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I think it's important to have a conversation about white feminism, & how some so-called feminists don't speak up when it's something happening to a not white woman. That's what the anger at Leslie's co-stars is about. Unfortunately, people are ignoring the fact that Kate & Kristen DON'T HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA. Other celebs just have to tweet & they get praised for it, but Kate & Kirsten are apparently being held to different standards simply b/c they don't have SM to show public support.

Yes! If you want to call yourself a feminist, then you should support ALL women! Of course I see where people are coming from when they question why the other cast members haven’t spoken up, but there are other things to consider. Like you said, Kate and Kristen don’t have social media at all (and Melissa isn’t very active in her accounts) so there’s one thing. Of course people will say they have a PR team to relay the message, but I’ve said before, they could be afraid to. I’ve seen some people say they are afraid to ‘ruin their image’ if they publicly support Leslie, which I personally do not believe. Let me expand on this: internet trolls are the worst, they will literally look for ANYTHING to spew their hate on. If Kate, Kristen, or Melissa spoke out they’ll no doubt be hit with these trolls. People will use the simple fact that they were in Ghostbusters to justify saying terrible things to them, and others will use the fact that they are supporting Leslie as that form of justification (along with other bullshit reasons I’m sure). Of course I hope they make a public statement as its more public support towards Leslie, but I will still respect them even if they support her privately. We aren’t talking about someone like Katy Perry supporting her, we are talking about the cast of a hugely controversial movie (And I’m not saying this whole situation with Leslie is solely because of the movie, I’m just saying that people are using a fictional film as a real reason to hate the people who made it). Other celebrities showing support will not be hit with the hate the cast will be hit with. It completely sucks that the situation has been reduced to this, but it’s something that could happen. I’m not saying anything I’ve said above is 100% right or proven, I’m just offering up possibilities and reasons. There will still be people who believe otherwise (and may be right for all we know) and I respect that, I just hate to see more people torn down after what’s happened. I’ve said this many times before- while support is very important in times like this, we shouldn’t forget the people who caused this to happen.

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Love how you always keep it real with Josh/Jen, even with the current state of fakery. Considering how close J/J/Liam/Woody, etc. profess to be, why do you think they don't publicly support the others' charities? I'm not necessarily talking about SBNN, but it would be a natural fit, seeing as Jen and Liam are open about their support for the LGBTQ community. And likewise with Jen's and Liam's causes. Other celeb pals seem to support each other in this way. I'm interested in your take. Thanks!

Thanks very much and thanks for the thoughful question. Yes, celebrities sometimes do support each other’s charities but I think a lot of time there’s a lack of overlap because - as cynical as it sounds - the causes that a celebrity chooses to support often times compliments their brand and becomes  synonymous with that celebrity specifically. In Hollywood it’s important to differentiate yourself from other celebs and also show that you have a diverse group of people in your professional circle. This is obviously more of a factor for Josh and Liam than Jen.  

Moreover, there’s plenty of worthy causes to which to provide a voice. 

Of course that is a super basic answer to your question. There are many other factors in play such as other projects the celeb might be working on and with whom, the transparency of the charity in question (👀 - cough, cough), etc. - but that’s probably one of the most basic reasons why there isn’t overlap with the THG crew.