anyways the only Actually Happy good wlw movies that can make you laugh and have a happy fucking ending that i know of are saving face (2004) and imagine me and you (2005) and honestly? it’s been over ten (10) years. ten. mcfreaking. years. give me a new one goddammit,,, meanwhile the newest one i heard of deals with corrective rape i’m gonna fucking throw myself into a river we aren’t just trauma and heartbreak and we aren’t angst for heteros to enjoy tRY 👏 AGAIN 👏

“Many of the beloved eighties movies behind ‘Stranger Things’ are, essentially, Lovecraft in suburbia: they take lurid, paranoid fantasies inspired by America’s Puritan, colonial, and racist past and soften them, letting them unfold in a more innocent context.”

Joshua Rothman of The New Yorker recently wrote a fascinating piece linking the unexpected cult hit of the summer, Stranger Things, with something other than The Goonies for a change: H.P. Lovecraft. In fact, Rothman goes so far to say that the ‘80s horror movies Stranger Things pays homage to are actually rooted in the classic themes of Lovecraft. Head to The New Yorker’s website to read Rothman’s full piece, and if you need a Lovecraft refresher (or introduction), our Deluxe of The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories is a great start, not mention the perfect thing to tide you over until the next season of Stranger Things.

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Actually, now that I have watched An Unearthly Child: What do you think? I quite liked it. I thought the first episode was great, and despite the Bigger on the Inside being the least spoilerific thing, I actually thought it was an exciting reveal, so credit to Waris Hussein there. But I did think the caveman plot line could've been reduced. Hell an entire episode could've easily been removed and reduced repetition.

Yeah, that’s about the general assessment of it, matching many fan’s feelings as well as my own. The first episode is eerie and atmospheric and a phenomenal hook, while the next few parts are a bit tedious. But damn, that first episode. That. First. Episode.

Solstice’s breeder says she has never had mesenteric torsion in one of her dogs, and is unaware of any offspring that have had it. Not surprising and it’s nice to have that answer at least. Of course it’s possible that there have been offspring with it that haven’t been reported to her. But a significant genetic link is still unlikely and as far as I know hasn’t been established in other cases.

It just seems to be one of those sad, cruel twist of fate things.

She did share with me some stories of other dogs that she has lost suddenly and young that were dear to her. For different reasons of course and nothing that indicates a problem with her dogs, just more cases of cruel fate that can happen to anybody.

Nothing can lessen Solstice’s loss like having her back, but I have received so many stories from others of also losing their dogs suddenly and/or young and it is comforting (in a sad way) to not feel alone. My little white girl has had an impact on a lot of people and that is comforting as well. To be honest I always felt like agility people around here (irl) didn’t think much of her because she wasn’t a border collie, or a flashy high drive dog, but it seems that just as she was a quiet dog, people were quietly noticing her.

"I think we both established that you cared more than I did"

We met in university and became close during the brief year that we had classes together. We eventually moved on to our respective fields in uni, but we kept in touch over the years and became closer as a result. She was always flirtatious during our friendship (at least I thought she was) and I often wondered if she actually felt something for me, but because she had a boyfriend for most of our friendship, I simply ignored it mostly, although there were moments where I felt things. However; by my final year of university, she was single and I thought it would have been a good opportunity to explore the attraction that we both felt for each other. Long story short, we had a tryst for a few weeks and whilst it wasn’t entirely emotional at first (at least for me), it eventually developed into a complicated mess of feelings and jealousy; which eventually ended with a broken friendship and unanswered questions.

The saddest part is; she doesn’t even remember saying that to me and she still doesn’t understand why I cut her off. The other sad part is; she moved on in less than a month and I’m still here… confused about what I feel and why I still care; almost a whole year since we last saw each other face to face. 

Feeling alright there Mercy (teehee)?

Mercy wakes up feeling sick to her stomach but it quickly passes.  She heads out to the living room to join her family.  For some reason, she decides to bypass the freshly made breakfast scramble in favor of left over fish.

Fish for breakfast?  Must be those pregnancy cravings already at work!

If you’d like to read the Chaisson Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

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How do you know when you've joined a fandom?

I think the simple answer is when you dare to live and love in that fandom’s world outside of having read/watched the corresponding books or movies.

Technically, I think it could be said that you’ve joined a fandom so long as you liked the media you consumed, but I think truly being in fandom involves some kind of participatory action on your part. Like, you could read a book, enjoy it, maybe think about it for a day or two, but then if you toss it aside and never come back to it again in any way beyond a mention here and there - the ability to say, yes, I’ve read that - are you really in the fandom, ya know?

But if you read a book and you get involved, I think that’s when fandom magic happens. it doesn’t have to be much. It could be something as simple as talking to others about the story, maybe cracking punny jokes, or just browsing a fanart tag now and then, enough so that the story doesn’t ever leave your mind completely. And on the other end of the spectrum, it can be extreme: midnight release parties, cosplay, fanfiction or fanart YOU create, the whole nine yards.

Ultimately, fandom is what you make it and the wonderful thing is that no matter how little or how much you participate in fandom, it is always there for you to come home to whenever you need it.


i could totally make an audiobook of Life and Other Short Stories and it wouldn’t destroy my voice as much as one for Robins would so i think, i will do that

people get so freaking hard for these weird secondary Slytherins who are barely even in the story other than their names but no one ever talks about or draws or does anything with Crabbe and Goyle who are arguably much more important to Draco and the whole story in general than Pansy/Blaise/Theodore (especially Theodore I mean come on why does anyone even talk about him!!!) and it’s just like…..I wonder why. But wait I know why. It’s because they aren’t conventionally attractive and tbh I think that’s a little icky of the fandom

The Thavnairian father he had never met had given him a name in his own tongue: Alttur, for the bull under whose constellation he had been born. The old story went that of all the forgotten deities in the heavens, there was one who descended to walk the world below and soon succumbed to the chaos of mankind. He was reborn again and again through the ages, dying of battle and hunger and heartache, never knowing the peaceful sleep of aether, until at last he deigned to meditate on the profundity of his journey. The story had no happy ending. Unlike all of the other stories his mother had recounted to him, it had no ending at all.

Some years after Ala Mhigo fell, the Garleans had taken to calling him Walker. It was codename and call sign and any other appellation they required, and though most yet referred to him as “Rosenheim” or “Ashley” in private company, “Walker” had become his identity in a way “Riot” never had.

He could not say he minded. Like the name from his long-dead father, like a story he knew but had never told, it was familiar in its own way.

His mind fixated on those strangely random reminiscences, even as he looked out over a precipice and saw the first green vestiges of Dravania. Here, all attempts at meditation were futile.

To Sir...With Love

Story Summary: After taking up the role of Potions Mistress at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the war, Hermione Granger reaches out to her former teacher for advice. As the exchange of letters begins neither of them realise that their conversations on the page will translate to something much more in the real world.

The story begins through their exchange of letters but will move into โ€˜live actionโ€™ later on.

This story is dedicated to my lovely friendย @wizzygold who kindly prompted me wanting an AU fic where Severus and an older Hermione become friends when Hermione is a teacher at Hogwarts. I was going to bank this prompt for later but the story got into my head and ran away. I will be updating short chapters when I can alongside my other, larger fics.

Story Rating: G going up to T later on

Thank you to @mariequitecontrarie - my wonderful beta as always

Chapter Title: Three Letters

He ignored the first three letters that arrived.

They were too pertinent a reminder of that time. The penmanship was too familiar, the tone of the note so similar to the voice he still sometimes heard in his head. It reminded him of interruptions to his lectures, questions too insightful for a person of her age, eyes too deep with knowledge and sadness learned too brutally and too young.

He ignored the first three letters that arrived, but he didnโ€™t throw them away.

They sat on his mantle, emitting a siren call until he opened them and read them one dreary afternoon in early October.

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I loved your response to that last anon; my first college didn't work out for me and I took a year off to figure things out... I'm back at school now but I still feel like I should have my life together already... but now I know I'm not alone. Thanks

These asks help me too you know. It’s nice to hear other people’s stories and know we’re not alone. And trust me, even though I’m happy with my new school, I am no where near having my life together. I’m about to be a senior so everyone is asking me what I want to do next and I have no idea. So not everyone has every thing figured out, just take your time and hopefully you find something that makes you happy

Classes Starting Update

So I’ve had quite the summer. Sometimes even hard to keep up with posting a weekly challenge, as such much writing has not occurred. Now that classes have started, I can write more as I fall into a schedule. As I work on stories I will also finish up some more asks from Dexter’s Takeover as well as any requests people have. What stories am I working on you may ask, well here is a status report:

Dexter’s Harem is on hiatus. The third chapter is a collab.

The second chapter for Smells Like Team Spirit is planned out and about ¼th done. 

A new series called “The Incident” is started and the first chapter is halfway done.

And a few one shots are in the works as well. Themes include muscle theft, olympics, and some based off of other author’s stories that were one-shots too. And as a teaser, I am writing a story from the first RP @absqrst and I did together more than a year ago. So here are a few lines from the rp:

“He sucked in as much air as he could as he lowered the bar down to his chest, then struggled to lift the bar up. From the other side of the gym a door closing could be heard. Red-faced, Steven locked out his arms and set the bar back. “Looks like you are having some trouble there. Maybe you should try a lower weight.” A voice boomed from the side of the gym. The two college students looked to where the voice originated. It was a giant of a man. He had to be well over 6 feet tall and maybe just as wide. He was wearing a black polo that was straining everywhere to contain the man’s muscle. The same could be said for his khaki shorts. “I’m Tom Gucianni, the owner here. You guys signed in?” Steven was speechless at the sight of the giant.”

  • INFJ:counseling all my friends and people who aren't even my friends because I'm too nice to say I'm too tried emotionally to listen to your issues
  • INFP:thinking of another idea for a story while my other 10 billon stories lay as unfinished documents
  • ENFJ:dreaming about wanting to lead my own middle school soccer team
  • ISFP:Drinking tea while thinking about cats
  • ISTJ:cleaning my room until it's fresh and clean, dusted and organized perfectly. nothing feels more satisfying.
  • ESTJ:defending one of my values or someone important to me when I'm pissed off
  • ENTJ:critically editing my writing. talking myself up in the mirror when I feel nervous
  • ENTP:sending weird youtube videos to my friends at 3 am. quoting memes in public daily even when no one else understands
  • INTP:watching 'top 10 weird but true government experiments' at 2 am and defending that aliens exist to my parents
  • INTJ:throwing out dry, sarcastic comments when I'm tired or I'm somewhere I don't want to be
  • ESFJ:hoping the firefly I saw in the rain is okay and got home safely
  • ESFP:sending sleep deprived overly affectionate texts to my friends
  • ISFJ:listening to Chopin on rainy days
  • ESTJ:silently in my head ripping apart something stupid someone said that pissed me off
  • ISTP:cursing and grabbing a bat when I hear something loud when I'm home alone