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I see your point, but respectfully disagree on a few points. The pop industry's main sm platform has shifted away from Twitter to IG. Louis has a strong account, but it's not in the same league as other young celebs. So, engaging with him isn't as big a draw as it was during Twitter's prime. And not every celeb like is calculated. Some like certain posts just bc they, too, are fans. The lack of celeb interest, to me, maybe is related to a bigger issue of Louis not yet growing his fanbase. Yet.

Hi anon,

I disagree with the ‘not every celeb like is calculated’. In an environment where news is made off of social media behavior alone (”… unfollowed/followed…”, “.. commented THIS on ….: Look how CUTE” in the NL we even have a rubric that’s only about what celebs post on socials), and celebs are held accountable for their likes/comments/posts/follows - they’ll be aware of what it conveys when they do/don’t like something.

I’ll agree that IG is growing and perhaps overtaking Twitter in terms of value to celebs. Louis’ profile is still much bigger than a bunch of other celebs - though yes, he isn’t in the leagues of Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. But those people also use their Instagram much more steadily. Louis nowadays posts something maybe once every ¾ months it seems - it’s not interesting for people to start following him. Building an IG following takes time, effort, but mostly it requires content. Louis’ following was growing steadily over the course of last year, because guess what, he was posting loads of selfies on a fairly regular basis. Liam and Niall keep growing their IG following because they too are super active and also make good use of the IG story feature. Harry’s hasn’t grown that much but he was far ahead anyways since he had his whole IG artsy phase (and because he’s Harry). 

The lack of celeb interest is mostly poignant to me because it’s impossible to not have anyone comment on your music when you’ve been a part of One Direction. It just isn’t. Also not when you share a label with other similar acts who would do well to namedrop you - who share not just a labell, but also mgmt or PR. Any celeb who’d do it out of their own volition would be a bonus, of course. But it’s his team’s job to get soft promo on the road.

And again - a bigger issue of him not growing his fanbase is a symptom of a badly managed PR campaign that was never aimed at doing so. What it aimed to do wasn’t even to sell his music, make him appeal as an artist -  it was meant to establish a certain angle to the ‘underdog’ narrative and to drill his public private life into people’s brains. 

So I agree to some extent, but it’s not the cause , but one of many outcomes that aren’t favorable to Louis and I therefore dislike.

Why the Rolling Stone's Fansplaining of Harry Styles Misses the Point
Saskia Postema, Contributor

It is safe to say that almost the entire world has recently been exposed to the solo debut of Harry Styles, member of the band One Direction. While he was not the first one to start up a solo project – Zayn Malik left the band in 2015 to pursue a solo career, whereas both Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson released solo material in 2016 – he was, perhaps after Zayn’s dramatic departure, the most hyped and anticipated artist out of the original bandmembers.

It’s been two weeks since Harry released his incredibly successful #1 debut single, Sign of the Times, which leads his self-titled LP that will hit stores on the 12th of May. Subsequently, critics have been quick to write their reviews, labeling the rock anthem as an epic song that establishes Harry as a credible artist. Part of the promotional roll-out of Harry’s debut seems to be centered around the cultivation of that notion: Harry Styles is to be seen as an authentic, honest, yet mysterious, credible musician. Given the fact that Rolling Stone profiles itself as the market-leading music magazine when it comes to crediting such artistry, it was to be expected that a profile and cover issue of Harry Styles would follow suit.

In a companion piece, Rolling Stone published a so-called ‘fansplaining’ column on their website – delving into the fanbase that has supported Harry Styles throughout the years, probably aimed at gauging their reaction to his debut. An interesting take, given the fact that the journalistic lens of Rolling Stone seems to focus mostly around discrediting the opinion of young women, particularly those who have been avid fans of the music that One Direction has put out in previous years, and who have supported Harry and his peers throughout that time. Aside from the fact that such an understanding of music is abhorrently misogynist, as it values the middle-aged white male’s opinion as somehow more legitimate than those of women (even when those women were able to recognize the artist’s talent years prior to those men who were blinded by their fragile masculinity), the article also failed to do what it intended: Explain what makes these fans so loyal to their idol.

There seems to be a deep-rooted misunderstanding of the relationship between fans and the artist they support, starting with the idea that all fans are the same. They are not. As such, many internal disagreement can exist within a fandom, while all maintaining the same admiration for the artist. It should be clear that fans are perhaps, aside from the artist themselves, the most critical of the output provided. People might find that contradictory, but I have found this to be true amongst many different groups of fans. It is similar to having a best friend that loves you unconditionally, but that will set you straight and call you out on your mistakes when you stumble. Fans are there to help the artist along, but that doesn’t mean they will not hesitate to analyze, criticize and educate their idol as well as their peers if they feel this is necessary. Such criticism stems from the expectations they have formed about said output products. Most fans will distinguish between music on the one hand, and image on the other hand. This is separate from the expectations and perception fans have from their idol’s personality. However, they will expect both music and image to reflect the personality of the artist – this is where the honesty comes into play.

For those who have been following One Direction’s career and musical development, the style of music chosen by Harry did not come as a surprise. In fact, while many reviewers seem to shy away from making the comparison, it seems that Harry’s music seems to progress most naturally out of the latest albums of One Direction. Songs like Walking in the Wind, If I Could Fly, or the slightly older Ready to Run and Where do Broken Hearts Go all reflect similar soft-rock vibes. It also fits the fans’ perception of what Harry’s personal taste in music is like, as he’s always hinted at big artists from the 70s and 80s as his big musical influences. His continuous rejection of explaining his lyricism is also consistent with the Harry fans have come to know and love over the years – he’s expressed many a times how much he values music as art. And art is interpreted by the person observing the artpiece, he likes that a song might give different people different perspectives, as long as it resonates, it’s enough.

This links back to image. In my view, many fans see Harry as fiercely protective of his private life. And with good reason, given how he had to grow up in the limelight – starting off on the X Factor, a reality show that is as much a storytelling drama series as it is a singing competition. However, this is also where there is a deep dissatisfaction amongst fans. Part of celebrity culture is providing the public with certain glimpses into your private life, and fans are quite ambivalent in their appreciation of this. On the one hand, fans want to see their idols be happy and have the opportunity to talk to them, or get to know them. On the other hand, fans recognize the flagrant violation of privacy in terms of stalkers, paparazzi and ‘inside sources’ speaking to the press.

In Harry’s case, this is where the dichotomy is most apparent. While he himself never speaks out about his private life or relationships, not even his friendships with other celebs such as Ed Sheeran, Alexa Chung or Nick Grimshaw; his private life has quite possibly been most speculated about and most prominent in tabloids out of all the One Direction members. Rolling Stone does an abysmal job at respecting the same mysteriousness they hail Harry for trying to uphold by filling in the blanks and pushing him to talk about relationships he’s chosen not to address in the past. Their leading title for their profile does not focus on the music, or him as a new solo artist, but rather on him ‘opening up about famous flings’. It is a common misconception that fans want to hear him say that he’s single, or want to know the ins and outs of who he beds. Rather, fans want to hear what makes Harry happy. They don’t want to marry him, they want to know if he’s hydrated and well loved by his family and friends – if he’s taken enough holidays and if there’s anything in particular he still wants to achieve or cross of his bucket list; that is if he has one. They want to hear him honour the fundamental friendships that underpin the appreciation and adoration fans carry for all One Direction members. They want to know what inspires him – not who. Does he order a cheeseburger at McDonald’s, or does he enjoy a Big Mac on cheat days? 

Similarly, many fans will find the sudden recognition by Rolling Stone and other acclaimed music reviewers to be bittersweet. While they will feel proud of Harry at seeing him succeed and get this approval, they also call it for what it is: a thinly-veiled rejection of One Direction and the Harry Styles prior to his solo debut. It is an honour to be hailed as the next David Bowie or Mick Jagger, but the line between inspiration and imitation is thin, which makes fans wary. What is more – the celebration of Harry’s apparent ‘new honesty and authenticity’ (again a rejection of his previous work) is rather awkward, when the reviews do not seem to provide Harry Styles with the room to be iconic as himself. They make sure to draw comparisons with a multitude of icons from the past, as if every choice he’s made has been infused with the mentality to emulate his predecessors. Fans want Harry to succeed by being true to who he is, and while his music gets recognition, it’s still not perceived as being something that is only fully Harry’s.Finally, it is important to not just address what fans expect from their idol, but also what they take away from them. In Rolling Stone, Harry Styles shared that what hurts him are fundamental issues that are lacking in today’s society – things like ‘equal rights, for everyone – all races, sexes, everything’. He’s a feminist, has been involved in the HeforShe campaign, and has expressed his support for LGBTQ+ as part of One Direction. He was frequently seen waving a rainbow flag in concerts, stated that ‘here at One Direction, we love love. Love is love,’ and has worn rainbow bracelets – most recently even a rainbow pin proudly fastened on his shirt. Moreover, he’s taken great care in answering questions about partners, favouring the word ‘spouse’ and always using gender-neutral pronouns. Harry is proud of the fact that he wears 26inch women’s skinny jeans, and continues to present himself as vulnerable in photoshoots, and to break gender norms by not shying away from the colour pink, silk and sheer, glitter boots, or wearing nailpolish. While some might not see the significance in this, these moves are incredibly powerful and can help people of all ages feel more accepted and comfortable with being who they are – it makes them feel normal and safe in a heteronormative world that is dominated by gender stereotypes. What is more, it reinforces their love and support for the artist, as they agree with their worldview – it’s a connection on a more fundamental level, that is not fueled by romantic love interest, or aesthetically pleasing faces and outfits.

Moreover, it inspires fans to change their views on society, and to extend the same charity and empathy as their idol does. In this respect, One Direction and its individual members have - unfortunately - been grossly underrated. Only recently did Steve Aoki note the incredibly power held by this fanbase in particular, calling the fans ‘an institution, like an army of bees’, recognizing how Louis Tomlinson’s fans were mainly responsible for his debut single’s smash success – creating and coordinating their own promotional campaigns, creating merchandise and posters, and requesting the song on radios. But this dedication does not limit itself to seeing their favourite artist succeed. Inspired by the great amount of charity work that One Direction has done itself, ranging from participating in Comic Relief and being patrons of numerous charities to Louis Tomlinson spending over 3 million pounds to organize a fundraiser in the form of a Princess Ball for ill children, the fans have bolstered this attitude to give to those in need and started charity drives in honour of the multiple members. The popular account 1DFansGive encourages fans to donate money to the charities that Harry and his peers are patrons of or have expressed their support for – with unparalleled, consistent success.

These positive aspects of the unique relationship between Harry Styles/1D and the fanbase are entirely lacking or even erased in media representation, which further fuels the dichotomy and love-hate relationship that fans have with media outlets. They stigmatize his fans as being teenage girls who fantasize about a relationship with him, and therefore are obsessed with his sex life – when this is frankly an insulting and gross overgeneralization. It is off-putting that fans are shamed for behavior they do not demonstrate, all the while the press engages in exactly that same behavior. It is not fans who force the idea of Harry Styles dating Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner down anyone’s throats – it’s the press. It is not fans that prioritize his romantic relationships over his musical abilities and interests – it’s the press. On the other hand – it’s not the press that makes an artist successful, it’s the fans. And most importantly, it’s not the press that annually raises thousands of dollars inspired by an artist’s activism - it’s the fans. And the press doesn’t even report it; not even when they attempt fansplaining.

My advice? Don’t try something if the verb is derived from a harmful, toxic, divisive, humiliating and belittling behaviour that takes away someone’s voice and agency. Fansplaining is just as appreciated by fans as mansplaining is by women - not at all.

BTS as Roommates


  • ”hey, Third Guy From The Left, pass the remote”
  • cleans up after you, cooks for you, nags a lot; he’s basically your second mom
  • your friends coming over to hit on him
  • which he’s totally down with; “I’m worldwide handsome, what do you expect?”
  • your parents wishing you two would get together
  • you two cuddle sometimes and it’s fine, it’s nothing romantic. just two friends chilling in each others arms,, move along ppl, nothing to see here
  • you’re his taste tester
  • so he often makes you stand by while he cooks, so he can spoon boiling hot sauce from the pot into your mouth to ask if he needs more salt
  • buys you BTS merch
  • “I better be your ultimate bias” “look at me, I’m everyone’s bias and bias wrecker” “the real visual of BTS taehyung better back off”

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  • you joke that he’s basically a ghost
  • he’s usually not there, since he’s at the studio or doing promotions, concerts, etc. and when he is there, he’s sleeping
  • whenever he’s there and actually awake you’re like “who are you? I didn’t know you lived here” “shut up and tell me what there is to eat in this house. are there any lamb skewers?”
  • like I said, he’s mostly not there but when he is, he wants to spend some time hanging with you. the boys are fine but he’s so Tired of their antics that time with you is like a breath of fresh air
  • you don’t do much, just watch tv and order take out but it suites you both just fine. he usually shit talks other celebs during that time, so you know all the inside gossip
  • “wait, he’s cheating on her with the model??” you gasp
  • “yeah, I caught them fucking backstage”
  • “well, damn :( he was my bias”

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  • so f*cking loud omg u wonder why you still live with him
  • he’s energetic and loud (I can’t stress the loud part) for the most part, even waking you up with pans banging or singing in your ear
  • insists on “roommate bonding time” which is just an excuse to go out, get drunk & bring back f*ck buddies
  • has the LOUDEST sex
  • and walls are thin
  • but he apologizes w pizza so,, there’s perks to that
  • walks around half naked
  • flirts w your hot friends/family members but always asks you if it’s okay to make a serious move on any of them. he doesn’t want to cross any lines that would leave tension between you two
  • keeps trynna hook you up with one of the boys “except Joonie he’s gross” “he’s exactly like you” “exactly”
  • always texts & snaps you, sometimes about roommate stuff (”did I leave the stove on?” “which brand of popcorn should I pick up?” “did I leave my keys in the apartment?”) and sometimes just to chat
  • he likes to send you updates about BTS
  • he facetimed you at the BBMAS and does so just in general, so you get to see what idol life is really like … lots of sitting backstage, tired but running on adreneline, being hungry, etc

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Rap Monster:

  • your place is the hangout spot. the guys always come over whether it’s to chill or hold house parties where you’re like “let’s not get twisted and ruin the furniture” but uh,, let’s just say you two aren’t getting your deposits back
  • refuses to let the guys even hit on you; “you’re too good for them. I’d rather hook you up with someone better. do you like Jackson? wait, nvm he’s worse than us”
  • totally cool w you bringing back one night stands
  • hell, he slips you protection too if you need it
  • is also very aware of you when you’re both out, that no one tries to slip you something or take advantage of you
  • takes you home if you’re too drunk
  • nurses you as you throw up but gives you hell for it the next day
  • he’s basically more like your chill cousin than a roommate

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  • proTECT PROTECT Protect at ALL Costs
  • he denies this but he loves having you dote on him
  • it’s a nice feeling, to come back after a long day to your food, a warm home and just chill on the couch with you
  • he feels comfortable around you, talking about his worries or about his day
  • turns into Big Brother mode if you’re going to a party or if you start dating. no guy/gal even sets foot into that apartment unless they’re 100% Jimin approved
  • you’re both protective of each other, like siblings, so living together is a joy

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  • super touchy,, everyone thinks you’re dating but nah man it’s just friends kissing friends, how’s that not normal?
  • will crawl into your bed quite often
  • brings home food
  • insists on late night “adventures” to the convenience store, where you just buy junk food and movies on sale
  • jungkook practically lives there
  • you keep “joking” that he needs to pay rent but it’s not a joke anymore like seriously u use up all our hot water give us money
  • he loves having ppl over, not just jungkook lol, but your friends and his other friends,, your place is usually busy and always a warm environment
  • buys you matching “friendship” outfits and bracelets that legit are just friendship stuff, no dating
  • he tells you about his crushes (even before jungkook but don’t tell him)
  • and you two stay up some nights, stalking yours and his crushes, on their social media accounts, having panic attacks when you accidentally like shit from 38 weeks ago

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  • watching anime 25/8
  • offering him protection when jimin stays over; “but we’re just friends” “yeah right sure. just hmu if you need them”
  • it took him a whole year to warm up to you though
  • he was so awkward and shy, often keeping his distance
  • he walked in on you pooping once and it took two months for him to walk back into the apartment (he’d been sleeping on jin’s couch lol)
  • now he farts around you
  • you two rank the fart based on sound, funniness and smell
  • *choking* *tearing up* “good one (y/n) that’s a solid 11/10″
  • will blush himself to death if you bring home someone
  • doesn’t really bring anyone over himself. he’s too uncomfortable w the fact that you’re there to try anything.
  • doing childish shit like pranks and eating each others sweets
  • “kook did u eat my green sweets?”
  • jk, with green tongue: “no, how could u accuse me??”

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Shit that might happen if BTS attends the BBMAs

- Jin steps out of the car like a king and “the car door guy” becomes viral again but this time it’s literally everywhere

- Everyone on Twitter is sayin “who the fck is this” but then they see V wearing Gucci from head to toe giving no fucks. 

- BTS pulls off the worst thing they can do in America, which is pose randomly during the red carpet n the paparazzi r like ”???“ 

- There’s a red carpet interview and J-Hope pulls off some random ass shit, making this their last visit to the country 

- The ceremony starts, Jungkook realizes he’s super close to Justin Bieber sunbaenim and freaks out n the camera caught it live.

- Y'know when Tae or the other members are like dancing to the songs n having funny reactions during awards shows in Korea?? They do that there and everyone finds it amusing cause no one does that in America 

[fast forward to their award presentation or what ever u call it]

 - They call the on the nominees and Jungkook screams wildly once they say Justin Bieber sunbaenim

- The presenter then says BTS won, all of them r shook. 

- The nominees of the category are pissed that they were beaten by a group who doesn’t even promote in America. 

- Stan twt gets pissed n jealous then starts calling BTS trash but no one cares 

- Yoongi does something he regrets after 5 secs which is shouting "ARMYYYYY” to the mic just like the @ the GDA 

- The other celebs stare at them in disgust

- Namjoon gives a heartwarming speech n out of no where Jungkook starts crying and says its bcs he’s happy but in reality he rlly wanted Justin to win 


 - The presenter says Justin Bieber won, making Jungkook stand up with a Justin Bieber banner and scream like the fanboy he is 

- The rest of the members give no fucks cause J-Hope n Rap Mon are talking to Beyoncé and Rihanna, V’s getting compliments for his fashion and Jimin is taking secret pics of Suga while he’s asleep 


- They have a surprise performance which is BST and all is amazed and losing their shit by both the song n choreo

- The cameras get the reactions of celebs and they’re all shookt

- During the chorus, Jimin “accidentally” revealed his abs and all the male idols watching are reevaluating their lives 

- Turns out it’s a mashup n they start performing Dope and the cameras get the reactions of the celebs again n the celebs look like they regret starting their music career

- Everyone screams once they do the hip thrusts 

- During one of Jungkook’s lines, he replaces it with “Justin Bieber sunbaenim WHATS GOOD?!" 

- Y'all thought that was it? NOPE! Turns out it’s also a mashup with Not Today (or Fire or maybe even Spring Day idk all their songs r on point) and at this point everyone is deceased 

- The performance ends and everyone gives them a standing ovation n they’re also crying


 After the ceremony, all the celebrities that attended start following BTS on Twitter n some even tweeted to them then they got so popular that they reached 7m followers on Twitter then the Spring Day and Not Today MV reached 100m views, Kanye West n The Chainsmokers are best buds with Rap Mon, Justin collabs with Jungkook and BTS guest stars on Ellen.


“Hey Ji-eun, oppa just turned 30. But I’m not. But I’m an adult. Although I’m not there yet, I’m only five years older than you. Past twenty, not yet thirty. In between, right there. When I’m not a kid or an adult. When I’m just me, I shine the brightest. So don’t get scared when darkness comes. You’re so beautiful that your flower will bloom. You’re always loved, you.”

fancam cr: @sadness0331

  • other celebs: tweet and participate in the womens march, talk about equality, fight against racism, homophobia and sexism online, call out problematic behaviour and just in general use their platform to educate
  • media: who? i dont know them
  • taylor swift: i love women

“So lovely to meet you the other day @VictoriaJustice & @ArianaGrande :) congratulations on winning your Kids Choice Award! Luv Little Mix xx”

arianagrande: “thank you thank you thank you to these incredible ladies for being a part of the #dangerouswomantour ♡ 👯👯👯 you are soooo beautiful and talented and incredible and kind I’m in awe”

And here lies the problem. Groping is normalised in society, from schoolboys passing off physical assault as “banter” to fully grown men refusing to take “no” for an answer in clubs. And somehow, women are made to feel ashamed when it happens, like we are the guilty ones. But all that could be set to change thanks to Taylor Swift. In delegitimising Mueller’s lawsuit, Swift has reminded the world to call bullshit on the horrendous culture of victim-blaming that continues to prevail, both within courts and wider society. Just as she played no part in Mueller’s firing, no woman can ever blamed when a man assaults her, regardless of what she is wearing or how much she has drank.But the singer’s final statement on the case highlights that this isn’t just a victory for her, it’s an important step for women everywhere. “My hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard. Therefore, I will be making donations in the near future to multiple organisations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves.” The fact that it is Taylor Swift making this statement - rather than any other celeb - is also crucial. Her fans are largely made up of young girls, who will learn that they have a right to be mad when someone gropes them and that they have the power to demand respect. Perhaps if I’d had a role model like Swift back in school, I would have felt empowered to tell a teacher when I was first assaulted.
—  Huffpost article by Rachel Moss

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You're not a true bearded man if you don't do boat stuff™ with a girl.

Yeah, it does seem it’s a thing. A trope? A play out of the fauxmance handbook? And I guess I can see why. Pleasure boats are synonymous with vacations–i.e. voluntary and by choice. And that’s a key selling point fauxmances need to make to seem “real”. There’s also often minimal clothing involved (ooohh heterosexy) and that’s the perfect backdrop to “sell” a fakelationship.

This ask must be because of my tags on the Cristiano Ronaldo post, right?

I tagged his latest yacht shenanigans like that because 1) I think he’s closeted  2) It reminded me of his previous yacht shenanigans…

…I mean, come on dude. Some celebs really, really, really struggle to find any privacy. Even on open water. *eyeroll*

3) It reminded me of other celebs widely rumored to be closeted….

…like Bradley Cooper. He’s here with Irina Shayk who is also pictured above with Cristiano and also hails from the Victoria’s Secret beard farm. What a series of coincidences.

There’s so many pix of Leonardo DiCaprio on boats with Victoria’s Secret models that it’s farcical at this point. I guess there’s no need to switch it up because heteronormativity comes with an I-want-to-believe power pack, apparently.

And 4) It definitely reminded me of 1D. And many of us know what the deal is there.

Oh Liam. A gondola ride through the canals of Venice should be super romantic.

Yeah…not so much. Danielle is having an intense relationship with her phone, though.

This was back when Payzer 1.0 was circling the drain and unofficially over (post Zayn vs Liam vs Danielle Vegas showdown). Hence, it’s not a very cute, cuddly or romantic moment.

The water based foolery would continue for Liam.

All the yuck. At least Cheryl’s affinity for getting her face tweaked (she needs a lot of time out of the public eye) has limited the stunts for Chiam. I’m probably tempting fate by writing that. LOL *cue Chiam’s stunt coordinator inquiring about yacht rentals*

But Liam wasn’t alone, sadly.

This mess is one of my faves (meaning I hate it a lot). Not only was this on my home turf, but because it was on my home turf I can verify it was HOT that day. Hot and humid–around 85 degrees F. I guarantee you this airboat went nowhere. But relationship goals, according to this easily duped fandom.

Poor Louis. Faking it via group again, this time in Sydney and with Liam again. I remember back in the day someone posted that it was unfair that Liam never had to stunt. Ummm…excuse me?

Is everyone having fun without Louis and Liam even though Louis and Liam are physically present? That would be a yes.

Harry didn’t get away unscathed, either. Here he is doing his part pre-Freddie My Boy Lad Baby Son’s arrival.

Good thing he was wearing sunglasses to hide the dead-eyed thousand yard stare he was probably rocking at that moment.

Louis, sadly,  gets back at it again. Out with fake babymamas. In with thirster doomed to failure.

She’s trying to make it look legit. He’s trying to to fight the urge to jump overboard.

And now a moment of hilarity, courtesy of Zigi.

They never even left the beach, God love ‘em. Zayn lighting up with no life jacket is a dead giveaway. If he could swim by this point I’m sure he still wasn’t a strong swimmer. And of course, those pesky paps stalked them so hard (in Tahiti, no less) that they made it out into the ocean before Zigi did. Imagine that.

So yeah, boat stuff seems to be a thing. A thing that only gets shadier upon closer inspection. But hey, if people wanna believe it, it’s whatever. As for me and Liam, we know better.

I’m not rlly sure how to articulate this so…forgive me but…as a middle eastern girl growing up I’ve NEVER seen positive representation of myself in movies or tv. One of the only things I ever had to look up to was princess Jasmine in Aladdin. My dad used to read me a copy of 1001 arabian nights as a kid, translating it from farsi to english for me. Now, as I see so many people excited for the release of the new Aladdin movie in live action I’ve just become very disheartened with the entire social justice movement as a whole. Seeing my friends, especially OTHER POC calling for people of the wrong race to be cast in the movie is what truly disgusts me the most. I’ve seen countless fan casts of Aladdin as Riz Ahmed, Dev Patel, Avan Jogia, Zayn Malik and other south asian celebs. As well as MANY tweets and articles about how it should be easy to fly into bollywood and pick the perfect actor.  But when I saw ONE post with rami malek in it, people instantly shut it down. I’ve also seen countless posts with Priyanka Chopra and random black IG models saying thay’d be “perfect” for Jasmine. But when one person on instagram posted that Jade Thirlwall would be a good Jasmine, all the comments were saying she’d be terrible and even that she’s not the right race? Also, I’m not trying to say Rami or Jade would be right for the roles, because assuming any actor of the right ethnicity would be perfect is a whole other can of worms. 

The few posts I’ve seen calling this out and asking for middle eastern actors to be cast people said “who cares at least they look the part” or “at least its better than whitewashing” as if we’re supposed to be happy with other (better represented) ethnic groups stealing our ONE role just because they’re brown too? I’d like you to name all the black, latino, east asian, or even south asian actors you know. Or maybe name a movie about these cultures that framed the culture in a positive light. Now name a single middle eastern actor. Now name a movie about the middle east, or starring middle eastern people that framed us in a positive light. We have ZERO representation in Hollywood. And now the one story we have that is rooted in ancient middle eastern lore and culture, we should be grateful we’re having our stories stolen from us, just because the thieves are POC too? I’ve completely lost all faith in poc solidarity, especially between south asians and middle eastern people. 

I’ve also seen the excuse ”the original aladdin was set in China.” yes, I’m sure wikipedia is very knowledgeable but actually a WHITE FRENCH person wrote the version set in china, the original is actually a syrian story that he took and compiled with the rest of the original 1001 nights, changing the setting from the middle east to china. 

I’ve also seen excuses that the original movie drew very heavily from indian influence, and that’s why its okay for indian actors to be cast. This argument is even more disappointing to me. Agrabah was not, in fact, based on Agra, but rather Baghdad. The sultan’s palace does look like the Taj Mahal, but it also looks like ANY mosque in the world, especially if you simply google “iraq mosque”. Anyways, Disney animators acting as though the cultures are interchangeable and mixing them together doesn’t excuse people of different ethnicities trying to co-opt this middle eastern story, and with Disney putting out a casting call specifying that both Aladdin and Jasmine should be middle eastern, its shameful to me that other POC are trying to defend miscasting that hasn’t even happened yet. DIsney is hopefully trying to fix what they did in the original movie, by separating the indian cultural influences from true source material, and people are somehow mad about this?? Just weird to me that people are somehow MAD that we’re trying to say not all brown cultures are interchangeable and related to each other. And veeery interesting how willing people are to try and snatch roles that truly belong to middle eastern people away from them. The worst part is that it’s not even white people doing this lmao 

can we take a moment to realize we literally stan the SWEETEST human in the entire world? no other celeb would try so hard to interact with as many people as possible. taylor is a queen