he who does not drown ;              ( dreams )

The woods enclose. You step between the first trees and then you are no longer in the open air; the wood swallows you up. There is no way through the wood any more, this wood has reverted to its original privacy. Once you are inside it, you must stay there until it lets you out again for there is no clue to guide you through in perfect safety; grass grew over the track years ago and now the rabbits and the foxes make their own runs in the subtle labyrinth and nobody comes. The trees stir with a noise like taffeta skirts of women who have lost themselves in the woods and hunt round hopelessly for the way out. Tumbling crows play tig in the branches of the elms they clotted with their nests, now and then raucously cawing. A little stream with soft margins of marsh runs through the wood but it has grown sullen with the time of the year; the silent, blackish water thickens, now, to ice. All will fall still, all lapse.

― Angela Carter, The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories

Ahhh, I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump FR-wise, this was a bit like pulling teeth, but I think I’ve finally got a design I’m happy with.

This is Lies, pronounced [Lee-es], a dimension traveling Guardian cursed to eternally search for her Charge across the multi-verse. Unbeknownst to her, her Charge has also been cursed to always die a premature death before Lies can find them. So it’s futile really. Welp, it’s probably best Lies doesn’t know the truth, tired and bitter, but she’s also hella stubborn. Means she still has hope somewhere deep underneath that crusty surface.

(Of course, we know that a happy ending is all lies.)

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John 3:16 is not about you. It’s about who you will become in Him. The verse is a promise, a guarantee that there are better days to come. He knows it’s hard. He knows that there are some nights when you want to cry, yell, shake your fists, and even, die. But he is begging you to hold on. He wants you there. He wants to see your face, hold your hands, and walk with you to the mansion he promised. He knows it sounds ridiculous, especially to those who choose to not fathom the possibility. But he has given you evidence through other people’s stories and your own life. He is waiting in anticipation to finally meet you.

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Hi, I'm looking for Chuuya's biography thats not Wiki, as you mentioned some stuff that he was passionate about alcohol, etc. Also I would like to know if you guys knew the real relationship between Dazai and Chuuya; if they really hated eachother in rl?

I learned a fair amount from his Japanese wiki page, actually, since it’s got a lot more information. Regarding his drinking, you can read a bit (in English) about his drinking habits and his first/most infamous meeting with Dazai here. There are a number of other stories about drunken fights/episodes he had, and he also wrote several poems about alcohol - enough that the Nakahara Chuuya Museum was able to dedicate a small exhibit to them. XD

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when will you write me more marvel

All you have to do is ask…

Tony was fully engrossed in taking apart the toaster.  Because he, unlike Steve, completely agreed with Thor’s opinion that it could definitely use an improved delivery system. He almost had the damn thing completely disassembled when Jarvis cut his music off.  

“Hey, Jarvis, you know the rules, don’t turn off the music when I’m working,” Tony said.  

“Yes sir, but there appears to be a situation upstairs.”  Jarvis explained.

“What kind of a situation?” Tony asked.  He was hoping it wasn’t anything serious, like a call to assemble.  He looked down at all of the parts and pieces laying on the work table in front of him and sighed.  He was pretty sure if he had to leave now he’d never remember where everything was supposed to go.  Not that it mattered, he could probably build a much better one from scratch anyway.  

“Miss Romanov is back and she’s brought Mr. Barton with her.”  

“Finally,” Tony smiled. “And where’s he been?”  

“He didn’t say,” Jarvis said.

“He didn’t say?” Tony stood up.  “He’s been missing for months and doesn’t bother telling anyone where he’s been?  We’ve been worried sick.  Well not really.  Ok maybe Thor was.”

“Sir,” Jarvis interrupted.

“Ok I might have been too, just a little.”  Tony said. “But still he just waltzes in with no explanation?”  

“He didn’t actually waltz sir,” Jarvis said then pulled up a display.  It was the security footage from the main room.  Tony could see Sam and Steve pouring over a map at the table.  They both turned when the elevator door opened and Natasha and Clint walked out of it.

They both looked…well, like shit.  Natasha was limping and Barton’s face looked like it had gone through a cheese grater. Their clothes were dirty and ripped and they looked exhausted.  Before Steve could say anything Barton stepped forward and without saying a word punched Captain America in the face.  

“You kind of buried the lead there Jarvis,” Tony said heading for the stairs.  

“Yes well, you should also know that the situation has…escalated.”  


When Tony made it up to the main room he realized escalated was an understatement.  Sam had Barton on the ground in a headlock. Natasha was holding a gun to Sam’s head while simultaneously screaming at a very confused Steve – in Russian.  

“When she pulls out the Russian you know she’s really pissed,” Barton said through clenched teeth as he grabbed Sam’s wrist, slipped out of the hold and flipped them over, yanking Sam’s arm behind his back.  

“Jarvis, better get Bruce and Thor up here, we might need the muscle.”  Tony said.

“Way ahead of you sir,” Jarvis said as the elevator opened behind Tony.

“I feel like we’ve missed something,” Bruce said taking in the scene.  

“Clint!”  Thor called out happily, before looking between him and Sam confused.  

“Hey Thor,” Clint smiled as Sam twisted out of his hold and brought a leg up to kick him in the face. Clint blocked it easily, rolling away and Sam jumped to his feet, moving to attack again when Thor stepped in and stopped him.  Natasha lowered the gun cautiously as she took in all the new arrivals.  

“Son of Will, Clint is a dear friend,” Thor said solemnly as he held Sam back.  

“Some friend, he just punched Steve in the face,” Sam countered.  

“Clint,” Thor turned to look down at him.  “Is that true?”  He held out a hand to pull Clint up and Clint grabbed it.  

“Damn right it is,” Clint winced as Thor yanked him up, almost pulling his arm out of socket. “And I would have done more if his bodyguard hadn’t jumped me.”

“Bodyguard?” Sam raised an eyebrow, stepping forward toward Clint and Natasha raised the gun again.

“Don’t.” She said simply and Sam stopped in his tracks.  

“And since when do you pull guns on me?”  Sam asked. “I thought our relationship had moved past that.”  

“I’ve never seen you before in my life,” Natasha said simply.

“Damn, that’s cold.” Sam shook his head.  

“Hey can we get back to the main plot?” Tony cut in.  “Like why Legolas decided to punch Captain America?”  

“Seriously?”  Clint asked wiping blood off the corner of his lip. “You have to ask me that after what he did?”

“What I did?” Steve asked confused.  “I didn’t do anything, you just walked in here and punched me.”

“Where have you been?” Bruce asked.  “We’ve been looking for you.”

“Sorry we didn’t call, we’ve been making our way back from Kazakstan.  It’s been a bit slow going since someone decided to leak all our identities, compromise all of our safe houses, and cut off all our support staff, in the middle of a fucking OP.”  

Steve’s expression fell, then hardened.  “SHIELD was infiltrated by Hydra, I did what I had to do,” Steve said then turned to Natasha.  “Tell him Nat.”

“First of all, were not nearly friendly enough for you to use that name with me.  Second of all, you dumped my entire history on the net and burned all my identities, I’m not telling him shit.”  

“Suddenly we’re not friendly enough?”  Steve said confused.  “And dumping your history was your decision and we both know it, don’t try and lay that on me.”  

“My decision?” Natasha said.  “Why the hell would I do something that stupid?”  Natasha asked throwing her hands in the air before going off on another tangent.  In Russian again.  

“Oh, “ Clint winced when she really started going.  “Harsh.”

“I like what you’ve done with your hair,” Tony said cutting her off, mid rant.  She turned to him confused.  “It suits you, much better than that ridiculous straight and somber look you’ve been sporting lately.”

“Lately?”  Natasha asked.

“Yeah a few weeks ago, when you stopped by with Fury’s latest message.”  Tony said.

“I haven’t spoken to Fury in months,” Natasha said, realizing for the first time that maybe something else was going on here.  “The OP we were on was dark.  No contact unless absolutely necessary.  And I haven’t been here since after New York.  I certainly didn’t stop by last week, considering I was in fucking Kazakhstan, getting shot at, because someone blew my cover.”  

“But you were here,” Tony said.  “I can prove it.  Jarvis, pull up the security footage from Natasha’s last visit.”  

Natasha was expecting to see footage from a little over two years ago, right after the battle of New York.  Instead the time stamp on the bottom of the screen read just a few weeks ago.  Sam, Steve, and Tony were sitting at the table, next to them was Natasha, or rather someone that looked a hell of a lot like Natasha – a weird hipster version of her anyway.  She was sitting in between Sam and Steve, leaning back in her chair, her feet up on the table.  She had a beer in her hand and she was smiling, laughing at something Sam said.  

“See, you were here just a few weeks ago,” Tony smiled smugly.  

“Oh that pompous one-eyed son of a bitch,” Natasha said under her breath.

“Wait a minute,” Clint said, looking between the Natasha on the screen and the Natasha that was standing next to him.  “You guys didn’t really think that was her did you?”  He asked, looking at all the other guys in the room.  

“What do you mean that’s not really her?”  Bruce asked. “If it’s not her than who is it?”

“Not who,” Natasha said. “What.  It’s an LMD.”

“What’s an LMD?” Sam asked.

“Life Model Decoy,” Tony said. “An android basically.  Stark Industries created them for the personal security sector.  I didn’t realize SHIELD had gotten a hold of the technology.”  

“SHIELD gets a hold of all the technology, you should know that by now,” Clint said.  

“Yeah well there weren’t supposed to be any of these left,” Natasha said.  “Fury was supposed to destroy them all.”  

“Fury rarely does what’s he’s supposed to,” Clint pointed out to her.  “You should know that by now.”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute,” Sam held up a hand.  “I’m supposed to believe that she-“ he pointed to the Natasha on screen.  “Was a robot?”

“I don’t know what else you could think,” Clint said looking back at the screen.  “I mean seriously? Stark’s right, the hair is ridiculous.”  

my story is about these two sides i guess?? like its set in like a kingdom setting and like th entire kingdom is divided into two parts, and the two sides hate each other. also in the story there are a few people called ‘summoners’ who can summon spirits, demons, faeries, etc,,, but the ability is quite rare and is usually passed down through family. only like?? 4 characters in the story can actually do it but the two sides tend to use that ability against each other and theyre both fighting to rule over all and have absolute power

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Yuu or mika

I actually got 2 of this one haha. Hands down gotta go with my smol son Yu. He’s stubborn while still being open to change so that he doesn’t get confined when going after his goals. Sure, that ambitiousness hasn’t always been the best path to take, but he earnestly tries to learn from his mistakes. He’s grown so much and I can’t help but be proud of him haha. He deserves happiness like many others in the story. I also totally relate to his love for curry, thus my choice is Yuu ❤️

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Can I have some advice in how to draw happy characters? Like my only skill in art is drawing negative emotions and insanity



for me (and i still do this, just not as much anymore) i tend to make the same expression while drawing. But my advice is wonky because all i can say is just kinda test and mess around with faces. Looking at references can help out (i’m bad and forget about them a lot but they are handy). 

Eyebrows are key, i mean not always because you can have eyebrowless characters… But i draw lots of eyebrows bc i like them

The mouth and eyebrows are where you’ll really get the emotion in I think, eyes hold variation and are very expressive too but the other features (especially body language) tie it all together!

definetly body language, that’s a whole other story as you can make someone say yes with their face but no with their body and i’m not entirely sure how to explain it completely

Asthma / Ableism Rant

Look – I know that I’ve been ranting about asthma a lot recently, and in part that is because I most likely have bronchitis (again…) and I am going to my allergy and asthma doctor tomorrow for a check up. However, I want to revisit this post that I wrote a while ago, which was in response to a child being punished for giving a rescue inhaler to a friend who was having a severe asthma attack.

In many schools in the United States, asthmatic children are not allowed to carry their medication. Many schools across the nation have “zero tolerance” policies in regards to prescription medication, meaning that children cannot carry their medication on their person. The nurse is “required” to keep their medication in a locked location within their office. This includes rescue inhalers – a medication specifically made for emergencies.

Now, I have seen a range of response to my post. Some in disbelief that this happens, others sharing stories where they have had near-death experiences without their rescue inhaler. First of all, yes this happens. Second of all, several children have actually died from untreated asthma attacks because they did not have access to a rescue inhaler and/or appropriate care. Many asthma related deaths can be prevented. 

There is without a doubt no reason why a child should not be able to self-carry and administer their own rescue inhaler. My medication was locked in the nurse’s office. The same goes for many asthmatics. Despite state-level efforts to allow self-carry now, The American Lung Association reports that: “there are still a range of policies and practices in place that create barriers to appropriate access to these potentially lifesaving medicines during the school day

There are many different kinds of barriers addressed in the report: not enough on-duty school nurses, medication is costly, parents don’t cooperate and/or don’t disclose their child’s asthma, liability is not addressed, asthma medications may be taken away from a child as punishment, etc. All of these issues disregard the right of the individual person – the asthmatic person – to life-saving medication. 

Asthmatic children should absolutely be taught how to properly use their medication. However, none of the barriers to self-carry should exist. Furthermore, asthma needs to be taken seriously by school districts, but there are a lot of ableist assumptions made about asthmatic children that can prevent them from getting the care they need. Many of these assumptions I’ve experienced first hand:

We “don’t know” our own bodies, and therefore cannot determine when we cannot breathe. We “don’t know” if physical activity will put a strain on us. We could be “lying” to get out of class or physical activity, so we need formal written notes from doctors, signed by our parents, delivered to the school nurse and communicated with instructors. Even then, many assume this is a temporary problem and not a chronic illness.  

Asthmatics should not be suspended for assisting fellow asthmatics via rescue inhaler. Asthmatics should not be dying because they did not have access to their rescue inhaler. Non-asthmatics should not be determining for asthmatics when and where they can take their medication, nor should they be taking that medication away. Everyone who works with asthmatic children should be educated on what to do to help them. 

It is a chronic illness. Asthmatic students will experience fatigue. They will experience shortness of breath and wheezing. They may feel nauseous, anxious, or dizzy. They may not be able to stop coughing or hacking. All of these things cannot be helped without medication, but it is absolutely vital to recognize that these everyday symptoms can suddenly worsen. Asthmatics need to be trusted with their medication. 

Vance feels like a total ass right about now, why hadn’t he realized sooner just how drunk Stefano was?  Why had he believed him when he told him he wasn’t?

Vance:  “I’m sorry…..”

Stefano:  “What did we do?”

Vance trying to figure out a way to put it that didn’t come off crude….

Vance:  “Um…I kissed you….um…intimately.”

Stefano:  “Intimately?  You mean you sucked my……”

Vance cuts him off before he can finish:  “Yes.”

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