So I only just found out about the Ouran High School Host Club live action movie

OMG why wasn’t I informed?! Anyway It’s set to be released on DVD in October 2012.

But I’m guessing thats just in Japan. Ugh I can’t wait until someone posts a english sub version online.

Anyway i will express my excitement with my favorite Ouran gifs.

anonymous asked:

Can you do how the hosts react when their (female) S/O is on her period? And could you include Haruhi in this one?... If you aren't already planning to?... Btw, love your blog! Keep up the good work!

thanks cutie pie! I’m so glad you like it!

Tamaki: Tamaki would be sad to see his girlfriend uncomfortable, but he’d do his best to cheer her up and make her feel better - he’d come over after school with chocolates and sappy movies and whatever else he thinks his girlfriend needs. Which probably includes some entirely unnecessary things that he thinks are useful, but really aren’t - like gauze or something similar. Is not allowed to go to the store for pads. 

Haruhi: Haruhi would be incredibly prepared - after all, she goes through the whole ordeal herself. When her girlfriend needs Midol/pain relievers, she’s got them. Pads or tampons? Got em. Need something sweet? Let’s take a trip down to the Host club and raid the snack cabinets. Haruhi is ready for anything.

Kyoya: Kyoya definitely has a stash of pain relievers ready for when his girlfriend gets her period. He’s also willing to be a tad more affectionate when the times calls for it, because he knows his girlfriend needs it - holding hands and kisses when she asks. Secretly enjoys the cuddling she requests later when they’re alone. Would but pads/tampons if asked - he’s not a shy person.

Kaoru: Openly snuggles his girlfriend. Doesn’t carry snacks or medicine because he’d probably forget about them, but always gets what his girlfriend asks him for - be it food or even tampons/pads if she asks for them. He’ll be a blushing mess in the aisle, but the grateful look she gives him when he gets back makes it all worth it. 

Hikaru: Wouldn’t have medicine or anything but would definitely have chocolates on hand. Would take his girlfriend home and just nap together under big comfy blankets, and he would rub her back until she falls asleep (would also 10000% be blushing the entire time but he loves it and he loves her so it’s okay). Would probably be like his twin regarding buying pads/tampons - he’d do it but he’d be a little embarrassed.

Honey: Has all the chocolate his girlfriend could ever eat. Would offer Usa-chan to cuddle when his girlfriend is feeling extra icky. Probably runs nice, hot baths for her with lots of pretty smelling oils and bubbles. Has marathons of whatever she wants to watch, just snuggled up on the couch. Goes to the store for her without any problems and asks for help if he needs it without any embarrassment.

Mori: Gives his girlfriend massages with those strong hands of his and always has an extra sweatshirt on hand for her to wear. Has a store of pain meds in the bag where he keeps his kendo stuff(is this how that works? IDK) which are always available to his girlfriend when she needs them. Will go to the store for her happily, and always picks up ice cream while he’s there.

and for kicks and giggles, enjoy this clip from one of my favorite movies ♥