June 15th 1995: O.J. Simpson tries on a new pair of gloves similar to those found at the crime scene of his wife’s murder. Despite compelling evidence, the actor was never convicted for Nicole’s murder. The iconic photograph above shows the dramatic demonstration that devastated the prosecution when the gloves appeared too tight for Simpson’s hands. His defense attorney simply said: “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” - And this seemed to remarkably sway the jury into finding him innocent.

“When you label somebody and put them in a box, then you put the lid on the box and you just never look inside again. I think it’s much more interesting for human beings to look at each other’s stories and see each other. Really see each other, and then see themselves through other people’s stories. That’s where you start to break down stereotypes; seeing other people’s realities, like I said, their dreams, their hopes, their fears, all that stuff. Then you connect with somebody else, even if they’re from somewhere completely different than you and have a completely different life than you. You still connect with them because at the end of the day, we’re all human beings.”

You don’t get to be indignant and angry at Hayley Atwell for blocking you for calling her mom, when she has told everyone REPEATEDLY that she finds it creepy and will block those who do so. Your claims that you look up to her and find her an inspiration and calling her “mom” is a reflection of that fall flat and ring false because you have shown you have no respect for her wishes. You made a conscious decision to ignore her requests about something that makes her deeply uncomfortable. It’s only too bad that blocking you is her only option.