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S/M Diaboys react to their S/O cuddled up against a body pillow and sleeping? If both families are too much then just the sakamakis please. (//∇//)

Shu: “First time she’s been asleep while I’m awake, eh? She’s clutching that pillow rather tightly. Wonder what she’s thinking about, heh~”

Reiji: “*sigh* I should have expected this much. It’s not very proper to fall asleep slouched over a table like that… Well I suppose it’s late anyways. Rest up…”

Ayato: “Oi, chichinashi? Where- hm? She… Fell asleep? Where the hell’d she get that pillow?? It looks like one of Laito’s ‘special ones’ just without the weird cases…”

Laito: “Hm, Bitch-chan is fast asleep~ I wonder if she’s dreaming about me? Ahh she’s pressing that pillow so close to her~ Maybe I could replace it with my body~”

Kanato: “Who said she could just fall asleep here? This is my room! Hmph… Well, I guess it is kind of cute…”

Subaru: “Ah, what’re you thinking falling asleep so carelessly like this… There’s fucked people around here, y'know. You have to be more careful.”


So I was about to finish the one about the cats but my dear photoshop wanted to ruin my life today and made me lose 3 pages :’) (This is my smile full of sadness) But at least I have this one I had it almost finished but I forgot about it then a girl made me remember this so here you have Elias with long hair and Klaus being Klaus! xD 

The part where Elias is crying is because he had a fight with his father a week after Rudolf’s death :’( 

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