Don’t ever, EVER feel discouraged when making your Animal Crossing town. 

This game is supposed to be relaxing, not stressful. 

Hacked or not, your town is special to you, and thats AMAZING. 

Don’t worry about what other people think, because its your town, not theirs.

Make a town that YOU enjoy and that will make YOU happy. 

this morning

10:00am: OMFG Meet and Greet ticket release omfg
10:07am: no more tickets left
10:15am: Oh well maybe it’s meant to be, plus some other people can meet them
11:00am: Eats breakfast while watching Sherlock
11:15am: Goes to check if the tickets are still gone
11:20am: “You have Gold ticket B Dan and Phil”

MORE STUFF about Grace Ryder that I’ve decided.

She’s a cultural anthropologist and huge mythology buff, thinks the best way to understand a people is to understand the stories they have to tell, wants to hear new stories and share humanity’s stories with others - think like the “Darmok on the Ocean” episode of Next Gen which remains like one of the best Trek episodes of all time.

I want her color scheme to revolve around the color turquoise bcs southwestern Chicanx is an aesthetic unto itself.

She is a dog person but being a spacer she couldn’t really have a big dog so she had a tiny Pomeranian. I may or may not decide that she just brought the dog with her on the Andromeda initiative bcs fuck your limited space, the dog only weighs like 8 pounds and she loves him too much to leave him behind.

Also the dog is golden blonde so his name is Huitzilopochtli bcs the sun, but she just calls him Weetzee for short.

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In regards to that 'writing with colour' post you reblogged, how do you incorporate diversity into your fanfiction? I know here on tumblr, I see a lot of different skin-coloured Harrys and Hermiones, but I have a hard time repicturing them as POC from who they are in my head. There are other characters that I've pictured as POC but I rarely describe skin tone of 'known' (aka they've been portrayed in the movies) characters anyway and it's either an all-or-nothing thing... What do you do?

Honestly, I’m still learning. 

Because I am white, I do feel at a disadvantage when it comes to writing races cultures that I’m unfamiliar with. Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t want to misrepresent them, or just make a character a POC to fill a quota. That’s not representing or respecting. So most of the time I stick to my own headcanons of characters, and how they are represented in the majority of other stories I’ve read (including canon.) 

I don’t often describe skin tone either, but when I do, I try to remember what I have read from people who know better than I do. I avoid comparisons to food, anything that over sexualises a person and their race in a way that I would never do with a white character, avoiding overly describing a POC character in a way that I would never do with a white character.

It’s something that I want to work on with my writing, because I think that POC need to have a better representation in stories. ♥

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When paps take pics, do they know what the pics will be used for? Like what story they'll run with?

I assume that sometimes they are asked to capture certain shots in certain locations or with certain people so they can probably either assume what it’s for or are told what it’s for so they can make sure they get pics that will line up well with that story. Other times I think they just get the pics and sell them and whoever buys them tells whatever story they want based on how they look. That’s my guess.

I’d be happier if they didn’t do anything tbh

Like at this point, this late, bringing up trahearne again is just smashing salt into an old semi healed wound. It doesn’t help anything. It doesn’t change the shitty experience they wrote for the story in the first place, it doesn’t excuse that his death had no value or sense for the story other than shock, doesn’t explain why noone properly mentioned him or why the sylvari didn’t care and it doesn’t give any closure whatsoever!! A monument after like 6 months, in a place noone ever realisticaly visits in game and a shitty half assed letter brings -0 satisfaction.
But you know, that’s just me

At least we got a mini scavenger hunt I guess.

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I love the idea for reylo mostly for the plot aspect. It would make for great writing and is a different path for the Star Wars movies to take, other than the traditional story telling.

You said it! I think it’d make for a very dynamic plot in these next two instalments. I’m excited to see what happens!

“I haven’t signed anything.”

“I hate you.”

I read this fic by @byakurangesso and i am suddenly cured. all my problems have disappeared.

Building characters up for the big ending of the book without really knowing how the “final battle” is actually going to play out

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i am everything i’ve learned and more, still it calls me… and the call isn’t out there at all - it’s inside me! it’s like the tide, always falling and rising! i will carry you here in my heart, you’ll remind me; that come what may, i know the way! i am moana!