• Me:*think and write an elaborate post that it took days to think *
  • Post:*vaguely exceeds 20 notes*
  • Me:*write a silly post that thought in an instant*
  • Post:*breaks the 500 notes and becomes popular*
  • Me:*looks into the camera like I'm on the office*

*slides anet 20$* so about malyck coming back

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You love rapmon admit it 😉


how can you say such a thing?

how could I?

really… i don’t know what you are talking about

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I don’t know who is this person… or why is he calling me babe out of nowhere

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yeah, bye.

PS: Of course I love him. I love his dorky ass to pieces. Like… his smile is brighter than my future. I wish i could talk about serious issues with him, in a white aesthetic coffee shop, with a cappuccino, maybe even discuss about books. I DON’T KNOW. I LOVE ALL SEVEN MEMBERS AND THEY ALL MAKE ME WAVER.



(but like, just imagine Jacob getting drunk and putting this on and singing along while Kaz watches indulgently. And then later in the 1950s when there this song has a resurgence in popularity Kaz sings the most devastating rendition EVER. These are the kinds of feelings I’m having tonight and it’s all the fault of @sweetfirebird but its okay because she pointed out that Will would also love this song and that is much less sad)

Finally. Effing. Finally.

And before anything, if you suddenly noticed the big change on how I draw Lucy, I blame TCS’s cover for this.

(Also apparently I have to clean the rust that has started forming around my hands.)

Incoming L&C:THB spoiler (I still respect those whose translation is as slow as mine–I feel your pain), opinions, feels etc etc. Super long wall of text ahead! tl;dr

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Evi:  “So, let me get this straight.  You want me to be the brains and you’ll be the muscle?”

Remington stares at her because he’s pretty sure the damn young brat just called him stupid…..again!

Remington:  “You do realize that I’m a genius?”

Evi:  “You do realize that I don’t care?”

Remington:  “Working with you is going to drive me crazy…..”

Evi:  “I haven’t said yes.”

Remington:  “Yet.”

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Alpha Aiden “Not a bad guy”

“I’ve been trying to be a hero for months! Is it not enough to make up for all the bad stuff I did?” Aiden raised his voice and he threw your packed bags on the floor. “You’ve been loving me for all this time and now someone tells you I’m a bad guy and you simply grab your stuff and plan on leaving me?”

You took a deep breath and bent your head. You didn’t know what to believe anymore. At some moments you thought that Aiden was the most amazing and most wonderful person in the world. At other times you heard stories about him that made you literally sick.

“You can’t simply leave without saying something!” Aiden stared at you and you stared back at him. He looked so broken, so hurt, so desperate in a way. He looked nothing like the boy your friends had tried to describe when you had told them who you were dating.

Eventually you fell down on the bed. Tears were rolling down your cheeks and you buried your face in the palm of your hands. “I don’t know what to believe anymore, Aiden.” You sighed a few times. “You saying you love me over and over again. Even that often that it sometimes makes me feel a little overwhelmed.” You swallowed. “Or the pack telling me that you were the one forcing Derek to kill his very own beta.”

Aiden curled his fingers around your wrists and he pulled your hands away. He didn’t say anything about your red and swollen eyes. But he didn’t try to wipe away your tears either. “I had not choice…” He spoke softly. “I didn’t want to kill Boyd, but I literally had no choice.”

You held your breath and tried to look into his eyes. You didn’t manage. You didn’t manage to look into the eyes of a monster. You didn’t manage to look at the face of a werewolf with blood on his claws. “I’m in love with a monster. How can I ever look at my own reflection again?”

“You’re acting like loving me is a crime!” Aiden raised his voice again, but he kneeled down in front of you, his hands still holding yours. “You’re acting like by loving me you’ve been the one who committed the murder.” He paused for a short moment. “There is only one person in this room who has to learn how to live with all the bad things he has done. I assure you it’s not you.”

“You killed one of my friends, Aiden!” You twirled your wrists around and freed yourself from his embrace. “We’re not talking about an annoying wasp that flew into our house. We’re talking about an innocent human being who didn’t want anything else for this world than for it to become a better place.”

Aiden shook his head. “You have no idea what Deucalion meant to me and my brother, do you?” He bent his head and his fingers were rubbing your knuckles. “You have no idea how shitty our life was before he found us, do you?” He looked up at you again and his grip tightened. “You have no idea how much we owed him, do you?”

You closed your eyes for a moment and when you opened them again you licked your lips and shook your head. “You have never told me anything about your life and what it looked like before I met you.” You sighed and saw the tears burning in his eyes. “Fine, if you tell me everything and manage to explain why I should forgive you for killing Boyd, you’ll get another chance.”

“I promise I won’t waste it.” Aiden stood up and he sat down on the bed next to you. “It all started when my brother and I were still very young. It all started the day a hunter took down our parents.”

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I thought Ultimanias WERE canon. To hear they're not... it's a sudden and unprepared for shift in reality. At one point I myself saved pmog's translations because they gave excellent background information on Spira for ficcage... I've been relying on unofficial material?

Well, I mean. (this got long, so lemme cut it.)

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I keep forgetting to say this but to the anon who wanted to know how to feel better about their writing: sometimes I do find it helps to stop reading others stories just for a little while, especially in the fandom I'm writing in to give me a bit of distance. Maybe a week or so, then go back and read what I've written without anyone else's work fresh in my mind & I find it a lot easier to appreciate my work? And think 'wow, I wrote this?! Go me!' If that makes sense? (Hope this is OK to send?)

(cont by @gothyringwald): (That was basically what you said - to stop comparing - but I just thought I’d throw my two cents in, so to speak, because that distance really can help. I find sometimes I get too caught up in that comparison, etc., and while I don’t want to stop reading others fic completely because I want to support the fandom - your advice for that was spot on too - sometimes, yeah, the distance helps. Or just putting away what I’ve written and go back a while later and it feels really different). 


^^^ all of this!

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I've just seen the post about reading sex chapter of fanfiction you had reblogged... Could you give us a title, author or link to the story with Mulder having Scully handcuffed to the bed? ;>

Where do I start? There are so many. Aphrodisia is a good start. Gossamer. I would link but I’m on mobile. There are other BDSM stories too. Silk Rose or something like that….

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How do you dump a beta?

Unfortunately your feedback isn’t thorough enough/your schedule is too full/you’re not following the story/some other reason, so I won’t be able to review with you any longer. But I really appreciate all of your help thus far. Thank you so much 🙆🏻

^ something like that.

Camp veta really?

I’m extremely disappointed that the Jack Cardale story was one of the winning stories. It was clever, sure, but so many other stories were much much better; this one took very little imagination and thought process. It’s just frustrating, seeing all of that beautiful work being passed over by a snippet. Not to mention the fact that so many people said they didn’t even read stories, just like…. Voted for random ones? Makes sense…

I was so excited to read these stories and see all this creativity. Being a writer, you kind of are overshadowed by visual art on subeta. And it seemed a little like this was no exception. 

So to those of you that worked really hard and agonized over the grammar and tone, tore your hair out because of writer’s block and resigned to thinking you wouldn’t win anyway, good job. I hope to see more writing in the future!! 

before people jump in claiming sour grapes over my story not winning, I submitted an avatar


Jack Cardale’s ‘adventure’ should not have won.