the moment when you realize that this angry fucking titan

has the same voice actor of this little uke

but also voices this sexy motherfucker

and this little sad cute sword

and this cute badass prince

but he voiced this idiot too

and this fucking cute king

and this cold guy

and this piece of shit

and the did nothing wrong

and the zetsuen bitch

kloirdevan  asked:

Ayato? Yukine? Is this a coincidence or you actually seem to have a thing for kaji yuki's voice ¬v¬

I do actually have a thing for it! I loved his voice acting ever since he did Ouma Shuu from Guilty Crown. He also voices quite a bit of my favorite characters– Alibaba, Ace, Sonic, etc but of course the number one best role he has ever done for me will always be Yukine. Todoroki and Eren were well done as well and I personally loved his portrayal of Katsuhira from Kiznaiver because it’s a different type of character from his usual roles. He’s amazing and to be honest, I’m kinda surprised he only got Ayato for TG? Like Ayato has so little lines lmao. Like I could imagine them choosing him for Ayato if they wanted to do the 103 bones scene (Yukine’s ablution is clear how perfect 103 bones would have been) but they didn’t do that at all lmao. 

I have to admit that it’s pure coincidences that those characters ended up as my faves actually despite sharing the same VA.