Gintama antagonists and protagonists as 7 Deadly Sins and 7 Heavenly Virtues 

~ Itou Kamotarou & Kondo Isao as Pride & Humility: a leader who believed he was better than anyone and a leader who saw everyone as equal

~ Princess Kada & Otose as Greed & Charity: a queen who desired everything and a queen who was giving and never waiting for anything in return

~ Hosen & Hinowa as Lust & Chastity: a man who was ready to prisoned a woman to get her for himself and a woman who kept a pure soul and love in her heart

~ Jiraia & Tsukuyo as Envy & Kindness: a master who tried to destroy everything he once had had and what his student was able to build later and a student who wanted to gave away all she had to save others

~ Kamui & Kagura as Gluttony & Temperance: a brother who was killing for his hunger for blood and a sister who listened to her humanity, not hunger

~ Hajime Obi & Shinpachi Shimura as Sloth & Diligence: an older and strong brother who didn’t have enough strength to fight with himself sooner and a younger and weak brother who worked hard to be like him

~ Takasugi Shinsuke & Gintoki Sakata as Wrath & Mercy: a friend who lost everything and hated the world and a friend who lost everything and learned to love everyone even more