if nessian will ever become “mates” i hope that they won’t call each other “mates” every single time or for it to become their endearment , i had to go through the cringe throughout acowar i don’t want it to happen with my babies


MUTTON CHOPS. MUTTON. CHOPS. *dies laughing*

In othet news, I knew I could trust you Neil. Everyone else was freaking out about the mad 80’s hair on Crowley. But I had faith, and it has been REDEEMED.

*gasps laughing from the floor* chops ha ha …

In other news, I was overall lukewarm towards Sheen. Tenant was the apple of my eye.

But seeing these production pics, I’m feeling the begining of love. Look at his face! Look at his stupid, adorable face! He’s like a happy little lamb.

another humans are wierd space orcs thing
im not talking about survival of the fittest. im not talking about physical exellence or anything like that.
im talking about the deepest most primal thing about humans.

our survival instinct. our survival instinct is so strong that it affects us in ways we dont understand. even in our day to day life.
but the thing is. our survival instinct is so strong it can in some situations (like a life or death thing) compleatly override our personalities. our emotions. and everything else. you can say power in numbers or no one gets left behind but in the end of the day your brain wants to save YOU.

something horrific can happen and thd ONLY command your brain will issue is SURVIVE.
this is where fight or flight comes into play. you see this alot in zombie movies or horror films. when death is fast approaching you will either run for your life in the othet direction or kill whats getting in your way. its why alot of the times in apocalypse movies the biggest danger isnt the aliens or zombies or the wasteland. its othet humans.
because a desperete human fighting to survive is the most terrifying thing in the world

anonymous asked:

I'm writing a character who starts out fragile, but joins a band of adventurers and becomes increasingly better at defending herself, javing no othet choice. However, reading through your blog it seems like the gap between skill levels is wider than I thought. As in, it might not be worth it for someone to learn fighting unless they plan on throwing themselves into it. Would it be worth it for her to learn to fight marginally well, or should she focus on getting better at running away?

The question isn’t “should she learn to fight?”, it’s “how skilled do you expect her to be in a short period of time?”.

The answer to the question posed in the ask is both. She should focus on learning to fight and getting better at running away. Both are necessary survival skills. In fact, learning to run away is part of learning to fight. Learning to assess a situation to determine the threat level and decide when it is time to go. Learning to defuse situations to avoid a violent confrontation is also part of learning to fight.

Here’s the problem with the general outlook most people have on combat training. They think you’re learning to handle all the situations which come your way violently. That’s not it. You’re learning how to asses the situations to determine whether or not its within a range you can handle. The best warriors are the ones who know when to fight, when not to fight, when to call for backup, and when to leave.

Those skills are the ones she needs. It’s entirely possible to learn fighting as a defensive option when her other skills fall through. This is not someone who is going to be going at it with practiced swordsmen in a one on one duel, but might get good at cutting themselves free and learning how to create exits so they can find a safer position. They’re not particularly good at violence in the professional sense, but it works as a fallback when the situation grows desperate.

Combat is a skill set. With consistent practice she’ll get better at it and the more scenarios she’s thrown into then the faster she learns how to survive.

She’s going to spend a lot of time running away at first, which she will grow better at. Then, eventually, she’ll learn how to turn and fight. She’ll get better at that too as time passes. She’ll never be the equivalent of the team’s muscle, but that’s not the point. She may end up being a “fight only when I have to/last line of defense” character, but that works fine. I’m going to assume she has other skills she’s developed which are more useful to this merry band than her combat ability. Even if she doesn’t, she still works as a character. I mean, Merry and Pippen are some of the most beloved characters in The Lord of the Rings and they contribute almost nothing except moral support. People play bards in Dungeons & Dragons. (Kidding, bard lovers, they’re awesome and can be incredibly deadly.)

The issues come when we start thinking a character needs to have certain qualities in order to be legitimate, rather than figuring out what their skill sets are and using those as the basis for how they solve problems.

Create a scenario and solve it based on what the character can do rather than what they can’t do. The assumption that a situation needs to be solved violently or that there’s only one outcome is faulty. Your story is in a character’s ability to problem solve, what the issue is and the way they went about finding a solution. Flattering your way out is just as legitimate as fighting, even more so as it draws less attention and creates fewer additional problems.

I’ve got a character who can do magic, but isn’t good enough to be a combat mage. She can’t really fight. When she and her friends were captured by giants, she was small enough to slip out through the cage bars. Since she wasn’t good at lockpicking and they were too far away to get help, she decided to go talk to the giants. The story evolved from there.

“If I can’t do X, what else can I do?”

That’s where the story is.

There are a variety of different skill ceilings with combat, levels of what you can do and can’t do. A person with a weekends self-defense training isn’t going to be tackling Navy Seals, but they’ll be better at identifying danger in their surroundings. They’ll be better at creating exits to so they can escape to safety. They may have a better chance when faced with danger.

You said it yourself, the point of this character training to fight isn’t so she can throw herself into the fray against seasoned combatants but to help her survive. Focus on that and keep track of her skill level versus that of her opponents.


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Blitzwing X Sparkling HC's

Originally posted by pixotri



  • Icy’s the one who calms down the sparkling and puts them to bed
  • if they’re frightened/threatened and start to cry he rocks them back and forth; sometimes singing a lullaby
  • speaking of lullaby’s, after finding out that they actually work he does his best to learn as many as possible; not that any of the other Decepticons know, Primus forbid they ever find out
  • some of his favorites to sing are Brahms Lullaby, Hush Little Baby, and Baby Mine
  • Icy’s also the one who’s much more of a gentle player with the sparkling
  • like in the way of teaching with wooden blocks; smiling softly and applauding the gurgling/beeping bean for doing something right
  • he’s also the one who holds the sparkling during recharge; he doesn’t want to risk the other two persona’s forgetting that they’re holding a tiny fragile being when they fall into stasis
  • Icy is basically the Mom 


  • While all three persona’s protect the bab, Hothead’s the one making sure they don’t accidentally kill/harm themselves, or get killed/harmed by someone else
  • he’s, of course, a bit too harsh when getting after the sparkling for nearly causing itself some sort of harm
  • his tough scolding usually results in the bab crying and having Icy step in to calm them
  • he doesn’t mean to make them upset, he’s just  trying to watch out for them is all
  • it takes a while, but he does eventually learn how to get after the sparkling without seeming like the real threat, as well as baby proof something to prevent having to scold (ex; hiding Lucknuts grenades because for whatever reason they want to eat those the most)
  • if someone, however, poses even the slightest threat to the Decepticon’s precious bean, he will destroy them
  • it might be a lil overboard, but no one hurts his smol bean!
  • Hothead=Mr Papa Bear 


  • Random’s the one who gets the baby riled up and giggling if he doesn’t accidentally startle them
  • he plays all those cutesy games with them; his goal to always get them to laugh and squeal in delight
  • heck; sometimes just his crazed laugh will have the sparkling up in riot
  • some favorite games of his to play are peek-a-boo, patty cake, and tag
  • the last one is especially cute to witness, because Blitzwing(Random) will ‘run’ and when his sparkling just barely touches him he’ll pretend to be wounded and be all dramatic, spouting about how the bean will be such a great Decepticon; to which said bean only laughs and squeals more
  • oh yeah, Random’s also the only one who can get the sparkling to eat when they’re being stubborn; either by making them laugh or using the airplane method
  • sometimes he’ll pretend the airplane is Starscream if Megatron’s around; helps earn the bean brownie points with the Big Boss
  • Random; aka Crazy Fun Uncle 


Fuck coworkers, dude.

So i work at a Daker’s Belight where the staff is divided into seniors and juniors: juniors are underpaid high school students who do all the cleaning and weekend shifts and the seniors are either uni students who used to be juniors or old ladies who can’t or don’t need to get anything better and they usually work during the week. Every closing shift a senior and a junior do together, the junior cleans while the senior counts the money and checks that its all there.

Now im a junior and usually im put together with one of the uni students who’s super cool and im actually friends with, but shes gone on a 2 week vacation and in her place I’ve got Demon Lady.

I think this lady is salty about everything in her life (she does have grandchildren and is still working retail so idk maybe) because she’s always pissed off, telling customers off for no reason and getting mad at me for literally anything. She yelled at me for counting rolls by how many packs there were instead of individually and the next close I did with her she yelled at me for counting them individually instead of in packs. Today, she got annoyed that I didn’t have the specific apron for a promotion and had worn my normal one and not having my badge, before 2 minutes later finding she’d taken my apron home last night, along with my name badge, as well as her own. She got mad at me for not having something she’d accidentally taken from me.

The other day was Grand Final Day (the AFL grand final is a national holiday in australia, lmao) and nobody was buying bread because they were watching the game, and I had a close with her. She made me clean racks the bakers use to prove bread that hadn’t been cleaned in a year, and for half of it she was just sitting there on her phone texting one of our coworkers, and the othet half she vaguely wiped down the shit me and one of the other juniors had already cleaned to make sure it was “perfect” rather than helping me clean like 8 2m tall racks covered in a years worth of grime and dirt and grease. I should probably clarify shes fine with physical stuff, shes the same age as my mother, and I’ve seen her do physically hard stuff like that before. She’s capable, she just didnt want to.

She also loves to fucking chat. She always takes 30m into her shift to start actually working, either because she’s talking to the person who’s trying to fucking leave and holding them back for 30m after their shift is over, or because she leaves the bakery (shes not allowed to do that btw- she fired someone else for doing it on their break!) to go get a coffee from next door and leaves me to do everything. Once she yelled at me for speaking to my friend for legit 5m when nobody was there, and yet she has 15m conversations when there’s a queue of 6 people that I’ve got to deal with and thats fine?

And she’s fucking homophobic, transphobic and racist, too. The amount of fucking comments she likes to make about “those people” and “these days”. Im a bi trans guy, but because im closeted at work and i dont want to start a fight i cant say shit about it.

Ugh. Fuck coworkers.


Kaisoo behind the scenes! 

if being this close and confortable with each othet even when there is no camera “ no fanservice here” doesn’t make them real then I don’t now what is it! 


Here’s the scene storyline if theres anyone who doesnt understand whats going on above.

Im too lazy to finish the comic so I’ll just type it down instead. I apologize if my grammar and spelling are terrible. Pls bear with me.

——(Guardian AU)——

The apartment room was lit warmly by the small lamp, Flug’s figure slumped on his old study table. He can faintly hear the ‘guardians’ walking around, probably scanning the place. He involuntarily rolled his eyes behind his goggles, huffing—Honestly, he doesnt care if Sir Black complaint about his apartment. He’s too tired to care, being in the forest for too long drained all his energy.

Flug’s eyes then landed on the small pot infront of him. The poor plant was all dried up and bald from his absence. The pretty petals were now withered and is sitting pitily under the dried stem. He felt a small pang of disappointment and sadness in his chest as he gently poked the stem, the last dying leaf slowly dropped down. He sighed, despite his limbs protesting, he stood up and dragged himself off the table. The plant is dead, better well to throw it away. He dragged himself to the storage room, pointedly ignoring the screams of his limbs. A pair of black eyes stared at his back with curiosity as the tall white figure stood on the hallway. White Hat felt himself frown, his wings twitching behind him. As much as he learned from the scientist, he knows that he’s beyond exhausted…judging by how hes slumped over and arms acting like noodles. He stepped inside the room, giving it a quick glance before settling his gaze on the pot.

He tilted his head, turning his body fully towards the table and strolled to it. “You have a very interesting flower…” White Hat spoke as he knelt down beside the table, his palms reaching up and acted as a support on his head and watched the pot.

Flug paused from tearing the trash bag away from its box, his white orbs glancing towards the room. What the…interesting?? That small dead plant is interesting? Flug almost let out a snicker but he was too darmn tired to give a crap. With another tired sigh, he snatched the trash bag and headed back to the room.

“White Hat, that plant is dead. Its not needed anymore so I’m going to-” Flug stopped his sentence as his gaze landed on the scene infront of him. White hat was humming faintly, both palms on his cheeks. His wings were folded, as always, and he seems be focused on something.

“May I ask who is it from or perhaps you raised this one on your own?”

And that something was the plant.

Once was dead rose, is now blossoming with red roses and healthy green leaves and stems. It’s petals almost look like it glowed under the lamp and its leaves are up and alive, no signs of brown or yellow spots. Like it never died and was just in its perfect health.

What the-?! How-

Flug felt himself twitched as he faintly saw a small glint of blue smoke, disappearing as soon as he landed his gaze on it. Ah, of course. Flug’s eyes shot back to White Hat, who was still kneeling beside the table, eyes sparkling as if he just saw the most purest thing wake up for the first time. Flug’s mind gears turned, his posture relaxing.

“…You can revive living things…?”

“I can?”

Flug’s train if thought halted as he heard the gentle voice of the angel. Wait, what? He then placed his hands on the table, slightly leaning on it slowly, as if he’ll destroy the rose when he moved too fast.

“…you just revived the rose.” Flug stated, glancing at White Hat. The Angel tore his gaze away from the flower, lifting his jaw off of his hands. “I did?”

Flug felt a twinge of irritation and a bit of amusement. Does he not know thatbhe possesses this ability? “Uh, of course you did, it happened infront of you.”

“Oh? I thought it was doing it on its own…is that not how plants work?”

…does this guy even know how to take care of a plant?

He turned to look at White Hat, whose eyes are now wide with curiosity and confusion. Flug felt the othet darker presence lean on the door, a smug smirk on his face as he watched both Flug and the angel.

Flug pushed down an exhausted sigh from his throat, pointly ignoring Black Hat’s presence as he became a but uncomfortable at the angel’s curious but also hopeful look. Looks like he’s going to explain more things than he thought he’ll be.

That was my mother’s rose.

Lent-Easter 2017 Break.


It was a goos time for all of these and was somewhat timely.

I had been haphazardly sliding down all over the place without a halt, without a breather.

I was in dire and desperate need of it.

A mere two weeks before my jury audition.
And less than a month for the actual solo recital itself.

How do you, as #musicmajor yourself, deal with this kind of pressure?

I would love to hear and know about how othet music majora cope with it - most especially the soloists out there.

Im used into piano forums, mock recitals, gigs and ither performances.

But ofcourse this is solo recital I am talking about.

How do you guys get down into business and just you know - walk right there with all these people focused and watching you as you straddle that chair and not just play but evoke the notes, interpret each passage and simply go through it?

You’re free to comment or dm me. :)

I am excited. Ofcourse, I am.

But a part of me also feels like “Wtf. Ruuuun!!!!”

Your thoughts?

Hope you had a good break as well. :)



Originally posted by faerore

Anonymous asked: Hello! Can I request a Persona 5 Akira x reader fic from Akira POV slowly falling in love with reader without realizing it (like first they notice their actions and then their laugh and othet aspects of them) until a rainy day in Leblanc and it just hits like ‘oh I like them’. If you cant, that’s okay! I really like your blog :>


Aww thank you!

Reader is gender neutral



Akira was in deep shit, as always.

This really wasn’t the first time actually. Multitude of times, he always gets in trouble just by socializing with a Confidant (he was ready to kick that stone harpy in the face—i.e. Shinya’s mom), or gotten threatened by the yakuza (he’s seen better threats).

Really, he really was used to getting the short-end of the stick.

That doesn’t mean that it’s the same now.

The group had a bunch of requests stocked up and were ready to venture in Mementos to get them done. The group lounged inside the Morgana Mobile: Ann softly mumbling in her sleep, Haru cross-stitching a cute flower, Yusuke surveying the area, Makoto double-checking the items, Futaba typing on her laptop, Ryuji humming a small tune, you writing down battle strategies in your small notebook and Akira driving.

Everything seemed normal, until one particular Shadow showed up. Not only it packed a punch, it had brains as well, able to read your strategies in an irritating manner.

“You call these strats!?” It cackled. “It’s clear that your still a noob, little bird!”

Akira bit his lip. He knew how you were when somebody insults your strategies.


“Robin!” Queen yelled. “Don’t listen to him! He’s provoking you!”

You ignored her words, summoning your Persona as you glared at the Shadow. “Execute Thunderbird!”

Skull immediately summoned his own as both of you ran towards the Shadow. Captain Kidd released a hefty bolt of lightning on him as you and your Persona delivered swift strikes to every part of the body. Akira groaned and decided it’d be best to help you.

“Robin! Move back!” He called out, summoning Arsene just in case. You didn’t listen to him as always. You still carried on with your onslaught, not noticing the Shadow raising his swords on you. Automatically shutting your eyes, you waited for the blow but it never came.

A small groan escaped from above you. “I told you that you need to fall back.”

You opened your eyes to see Joker’s grey eyes together with Arsene’s fire eyes, his back against the swords.

You chuckled nervously. “S-Sorry about that, Joker. I got carried away, I guess.”

What was supposed to be a scolding died when he heard your laugh. He heard your laugh multiple times but not this close. And were your eyes always so expressive this up close?

Arsene sighed from behind. “My master is such a fool.”

Simone chuckled from under him. “A fool to love my master.”

Thankfully the Shadow was dealt with, though with a price: Akira has a nasty back-ache due to the blow he took. Adding to this bad day, a heavy storm poured outside and he forgot his umbrella. What luck.

“Go take a shower, kid,” Sojiro remarked, “go hang up your wet clothes in the bathroom. I’ll take care of it.”

The boy muttered a small thanks, quickly going upstairs to grab a fresh set of clothes and going down to the bathroom. Each step was torture, his back just aching every time. Finally time for a hot bath.

“Hey, Akira!” Sojiro’s voice called out. “One of your friends is here. They wanted to see you.”

The boy hummed, wondering who could be here on such bad weather. He guesses that his shower will have to be cut short. He quickly showered and wore the fresh set of clothes. His back is slightly better thanks to the warm water but not enough to make it go away. He dried his hair with a towel, already making it more fluffier than usual. Exiting the bathroom, he saw your smiling form talking to Sojiro over coffee.

The man saw him from the corner of his eye. “Ah, there you are. Well. I’ll leave them to you then.”

He left you two to your devices. You downed most of the coffee and smiled at Akira. “Hey there, Akira. Sorry about what I did earlier.”

He shook his head, hair slightly damp. “It’s fine. What brings you here?”

You turned your body to face him. “I was hoping to take you out somewhere nice for an apology but… that’s crossed out.” You looked down on your lap. “So maybe I thought that I help with your back pain? I’m good with my hands.”

He smirked. “Is that so?”

“Don’t take it out of context, Akira.” You snorted. “It’s because I feel awfully guilty of letting you carry us so it’s fair to give you a little TLC. I mean, I’m pretty sure that the others had prolly given you a break, but I think I can do better.”

He slowly tuned out your rambling. He was still wrapping his head around the fact that you came all the way here just to take care of him. He felt complete adoration by your cuteness-

Oh no, he thought. He’s in too deep. He’s so smitten for you.

“… Akira? Something wrong?” You questioned.

Behind the two, Arsene and Simone both chuckled from their masters’ conversation.

“He fails as a suave, gentleman thief… But it appears he has room for practice.”

“They’ll help each other out. I can’t wait.”


aight i know that Simone is a woman but for plot convenience, please imagine Simone as gender neutral!

anonymous asked:

is it a common theme in aphobes to also call the word queer 'the q slur'? idk if this is just something ive noticed or if its actually a pattern or what

There’s a perfectly logical reason for it too:
A lot of people who hate the word ‘queer’ don’t hate it because it gets used as a slur. If that were the case they’d be as touchy about the word 'gay’. The real reason they attack 'queer’ so specifically is because it is the one word that defies clear definitions, the kind of clear definitions that can be used to exclude people.
Aphobes and othet exclusionists need clear definitions to practice their exclusionism, and as such they fight the word 'queer’. Other violent exclusionists like TERFs and biphobes do the same.

If you think Chris and Scarlett sitting next to each othet just coincidence. Well you are wrong.
Celeb can choose and second tv marketing reason. So Chris ask for Scarlett for the first time even though they had been invited to Oscar before. So is this a sign??😍😍😍

uncroud-blog  asked:

Hello strugling with 49 until i saw this post want to hear othet opinions, sorry for my english :)

Hey, thanks for the ask :) No need to apologise for your English if it’s not your first language (or even if it is).

49. Do Soulmates exist?

There is one Soul and we’re all it; so in that sense, we are all soulmates. We actually connect with each and every Being at the level of Soul every time we meet, however we’re rarely aware of it on the human level; occasionally two people become aware of a Soul connection when they are wholly engaged in the present moment, their minds empty - what we call a ‘moment’, the significance of which has been lost due to being over-romanticised.

So Soulmates at the romantic level don’t exist? I think that when two people who are able to be wholly present whilst together are going to experience that Soul connection more and more often, until it becomes almost a natural state of their Being; they communicate in the silence and the stillness that they cultivate, having no need to fill it with a noise or a movement that doesn’t add meaning to the experience. They move in harmony with one another, even when they’re hundreds of miles apart; theirs is a cosmic dance that transcends time and space. They are what I would refer to as Soulmates!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the question. Have a great day. Namaste :) 


anonymous asked:

Guys if the other mark is an ego then if we choose them to shoot and the real mark does shoot them then the ego will be killed. If we choose the real mark to be shot then he will be killed. If Dark is making one of the marks shoot the othet it is a lose lose situation!

“Did you miss me?” Dark appears in the room once again, restored to his full power. Flecks of blood play across his face like freckles, and he doesn’t even seem to notice that it also stains his suit. “You’re quite right, dear one. But this is my game, after all.”

So im having a little nostalgia from when I used to really enjoy myself. When wr had a common goal and even say a common rallying point. We knew who we up against. And some of my favorite people were still here and this part of the fandom was somewhat balanced. The good old days as they say. Which I know perfectly well were an illusion because the shit was always here. I just think it was balanced out a bit bettet thats all. The negative and pisitive I men.

You might have noticed I reblogged a whoke bunch of stuff from Consumed today because of that nostalgia. Did a search on my blog and realized I did a lot of writing on that episide alone. Meta, Asks and Anons. ASHIT TON haha. And I realized I dont write as much Meta anymore, and I dont get that many asks anymore eithe. Amd I miss doing both. There has a decline in inspiration these days. Although not in my belief in my ship people, just letting you know.

I thonk what I want to say is, I aanna get back to doing my part again and trying to add some light in here again. In othet words im gonna start lighting candles again if thats alright with you guys. And if anyone wants to help with that by sending me asks, prompts or submisdions that would be nice. If not Ill generate it myself, im perfectly capable of that.

My hours at my job are weird but i find a way to make time. It makes me happy to give others joy so yeah 😊

Love ya all and im gonna Caryl the fuck on if you dont mind 😁