, everyone, and soon I’m going to be graduating and training as a nurse and doing all that crazy stuff. I am also just run out of ideas for Nilesy. There’s so much I can write about him that can keep him from going stale, but I have run my course and my muse is telling me that I need to move on and keep going.  

I simply do not have the time nor the inspiration to keep chugging along the same cat train track anymore. I hope you all understand why this has to be said. 

I don’t want to keep coming in and coming out for no reason and just leave again without even telling you guys. 

I love writing and you guys can keep following me here @thewritersfreedom if you guys want some content. Don’t expect Nilesy writing though, I write other things too. 

Thank you all for being here for me, for being my second family, for helping me and my muse along this windy road. Maybe you will see me with another muse or muses 

Or maybe you will see me again here. We shall see what the future beholds. 


I was tagged by a few people for a hydration selfie:

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Just got done scooping out two bucket-fulls of tadpoles from the livestock watering trough and carrying them to a nearby pond. Took thousands of them out, and there are still hundreds in the trough! Well, that should give more of them a chance at survival, at least.

Got 32 ounces of water down so far. It’s a hot one and I’ve got more work to do outside, so water shouldn’t be a problem today.

How are you doing: @mybigfatfitlife , @fitchris25 , @fatmaninalittlesuit , @fatman2fitman ,  @jeremygnfsk , @hrstories1234 , @deartreadmill , @walking-to-mordor 

Favorite EddEddy Moment #24

Eddy can always count on Edd for anything, even when he needs to be cheered up.

In the Halloween special Eddy’s brother tricked Eddy into thinking there was a town called Spooky Ville where people have out buckets of candy.

Eddy has always looked up to Edd, like during Stuck in Ed as well. Edd has given him the support Eddy needed when nobody would. No matter what, Edd has always been on Eddy’s side.

I love this moment because Eddy has been in the midst of finding out what kind of person his brother truly was. For Edd, this a dead giveaway that shouts out who Eddy’s brother really is. This is why he feels so cautious about going to find him in the movie.

Eddy really needs this comfort right now because he has been trying to ignore the feelings. This is the first time his brother has come up as a real problem since season 4.

And another thing I love about this special is that Edd and Eddy stick together the whole time. That’s what friends do on Halloween night because they don’t want to lose sight of one another.

They look after one another.

|| The Basics ||

Name: Nilesy J. Poolson
Nickname(s): Niles, Pool Boy, Raven
Age: 27
Species: Human/Merman/Shark

|| Personal ||

Religious Belief: N/A
Sins: Lust / Greed / Gluttony / Sloth / Pride / Envy / Wrath
Virtues: Chastity / Charity / Diligence / Humility / Kindness / Patience /Justice
Primary Goals In Life: To help anyone in need and sell a pool or two. 
Languages Known:  English, The Unknown name of his Merman Language
Secrets: Has a sort of desire to get revenge, but very light. Tends to hide away his merman traits. Has a fancy for science.
Quirks: His hair tends to flow like water as he runs or walks. He has different “smiles” for each situation. A crease is like a smirk. A beaming smile is excitement sometimes used for when he finds something he loves. A nervous smile is around people. Lastly, a toothy grin or any grin of any kind is cheery. 
Savvies: Cooking, magic, cat knowledge, pool building, swimming, marine biology, first aid

|| Physical ||

Height: 6′1″ 
Weight: 163 lbs
Scars/Birthmarks:  N/A
Abilities/Powers: Magic, Swimming, ability to transform
Restrictions: His transformation into a merman is only when he comes in contact with bodies of water.

|| Favorites ||

Favourite Drink: Tea, specifically rose tea
Favourite Pizza Topping: Cheese
Favourite Color: Light Blue
Favourite Music Genre:  He doesn’t have a true favorite type…
Favourite Book Genre: Sci-Fi
Favourite Movie Genre: Documentary
Favourite Season: Spring
Favourite Butt Type: If it’s Jade/Jordyn/Nano/Rythian then he’s into that. He doesn’t like to say it though.
Favourite Swear Word: Hell or Dammit. 
Favourite Scent: The smell of a chlorine pool or ocean in the morning.
Favourite Quote: “ Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn,
   It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels name Lenore—
Clasp a rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore” ~Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven 
He remembers that line more than the others in the whole poem. 

|| Fun Stuff ||

Bottom or Top: Completely and always Bottom N/A
Sings In The Shower: Yes. All the damn time.
Likes Bad Puns: Hell yeah he does. 
Morality: Lawful / Neutral / Chaotic / Good / Gray / Evil
Build: Slender / Scrawny / Bony / Fit / Athletic / Herculean / Babyfat / Pudgy / Obese / Other
Favourite Food: Pizza
“Boss” Theme Music : A Boss Approaches - Super Mario 3D World Music
Their Opinion On The Mun: “…I hope they could learn to love themselves.”

Doctor Mechanic: Flowers

Thanks @mouser003 for the prompt!! They asked if I would continue that doctor mechanic prompt I completed before. It’s prompt 7(?) I think? Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Raven threw the toaster down on her bed and sighed. She needed to find a way to get ahold of Abby’s number. Or you know what, fuck it. I’ll just go to her house.

Raven grabbed the leather jacket off of her desk chair and headed to the front door.

“Headed somewhere?” Octavia peeked her head around the corner, stuffing popcorn into her mouth.

“Yeah.” Raven grabbed her car keys out of the bucket by the door. “I’m asking her out O. Tell Clarke to call me next time you see her. I want her to know ASAP that I asked her Mom out.”

Octavia nodded, her mouth full of popcorn. She watched leather retreat out the door and shrugged, heading back to the TV.


Abby looked at the clock on her oven and sighed. Only about 15 minutes left and her frozen food would be doone. Normally she would cook her own dinner but she was too exhausted from the recent surge in emergency surgeries.

She briefly closed her eyes and opened them to the sound of a car door closing. She waited for a few minutes before peeking out the window in the hall the overlooked her driveway. A blue Hyundai Elantra was parked there, the driver out of view from the window. She smiled to herself knowing whose car that was.  

The doorbell rang and even though she was expecting it, it still caused her to jump. She quickly headed to the front door and opened it. Before her was a very disheveled Raven. Her jacket hung perfectly, the tank top she was wearing leaving almost nothing to imagination. She glanced at the brace and then looked up into Raven’s eyes. The younger woman was holding a bouquet of Red roses that had some babies breath and some lillies in it.

“I know this isn’t…normal?” Raven shrugged and sighed. “Look I just. I wanna…” She paused looking down. “I wanna take you out. If you want too. I can’t ignore this anymore Abby.” She rushed out, finally looking up into the eyes of the older woman.

Abby smiled and reached her hand out to the bouquet of flowers. Raven handed them over and Abby sniffed them.

“Where do you wanna go Raven?” Abby ushered the woman inside. Raven paused, running her fingers through her hair.

“I didn’t…I didn’t think that far ahead. I thought you were going to close the door in my face.” Raven toyed with the ends of the jacket sleeves. Abby cupped Raven’s cheek, forcing her to meet Abby’s eyes. She rubbed her thumb along the skin of Raven’s cheek.

“I would never do that Raven.” She whispered softly. Just as quickly as she was touching Raven, she was moving further into the house and towards the kitchen. “I had frozen food in the oven but going out with you sounds like a better way to spend the evening.” She clicked the oven off and turned to face Raven, winking. “I know a casual place we could go to. Let me go get changed.”

Raven watched her bounce out of the kitchen and up the stairs, a smile creeping up her face.

Rigged carny game: The Scissor Bucket #10yrsago

Mark Frauenfelder:

This weekend I looked at a ball toss carnival game from the 1930s. It belongs to a woman who works at O'Reilly (publishers of Make). She got it from her grandfather who used it in carnivals in the 1930s and 1940s.

It’s a rigged game, because there is some kind of mechanism in it that the operator can secretly activate, which all but ensures the ball will bounce out of the bucket when the mark tosses it in. We were going to take the thing apart to see if we could discover the mechanism, but this was during O'Reilly’s annual Foo Camp and so there were so many other exciting things happening that we forgot to disassemble it.

Carnys call these “alibi games,” because the operator uses a long litany of excuses to keep the mark from giving up in disgust, and encouraging him to dig more money out of his wallet and try “just one more time” to win a stuffed animal that his girlfriend doesn’t even really want.

Does anyone know how this game works? I’m wondering if there might not even be a mechanism – maybe the carny just secretly switched between different balls: a soft one that thudded against the backboard and dropped through the win hole, and a hard one that bounced off the backboard.

UPDATE: SECRET REVEALED! We took the machine apart and tookphotos and a video of the mechanism. I also wrote about it in Make magazine. Email me if you know the answer and I’ll post it here. Link